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Flint Carlson *Moved to AD*

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Name: Flint Carlson
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Race: Human
Class: Mercenary

Birthplace: Andorhal
Residence: Eastvale Logging Camp
Family: John Carlson (Father - deceased), Lily Carlson (Mother - deceased), Natalie and Nick Carlson (Twin siblings), Ginny Carlson (wife - deceased), Tom Carlson (Son - deceased) and Lily Carlson (Daughter - deceased)

Long orange hair tied in a pony-tail. Has a orange beard. Wears an eyepatch covering an mechanical eye. Most of the time carries a shoulder bag with various items in. He also wears a belt with a revolver and a dagger.
Scars: Over right eye, 2 bullet scars on the front of right shoulder, 1 on upper left arm and 4 down the back. Various older scars faded over time.

Seems like a quiet guy to those he doesn't know. But get to know him and you will learn that he has a very childish personality. He doesn't say no to trouble or rather he seeks it out. The only reason he backs out of trouble if it will give problems for people he cares about or if the risk is to big. When in combat or people he knows are in danger he will become serious. Always helps a friend. Money is the right way to convince him to work or whiskey. He believes magic is just cheap tricks, but does not underestimate magic users.

Background story:
Was born the 27th of January and grew up in Andorhal. Since he has been five he has been trained by his father to be a hunter. Lost his mother at the age of 12. When he grew up he had four good friends that he both went hunting with and at the age of 18 he got married and got his first son. At the age of 20 he got his first daughter.
At the age of 25 he lost his family to the plague created by the scourge. He helped defend the city and later joined Arthas in his attacks against the scourge.
Left Arthas' crusade after the Stratholme massacra.
Joined Uther in fighting the scourge. Later he joined the scarlet crusade and then left for the argent dawn as they where created and sailed with them to Northrend. While in Northrend he served as  a marksman.
At some point he was sent on a mission with 19 other argent soldiers. While on the mission they got caught in a blizzard and attacked by ghouls. All of the soldiers died and Flint lost his one eye to a attacking ghoul. Wounded and wandering through the blizzard he collapsed.
A week later he woke up on a steamwheedle ship. The goblins fixed him with a mechanical  eye and covered it with a eyepatch.
Through the last part of the campaign in Northrend and the start of The Cataclysm  he worked for the Steamwheedle cartel.
He worked as a hired gun. Mostly doing guard or bounty hunting for the cartel.
The years after he left the cartel he joined a group of 15 freelance agents who did both merchenary jobs and other kinds of jobs. The group was a tight group of people that worked close to each other and functioned like a unit in the military. They followed a strict code and became well known in Booty Bay and other cartel cities. Doing the war between the Horde and The Alliance they did jobs for both sides and always stayed neutral. But on a mission that went horrible wrong, the group lost three members and ended up going their own ways after. Flint decided to travel to Stormwind to find a job there. Here he met a High Elf named Charlie who told him about The Freelancers and what they did. Doing the war the Alliance moved north to The Wetlands and at the same time Flint was going to Andorhal to visit his family's graves. On the way he met the Freelancers and after the war he joined them.

Religion: Used to believe in The Light, but after the scourge and spending too much time with the cartel he now only believes in money.

Spoken languages:
Common, darnassian, dwarven, trollish, orcish, goblin and tauren.

Crimes in the Alliance:
spend night in guard cells for shooting a man in the leg at The Lady.
Arrested, but escaped for stallling the guards so Rico could get away.


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