[A] Holy Lightbringers

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[A] Holy Lightbringers

Post by Maelmoor on Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:01 pm

So many years spent abroad had taught him the true value of the Alliance, his home was as much Ironforge or Darnassus as Stormwind and he knew that the other Lightbringers shared his view. He was a man of the Light but thought that the path he had chosen meant greater deeds, following in Uthers footsteps they had seen so much, lost sisters and brothers along the way, fought great evils..but also they were all so much richer.

All those pilgrimages to Uthers tomb, hunts after lost books and heirlooms, each which had a story, a piece of the great picture. He thought of the wars they had been in, journeys to lands far away, so many friends and allies gained through these years, hopefully as many left to meet and befriend.

He lit the candle as he looked around the dark room, slowly reaching out for a dusty old tome. He opened the book and saw an empty page, then turned to the next one, which was also empty. Smiling he took the quill and started to write, it would be a new chapter, the next chapter in the story of their order, he wondered who would be shaping it, who would come through the door and offer to help them in their cause…

They had all their part to play in this, they couldn’t do this journey alone, not even with their hearts filled with the Light, they would need to stand together, side by side, that was the true journey, that would be the next chapter.

We have always chosen a different path as a guild, we want to keep it small and with a friendly family feeling and we have the whole Azeroth (and beyond!) as our base. If you are looking for RP beyond what Stormwind can offer and think you character would suit us then feel free to seek us out.

Now as the expansion is coming closer we are looking to boost our numbers with a few new players, this is a great opportunity to join us as we rarely recruit in an active way, we will have a bit more focus on draeneis during the coming expansion but all races are welcome as always!

We can offer:

- A guild that been around with same leadership since 2005
- RP events based on adventure and stories
- Mission-based ranking system
- A friendly and helpful atmosphere
- Innovation and new ideas when it comes to role playing
- A guild that follows the Light but also have a heavy focus on diplomatic RP and interacting with the other allied races

We seek those who:
- Enjoy to RP, no matter if you are new to it or a seasoned veteran
- Think you character would suit into our guild ICly, we accept all races, only warlocks and death knights are asked to go elsewhere
- Have a positive view and want to contribute by either taking part or creating RP (or both of course!)

Seek more information at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] or poke Maelmoor, Emiraude, Meklun, Mozamir, Phaedria, Xara, Jaliana or Kedeard  in-game.

Warmly welcome!

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