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Character name: Adelane Patricia Morgan
Alias: Addie, Ade
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Race: Afflicted Human
Class: Engineer

Birth region: Gilneas
Specific area/town: Stormglen
Pierce Morgan (Father)
Suzanne Morgan (né Flourette, Mother)
Trixibelle Morgan (Sister)
Christina Morgan (Sister)
Catherine Morgan (Sister)
Florence Morgan (Sister)
Magenta Morgan (Sister)
Daryon Morgan (Cousin)
Countless other cousins
Sheila (Sky Golem)

Known friends:
Elive Blackmantle
Theadore Wellsworth
Rinoi Du'nai
Tarlin Hawthorne
Ixirar Swiftmoon
Sheila the Sky Golem
Lennix Stevens
Xaphane Iero
Jian Shu
A bunch of other people she met once and considers them to be friends without them realising
Known enemies:
Theadore Wellsworth (on occasion)
Aladrian Wolfsbane

Description: Addie is a fairly scrawny little thing, even in her Worgen form, much better suited to sitting in a room building things than charging into the front lines of battle. She doesn't take an awful lot of pride in her appearance, wearing plain overalls most of the time. Her bright ginger hair is often greasy from machine oil, and you can always count on her to be carrying more tools around with her than common sense.

Personality: Addie is very shy, stammering and stuttering an awful lot, very easy to scare. She is however very dependable and reliable in spite of being incredibly selfish.
History: Addie comes from a very long and successful line of doctors, politicians, businessmen and all the like. Her father was desparate for a son, instead burdened with six daughters, none of which matched up to his high expectations. Trixibelle, the first, grew too used to the pressure that was put on her and the attention that she gained from it, growing up to be very vane, and some say a little disturbing, the only Doctor of Addie's generation of the family, considered the most successful. Then there came Addie, who simply snapped under the pressure and became the bumbling heap of neuroses she is today. Next came Christina, who was seen as a last hope for a success by their father. Not wanting any of that, she left home at sixteen and never looked back. Catherine had a fairly modest upbringing, growing up to become the most well-rounded person of her family. And by the time the identical twins Florence and Mag were starting to truly grow up, their father had already lost the will to try raising anymore children, letting them fend for themselves, even kicking Magenta out of the house for good when she was just fifteen.

Back in Gilneas, Addie found her place as a naval engineer, developing a love for building, rebuilding and otherwise tinkering with heavy machinery. After the Forsaken invasion she served for a few years in the Alliance navy, during which time she acquired the parts to build her Sky Golem, Sheila. Honourably discharged and finding herself little else to do, she joined the Band of the Brave after them and others helped her recover her Induction Samophlange from Blackrock Orcs after a sword fell out of the sky, damaging her beloved Sky Golem.

Things you may know about this character:
She's a talented engineer
She built her own Sky Golem, which she named Sheila
She had a crush on Theadore Wellsworth
She thinks boys are icky
She's in a relationship with Elive Blackmantle

Things you may not know about this character:
She is incredibly selfish, to the point where she scarcely feels empathy for any other living beings
She took dancing lessons once, and became rather good

Possible criminal record:

Magenta(left) and Adelane(right)

Morgan family tree

Pretty art courtesy of Rinoi (worgen), erwtenpeller (human), and Xaphane (Addie and Magenta)


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