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Raedric Leyseeker

Post by Raedric. on Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:12 am

Character name: Raedric Leyseeker - born Raedric Onyxmantle
Alias: Rae
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Race: Worgen
Class: Arcanist, Historian, Ley Seeker

Birth region: Gilneas
Specific area/town: Duskhaven
Family: Horatius Onyxmantle (father), Eleanor La Fayette (mother), Foeric Onyxmantle (brother). All 3 are deceased.
Known friends or enemies: A lone wolf, Raedric's friendliness lies towards anyone that shows him respect - but a single mistake may cost an unaware individual his chance at penetrating the mage's secrets. He has a deep hatred towards the Forsaken, and regards them as aberrations which should have never existed in the first place.

Description: A tall worgen with enough muscles to win a bar fight, which he also gets into sometimes, Raedric clearly shows being a magic user thanks to his attire. He takes great pride in being an Arcanist and even if he doesn't go around shouting "hey look at me, I'm an Arcanist!", he demands respect for what he is just like a warrior would do in his full battle-armor. He clearly shows a burn mark with pulsating veins above his right eye, althought it's not a big one. His fur is onyx and his eyes green, which, in the night, glow brightly.

Personality: Calm and silent like your typical magic-user, Raedric however is no mere old, dusty mage. He enjoys what life has to offer and loves to get into situations that most of the time prove dangerous but that he is enthusiastic to undergo. He enjoys drinking but not to the degree of being considered an alcoholic. He won't retreat if threatened not even if he is in a Church, as he has poor consideration of the followers and disciples of Light. The thing he cares the most his respect - in fact, his motto is "give respect to receive it". He believes that each one of the persons he meets has a story to tell, and is often shown to show piety and compassion.

History: Born in Duskhaven with magic already flowing and nourishing in his body by the age of 10, Raedric lived in peaceful harmony with his fellow Gilneans until the evident crysis that later became the Northgate Rebellion. Althought he supported the Rebels, he later came to the acknowledgment that they were no different than the Loyalists when in a rush to retrieve hidden weapon caches in Gilnean City, his brother Foeric Onyxmantle was left behind to serve as a distraction. (even though Raedric doesn't know his that his brother did it out of pure altruism and heroism).
A year later, the invasion of Gilneas had begun and he saw his own city sink into the sea under Forsaken's bombardments. From that day, he vowed to eradicate the monsters that brought away his city and his father and mother as well.
With the opening of Gilneas's gates, Raedric started to travel the world around him. Particularly, with his magic gifts refined under years of costant study and application both back in Gilneas and outside, he travelled to Dalaran's crater and became interested in the research of the Ley Lines, flowing rivers of magic that span across universes. And thus, his story began.
Things you may know about this character: Considering him the stereotypical mage, curved on books and old dusty tomes. He is also that, but his more...adventurous side is slowly taking over.
Things you may not know about this character: Raedric has a passion for wolf steaks and he often asks himself if it's a questionable thing.
Possible crime record: Almost arrested at Booty Bay for having thrown a barman out in the sea. Escaped arrest thanks to illusions.

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