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Post by Mallucis on Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:30 pm

Character name: Lord Aramal Blackstone of House Blackwood;

Alias: the Wieldhammer, Sha'kuri, Dundar/Donaar, Mallucis, Malanar, Maulucis;

Gender: Male;

Age: 28;

Race: Human;

Class: Kinght;

Birth region: Eastern Lordaeron, Blackwood Barony

Specific area/town: Blackwood Town

- Aramil Blackstone (father)
- Lady Mirah Blackwood (distant relative)

Known friends:
- Brothers and Sisters of Holy Lightbringers,
- Sattrath Lower City residents,
- Dwarves of Wildhammer Clan,
- Stormwind Orphanage Matrons Shellene and Nightingale;

Mountain of a man - very tall and muscled, with big hands (its comlpexion differs slightly) on long arms, dark and rough skin, dark brown hair, almost black. Currently bald, with some scars on his head (ten circle ones, forming a crown around his head), with his face resembling more of an elderly than of his age (many unnatural wrinkles).

Personality: He used to be more calm and cheerful, but now he is much more serious and strict. Loyal and respectful.

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Things you may know about this character: Had a very strong bond with his gryphon, Equi, now he shares a similar to his steed, Lionheart; enjoys reading, spending almost every Saturday in the Library; his is a master blacksmith, however he doesn't spend much time smithing anymore;

Things you may not know about this character: He was once possessed by an Undead champion with the use of fel energy. Doesn't find women sexualy attractive; he is disrespectful towards any magic, though, he wields the Light; he prefers warhammers from swords; his crafts are "blessed" with the Light; he once was Lord Maelmoor Lightbringer's vassal, now they are good friends; he's under strong influence of the figure of Lord Anduin Lothar; he received a solid "survival school" in Outland and on Dreanor. His hobby is fishing.

Possible crime record: Caught on trespassing as civilian to the military camp. Reprimanded and degraded for ordering his man to draw steel during the Council of Stormwind session on 24th February 33 L.C.

Other information:

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Character sheet
Name: Aramal Blackstone
Title: Knight of Stormwind, Lord of Blackwood

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