Mission Style Events: How to & Suggestions!

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Mission Style Events: How to & Suggestions!

Post by Felcrak Ragetotem / Ditch on Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:52 am

As we're all aware, RP events are bloody fun, and can come in various different forms, from simple meetings, patrols, heists (F-YEAH THIEVES WOO), drunken tavern crawls... any number of things that I could spend days exhausting in this list.

One type of event which I've only ever seen once or twice, is the variety in which a group of roleplayers are given an objective to complete, or something similar, with a person/persons acting as Game Master(s), controlling the event. This takes some control away from the roleplayers taking part in the event, yet usually makes for some really fun RP! Not entirely dissimilar from tabletop RP, though I've never really indulged in that, so I guess I wouldn't know.


A neatly pressed poster is plastered upon the walls of all banks and auction houses. It reads the following:

This saturday, the annual Grubal'kar Treasure Hunt returns to Kalimdor!
Courtesy of the generous MISTER GRUBAL'KAR himself, the winning party will recieve a massive 1000G!
The treasure hunt commences at the strike of the eighteenth hour:
Where your first clue will be given by MISTER GRUBAL'KAR,
outside of Thrall's chambers.
Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity for fun, fancy, and huge profit!

The letter ends with the well known Grubal'kar insignia.

This would be the IC portion of the event, serving as an advertisement ICly and OOCly. It would be up to the host whether to post OOC information, or to keep it mysterious!

The above event, taking the form of a treasure hunt, as I've imagined it, would begin at said time, at said place, with the mysterious Mister Grubal'kar providing a riddle as to where the next clue is, directing the parties taking part to a secret location in Azeroth. The initial clue could be something like:

"Fel energy pulses.
It's green and it smells.
To the east, felled trees fell.
Well well well, your first clue awaits you.
Now run like hell."

I'm sure some of you can work out where this little riddle directs players! And if not, all the better. To ensure players don't cheat, each party could be forced to register with the treasure hunt, in which case they would be assigned a treasure hunt official to follow them on their quest.

As for the person providing the clues, the initial clue giver could either a) get various people to wait at the correct spots for him OR b) Have his own various alts logged at the spot he wishes. Either way could work.

This event could be open to many different outcomes:
a) It could all run swimmingly, with all teams playing fair, and a fair winner.
b) Mister Grubal'kar could be planning something very sinister, and attempt to capture the contestants and boil them in a big soup. Nom.
c) Induviduals parties could attack the officials accompanying them for information.
d) Probably more things I havn't thought of.

This was a very simple example of what I'm talking about. I'm sure you can all see how the system could be adapted to have events that last for hours, with RP as intense or as frugal as you want.

In summary:

- DO:
  • Plan for all outcomes.
  • Make participants think.
  • Be unbiased from an OOC perspective.
  • Make objectives clear, so that OOC questions can be kept to a minimal.
  • Get help! Hosting an event like this alone would be hard as hell.
  • Keep things under control. If someone tries hijacking your event, let them know who's boss.
  • Reward good roleplay, sportsmanship, and creativity!
  • Punish IC failings where applicable.
  • Advertise well!
  • Have a well rounded back story.

- DON'T:
  • Go in without a plan. Improvising is good, but too much of it can lead to a messy event.
  • Act with bias towards guildies.
  • Be afraid of making people fail the event ICly. Make them work to succeed!
  • Go it alone. We're only human.
  • Get angry if someone isn't following the rules. Act ICly!

Hopefully this'll spur some more events, in guilds and serverwide. I personally love events like this, and hope it might inspire someone!

Thanks for reading, and please post any suggestions you have.
Felcrak Ragetotem / Ditch

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Re: Mission Style Events: How to & Suggestions!

Post by Gustov on Sat May 21, 2011 4:34 am

Indeed a good idea of an event. I thought on making several like this, but i lack the lore-knowing to do so (spots to take parties to). But, i love how people have yet to make events like this :3 .

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Re: Mission Style Events: How to & Suggestions!

Post by Karlak on Sat May 21, 2011 4:46 am

We've never tried it on a larger scale or with many people outside our guild.

But Remai of the Blades has hosted two events for us that involved using /raid warnings and rolls to determine the outcome of events acting as a GM and directing the event.

They work pretty well Smile I'm going to be trying of these myself of the next few days. If I can do it succesfully maybe I'll be more adventurous and try and involve people outside the guild. Smile

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Re: Mission Style Events: How to & Suggestions!

Post by Morinth on Sat May 21, 2011 5:31 am

I've been planning an almost identical one for my guild. Smile IC Treasure Hunt, but giving each team DIFFERENT clues, so they can't cheat and stalk! XD

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Re: Mission Style Events: How to & Suggestions!

Post by Rmuffn on Sat May 21, 2011 6:22 am

Way to necromancy. Very Happy


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Re: Mission Style Events: How to & Suggestions!

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