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Character name: Dyverianeth
Alias: Dyver
Gender: Male
Age: 500ish
Race: Undead Kaldorei
Class: Death Knight

Birth region: Ashenvale
Family: Gwethryn Nightleaf[Wife, deceased], Kilara [Daughter, deceased], Lyvera [Daughter, missing]
Known friends or enemies: None.

Description: He would have long black-grey hair which would be neatly combed. It would be parted to the left, a little bit covering his eye. He would have short, rough facial hair which refuses to grow. His eyes would not be as glowy blue as a normal Death Knights, but the blueness is bright and sharp. His skin would be an odd shade of gray, nearing a pale shade of purple. His body would be very well toned, used to taking a beating. Many, many, MANY scars would be seen on his torso. Personality: He tries to be like the person he was. Funny (sorta), happy, and content. He tries quite hard. Because of this, he is kind, protective, and jokey. However, on the inside it is nearly hollow. But his protective feature over his friends and those he cares about is absolute.
History: Dyverianeth was born in Ashenvale to Nyvernath Sharptongue and Yihala Gracebow. He bore silver eyes, the most common, and so was treated as any Night Elf usually was. However, where others were having fun with bows and druidism, he was always practising in the Sword Ring. However, he was also a very competent cook, always making some of the best curry, which was unfortunately very spicy. He had a phobia of spiders. When he reached maturity, he joined the army in hopes of defending the Kaldorei lands. There, he met Gwethryn Nightleaf, a druid with golden eyes. She didn't mind his spicy cooking, and they fell in love quickly. After a few years, they became engaged and got married. They had their first child when Dyver was 431. They named her Lyvera, and she was a beautiful girl with silver eyes, though had an unnatural talent for druidism. After a while, they had their second child, Kilara, who loved nothing more than chasing butterflies.
The Lich King soon became a threat, and Dyver rushed to the cause, bidding his family goodbye and promising to return. On the battlefield, he was noted for his excellent courage and fighting skills. However, on one night, their camp was ambushed by the scourge. Dyver was killed, and along with the others, was raised as a Death Knight. He was relatively skilled with their magic, and his skill with a sword was equal to that. He met and accidently befriended a fellow Night Elf Death Knight named by the Forsaken as Ruftvess, as he had forgotten his former name. Dyver and Vess enjoyed killing together, though Dyver was always a little unsettled by Ruftvess's wild and sadistic attitude. When they had completed their training, they were sent on missions to kill. Obeying his promise to his family, he returned stealthily to Ashenvale. However, their meeting was not as expected. He killed them, except for Lyvera, who was away at the time. Their dismembered corpses were left in the house, which was strewn with blood.
After the Lich King fell, Dyver felt an immense amount of regret and pain. He vowed to personally destroy the Burning Legion, the creators of the Lich King. He vowed to never kill a single soul that could be saved. He, on the orders of the Ebon Blade, killed Ruftvess for crimes against the Alliance. After that, he went to join the Freelancers, to further redeem himself.
Things you may know about this character: Not many friends.
Things you may not know about this character: Excellent curry. Still has a phobia of spiders.
Possible crime record: Work it out.

Other information: Curry.
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