Denouncing the Stormwind Council

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Denouncing the Stormwind Council

Post by Melnerag on Wed May 19, 2010 2:38 am

OOC: I ask any moderator who sees this to delete all answers to this thread regardless of the nature of the answer and to lock it right away. Do not post here. If any councilor wishes to reply ICly, feel free to make own thread – I don’t want to be responsible for starting a forum-flame-war. Also remove the [Moderation requested] tag from the title if you will.

(#) Are ooc remarks, refer to the end of the text.

To all concerned,

The Chapter of Holy Anethion revokes all our support and trust in the Council of Stormwind and considers any treaties and deals made to be null and void. In the eyes of faithful men and women of Anethion no councilor shall be considered anything more than a citizen and their authority disregarded unless they are on direct orders from His Majesty and can prove such. (1) We do not trust in the Council’s competence to supervise this kingdom in His Majesty’s absence and put in doubt the integrity and sanity of some councilors. From here on referred to by their names.

Let us start with Lord Darothar Lighthammer. The Chapter applauds his unyielding efforts of ridding the world from the Scourge and do not put in question his personal qualities as a man and as a paladin – we however do question his capabilities as a minister. Most disrespectfully, Lord Darothar leans on the Council table and goes eerily silent and indifferent during meetings when people are doing their best to present their cases. How would you feel, dear citizen, when the one you are speaking to is contemplating the plating of his boots? Secondly, Lord Darothar is a man of reflection and has no opinion on over half the issues. In other cases he simply takes months to make up his mind, stalling the political process in these harsh times.

On the realm of the practical; Highlord Darothar is responsible for the organization of the guards and the safety of Stormwind. In all this time he has done only single ‘action’ which is a part of his duties. He promulgated a set of ‘rules’ for the Guards to follow. He however only spoke a few officers of the Disciples of Light regarding the enforcement of these rules. No simple guard in our city has ever seen Lord Darothar in person and let it be clear that this man has not ever organized a guard training or guard education meeting. When there is trouble in Stormwind, it are the leaders of various orders and Sir Angelos who lead the defenses – Lord Darothar is rarely to be seen nowadays. (2)

Miss Mandui Delaney. Having position of the Chairlady she is responsible for a clear schedule, conduct and order during meetings. Before we are even started, she is already taking a blow of roughly thirty percent – as she is skipping one in a three meetings and clearly cannot keep order or conduct them while not present. When she is present, it is again Sir Angelos who does most of the talking, usually in a weighty tone close to insult, while Miss Delaney barely even murmurs ‘silence’.

Those of you who have attended the Council know how chaotic and messy the meetings become, most prominently the bickering amongst the Councilors. Miss Delaney hardly does anything to keep the debate and exchange structured. It would seem that her only function on the council is to promote Shadow-worshipper rights by parading in her dark gown. And vote. Miss Delaney’s voting is a world in its own right. She votes in the interest of miss Delaney, rather than the city. Let us bring you an example from January when miss Delaney was voting on the lifting of a ban on the Chapter. She has set the condition, loosely quoted, “I will vote yes if the Chapter promises to not go anywhere near me.” Her loyalties to her own persona and complete disregard for the sakes of the city are now clear. This was her only condition to vote yes. Now again, with three applicants to the Council she refused to vote back Brother Osmand Lightguard based on her own personal preferences, completely disregarding the fact of his good work during the first week and the reality that she is voting for a trial period rather than full membership.

Miss Delaney judges with double standards and tolerates no opposition to her person. She has control of the newspapers, which she orders around with counterfeit laws never voted on by the whole council. She calls for secret meetings to which not all councilors are invited and then makes a demoncratic decision with herself and spreads her word through very-same newspaper. (3) The secret meeting of Sunday did not see ministers Lightbringer and Lightguard present. In the case of brother Osmand Lightguard, one would expect that the man would be at least invited to defend his case. Not with miss Delaney! He wasn’t even informed by a letter about his revoked status.

General Geldar Angelos shines on the field of war and he has proven himself on more than one battlefield. When swords shatter and armor breaks – Geldar Angelos is a man of great integrity and reason. Presence of miss Delaney and closeness to council politics however poison his mind and the amount of delirious nonsense he managed to spout during the meetings is surprising. While not being the Chairlady, or even Chairman, General Angelos hijacks and leads the meetings in his dominant tone. His lapses in judgment which result in frequent outbursts of insult are well-known and have been well-tasted by Lord Maelmoor and Senator-Marshal Irondawn.

Just like with Miss Delaney, General Angelos votes with his bias and preferences rather than in the importance of the Kingdom. When asked why he refused Brother Osmand Lightguard, general answered, loosely quoted, “I do not trust anybody wearing a white cross.” Not only is this a clear case of discrimination, as no official trial has ever been conducted against the Chapter to investigated our alleged misdeeds, but this is also an indication that General only cares for people he ‘likes’ to be on the council and will suffer no opposition.

The Council in general is incapable of maintain the loyalty of the Stormwind guarding regiments. Certain order that will not be mentioned here confessed their dislike for the Council but was too afraid to make their concerns be heard out of fear of losing their guard-rights. The Council slaps the regiments about in its own arbitrary fashion, revoking and bestowing rights and whim and based on rumors and accusations that have not been provide in court. The Council demands adherence to high standards, but never provides sufficient guidance to the guarding regiments and supplies them with support to meet these standards. Let the guards do their job, and stop abusing the powers to bestow and revoke rights!

We wish best of luck to Miss Lilath Taylen and Lord Maelmoor Lightbringer who have been doing their jobs well during this time and behaved with dignity and reason in meetings and outside them. And may the Light help Chaplain Omanos, who has joined the council as a minister of justice – you have much work before you, Chaplain, and corruption on the council will not make it easy.

To the council: know that the eyes of the innumerable thousands will be upon you from now on. Your every shortcoming will come to light and the people will descend upon you as vultures if you continue to show indifference and passiveness. We call upon the citizens of Stormwind to petition for the removal of all ministers who have done no public work for the city during a period of one month.

Long live the King!

-Abbot Waldemar,
Supreme Lector of the Chapter.

1) Yes, we are aware that Council –does- have authority in Stormwind, and therefore we are…changing…the ways we work in Stormwind. But that will be explained in a separate thread. We don’t want to parade around SW as idiots “we no laik u, but we are still gonna stay and annoy u”
2) Anaei, although you can once again make your points about ‘invisible’ work, but you know that it is nonsense.
3) Yes, I am aware that Maelmoor was away for RL reasons on Sunday. ICly the point still stands, OOCly I fully understand the problem.

Rumors will start going that this letter is fueled by OOC hatred. To put these rumors away: everything said here is entirely IC and fitting considering chapter’s views and policy. However, I do admit to having ‘problems’ with the council OOC and I’ve honestly explained them to Geldar and Mandui. These problems are not even implied between the lines in this post however, if you really want to know and can provide me with sufficient explanation for why you should know – feel free to ask me in-game.

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