Gabriella Revlain

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Gabriella Revlain

Post by Elizabeth Turner on Fri Sep 26, 2014 11:01 am

the character looks. did mix allitle in Photoshop..
Will soon do my own art of her but use this temporarly>

Character name: Gabriella Revlain
Alias: Gabbi
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: human
Class: Write here

Birth region: Ewlynn
Specific area/town: Stormwind
Family: living relative; Her mother Beatrice Revlain and some late cousin alive. her father Peter Ravlain died a year ago
Known friends or enemies: friends Garret, Tamil, Mike, Ireil Frenimes; Mantis

Description: Her doe blue eyes are framed by dark eyelashes, that makes them easliy noticed more then the other features of her face.
her lips are always painted in red that makes them look more full then they acctual are.

Her bad burns and scarring seems to been healed and attended as flawless skin would be seen if she ever would show it. She is always coverd from her neck down a nice figure can be noticed under all the layers of clothing she tend to hide under.

Personality:  though it is a very modest woman that is bound to old traditions then loose behavior that some women spend their time with. With those she trust can she have a very cheeky nature. Otherwise she tend to be rather awkard and friendly.

History: She had the chance to study alchemy, medical treatment aswell the devine by her old mentor Thal'rial (high elf) in dalaran at young age.

Things you may know about this character: She is very naive and tend to belive in the good in evry person around her even if it is a realy bad one with no empathy for others, she always belives that one can always change to the better even to her own exspence. Her naive faith in the man tend to get her into alot of trouble and heartbrake, even so she stays firm in her belives as some day they might feel the wonders of light itself and understand the connection it has to evry living creature.

Things you may not know about this character: She is inlove.
Possible crime record: none so far

Other information:
Hair color: Ash blond
Eye color: Sky blue
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 54 kilograms

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Character sheet
Name: Gabriella Revlain
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Re: Gabriella Revlain

Post by Elizabeth Turner on Fri Sep 26, 2014 11:34 am

01. Full name: Gabriella Revlain

02. Best friend: Tamil

03. Sexuality: Hetrosexual

04. Favourite colour: White

05. Relationship status: Do not how to answer that one, for the moment.

06. Ideal mate: A strong provider and protector

07. Turn-ons: depends on the person. But the personality they hold

08. Favourite food: Carrot soup

09. Crushes: Garrett

10. Favourite music: Traditional flute melodies.

11. Biggest fear: Not to able protect those she are assigned to protect or those she cares for.

12. Biggest FANTASY: being married to Garrett

13. Bad habits: Being stubborn and tend to do careless action due of her naive nature.

14. Biggest regret: To ask the Minister of trade to help her.

15. Best kept secret: is best not be told.

16. Last thought: Are he for real or do he lie to me.

17. Worst romantic experience: When one idiot tried to force himself on her and she was force to defend herself to the death, nothing she do hate and will go that far to defend herself. So be warned

18. Biggest insecurity: When people sweettalking her and use words as; dear, hun, love ect ect. makes her very stressed and start to blush like a tomato as she would try to stop it or leave.

19. Weapon of choice: The light and her staff

20. Role Model: The high priestess of Stormwind.

Ooc questions.

What is your character's theme-song?

What is your character's alignment? good
What actor would play your character in a movie? Scarlett Johanssen
What color of Magic: The Gathering would your character's deck be? do not play the game
What Harry Potter house would your character be in? huffelpuff
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Character sheet
Name: Gabriella Revlain
Title: Private 36861, medic/healer

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