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Character name: Unknown.

Alias:Mage-Slayer of Dalaran, "Sleeper"

Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown.

Race: Undead, presumably human.

Class: Presumably Death Knight

Birth region: Unknown.

Specific area/town: Unknown.

Family: Presumably deceased.

Known friends or enemies: Has been seen working along Diederich, R'ahk'groth and other evil-aligned characters. Extremely hostile towards most others.

Description: Sleeper's most notable feature is a rather disturbing, enchanted helm representing a grinning noseless face. Its' enchantment seems mostly cosmetic, making a green, necromantic aura surround it, concealing the face that may lie beneath. He appears rather tall and not very bulky. He can be seen wearing various flowing cloaks and robes. His gauntlets appear to be bladed at the fingers.

Personality: It is apparent that Sleeper is raving mad. Constant babbling and an occasional fit of rage, laughter or any other intense emotion prove this fact true. His mood, at most times, is a mix of an eerie, childish, lightheartedness and morbid joy. He is rarely serious and rather has a rather volatile demeanour.

History: The creature that later came to be known as Sleeper is rumoured to have first appeared in Dalaran after the Lich King's defeat. After a few sightings in the dead of night, it vanished completely. During the events of the Shattering he was seen prancing occasionally around Silvermoon for a few months before disappearing again. Recently, he was seen in the Crossroads before once again vanishing, this time battered to the brink of destruction, as he ran through what seemed to be a Death Gate.

Things you may know about this character:

  • He has a rather shrill and vicious-sounding voice.
  • He is a known Forsaken unaffiliated undead, and thus considered a hostile target.

Things you may not know about this character:

  • He is affiliated with a cult known as the Shgla'Phgwa An'Shel.

Possible crime record:

  • Four counts of murder at Dalaran were tied to him, earning him his first and slightly notorious alias.
  • Two counts of murder were tied to him at Silvermoon.
    (Due to his elusive nature and lack of evidence, these murders were not officially proven to be committed by him.)
  • Four proven attempts of murder against the Orcs of the Red Blade members.

Other information:N/A
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