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Liam Samuels

Post by Tor Wolfrise on Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:29 am

Character name: Liam Charles Samuels
Alias: None
Gender: Male
Age: 30 - Born on the 23th of November
Race: Worgen
Class: Sniper/Marksman

Birth region: Gilneas City
Specific area/town: Military District

David Samuels - Father (Deceased)
Amelia Samuels - Mother (Missing)
Nathan Fields - Cousin (Deceased)

Close Friends:
Hugir Strongbrew (Deceased)
Thaldir Shadowstar
Rinoi Du'nai
Yuan'do Oxheart
Lennix Jasperson-Stevens

The Forsaken

Liam is a well built, broad shouldered worgen over two meters in height. His muzzle is faintly scared but handsome (for a worgen) - which is betrayed by the rough and messy mane he sports. In human form his messy hair is normally tied in a ponytail, and his beard is wiry and course, along with palish skin.

Liam is never seen without his sniper rifle, a beautifully engineered and well kept piece of weaponry, one of the only things Liam values as much as his friends and comrades. His other types of equipment can change from time to time, but most people remember that when they see Liam, he is hardly ever unarmed.

Liam during most conversation is charming and witty, but at times he can be rather vulgar and stubborn - common when he has drank a lot. He has a fierce loyalty to his friends and comrades, and will go out his way to help them. Unless it's illegal of course.

Liam was home-schooled by his mother in Gilneas while his father was a soldier. During his childhood he developed his love for engineering and spent most of his days disassembling anything mechanical to see how it worked. During the gilnean attack he was bitten and became a worgen, continuing the assist his people after the curse from the forsaken attack. After escaping Gilneas he joined Stormwind's navy where he spent time as a marine and also a first-mate on board a ship. When Pandaria was uncovered, the ship Liam sailed on was one of the first to touch down on Pandaria which brought the main force of the Alliance. However shortly after he was dismissed from the Navy for insubordination.

Liam then went on to have a brief stay in the First Regiment, but left after a month or so - seeking out the 157th 'Wild Tempest' Company. Liam served in the Wild Tempest until he finally requested a discharge from the Military. After that Liam spent three months making a small fortune from selling his various engineering ideas to the military, but finally decided he wanted to go and see the world again. He and his friend Elena joined the Freelancers, which Liam left quickly because he did not feel like he fitted in with them. Currently Liam resides within the Band of the Brave, where he plans to sate his wanderlust and his need for adventure.

Recent History:
- Was promoted to Braveheart after an expedition to Uldum with the Brave
- Reinstated into the Marines as part of the Call to Arms
- Partook in the push on the threat in the Blasted Lands
- Went through that dark portal into Draenor

Things you may know about this character:
- Liam was once a Lieutenant in the Navy
- Liam is a very skilled engineer
- Liam's favorite drink is Rum

Things you may not know about this character:
- Liam can play the flute
- Liam has a fear of the color pink
- Liam has once been shot eight times in battle, surviving and making a full recovery.
- Parts of Liam's right leg are prosthetic - replaced after being hit by an explosive in Pandaria.

Possible crime record:
- Insubordination towards a Commanding Officer
- Discharge of a firearm
- Assault while under the influence of Alcohol

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