Dr. Oswald Waxbottom

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Dr. Oswald Waxbottom

Post by Seymoore Butts on Wed Oct 08, 2014 1:41 am

Character name: Dr. Oswald Waxbottom
Alias: The Doc.
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Race: Human
Class: Surgeon, Dentist and general physician.

Birth region: Stratholme
Specific area/town: Currently living in Stormwind city.
Family: -None as of now-
Known friends or enemies: Is friendly towards everybody, since everyone is a potential client.

Description: Dr. Waxbottom is a man in his early fifties, always walks with his back straight, and his potbelly protruding.
Always looking dapper in his white shirt and his signature tophat.
Balding grey hair, and some glorious mutton chops adorn his cheeks.
Personality: Friendly, professional and polite, always.
History: Born in Strahnbrad, raised and trained in Stratholme, lucky for him, he was tending to the broken leg of a farmhand, when the culling of Stratholme commenced. The rest of Dr. Waxbottoms lifestory is for you to find out, i'm not gonna spill the beans here.
Things you may know about this character: He is a connaisseur of fine spirits.
He has an obsession with staying neutral towards all organizations.
He is a coward.
Things you may not know about this character: He has quite a drinking problem.
He will use any means at keeping a patient alive.
Always carries a bottle of whiskey on his person.
Possible crime record: If any, then he has not been caught.

Other information: Has set up a clinic outside of the cathedral district, (Ol' emmas house ) And is currently looking for a nurse to help with everything in the clinic, and be eyecandy.
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Re: Dr. Oswald Waxbottom

Post by Officer High Morale on Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:53 am

I'm liking the character a lot. Let me know whenever he feels like he could use a few more bottles of whiskey (^o^) - Ranquen

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