Therapist looking for assistant (A).

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Therapist looking for assistant (A).

Post by Izzifix on Thu Sep 25, 2014 8:05 am

Professor Xavier B. Mindmeddler is putting his fine clinic, Anxiety's End, back in business and is currently looking for an assistant. The handsome, gnomish gentleman would prefer this assistant to be female, taller than gnomish average height, be a good cook, have combat training (warriors preferred) and to be of a practical mindset. Absolute discretion is a must. Secret personal agendas that do not directly contradict the goals of the Professor or his clinic are considered acceptable. Applicants by the names Dorothy or Janine will be prioritized.

Draenei or paladins need not apply.

The next 3 weeks-ish I've got less time than my usual, while I'll be putting some time in, don't expect me to provide 100% of your RP. Ever.
RealID is proabably a neccesity to get the most out of it.
Meanies need not apply.
Experience, typing that isn't really slow and being likable would be great.
Character name: Mindmeddler.

Patients, feel free to contact me as well.


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