Kelstenkovsky Co Drug-abuse Mechanics

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Kelstenkovsky Co Drug-abuse Mechanics

Post by Sandros Shvilkovsky on Sat Sep 06, 2014 7:54 am

Greetings friendular articles of humanity,

Allow us to elaborate on what exactly you may be getting yourself into when you do business with Kelstenkovsky Co. Pharmaceutical Wing.

READ BEFORE YOU GET BUTTHURT >>> All of the below is very gradual, reversible and fully at the discretion of the player as we do not wish to force anybody in to being under the influence of our drugs unless they explicitly wish so themselves. No one is expected to become addicted after just a few samplings of the products and even the immediate short-term effects become substantial only after multiple uses. So should a player not wish to be influenced by the drug then they may just choose to never take them again and instead pursue legal action against or lucrative interest in Kelstenkovsy Co to initiate a different role-playing dimension with us. If your character is resistant or immune, extra sensitive or outright allergic to our drugs for reasons that are not stupid, then that’s perfectly fine with us too. <<< READ BEFORE YOU GET BUTTHURT

Kelstenkovsky Co Drug Mechanics Explained

As it should be quite evident by now to anyone who isn’t new to life, our “fine elixirs and herbs” are indeed drugs, despite or rather because of all the explicit denial. And as drugs they have certain addictive properties that function as follows:

Upon administering a mood-altering K-Co product, your biochemistry is stimulated to produce extreme quantities of respective hormones. With continuous use the body becomes accustomed to the large doses of the hormones and it becomes difficult to feel their effect with what can be secreted naturally. Consequently, an aspiring addict should encounter increasing difficulty to experience the respective mood without taking a K-Co product or suitable alternative. For example, should an entity overly abuse B-03 then he should eventually become chronically depressed unless under the effect of B-03, as his body is not capable of naturally producing sufficient hormones to match the expanded demand. A full recovery from the addiction is of course perfectly acceptable after a period of enforced abstinence or some other form of reasonable intervention.

As we see it, there can be plenty of motivation to choose to be addicted (as bizarre as it may sound). Your character’s reason may be to do something they feel they must do but their personality obstructs. And a player may be attracted by the prospect of role-playing outside the box of their character for a while. For example, with the B-07 a shy character could temporarily transform in to an arrogant prick, which should entail interesting interactions with other role-players who are already familiar with his/her original personality.

Embrace omnisexuality,
K-Co Public Relations Department
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