[A] The Incubation Situation

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[A] The Incubation Situation

Post by Ara on Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:42 am

Going to try to make a 2-3 day event next week Centred around my toon's need to forage for spare parts.
The idea isn't new.It is an expansion on my "Dumpster Diving" event which was a 'lil too boring for the general public.
Depending on numbers and general interest it'll be kicking off on 2/9 .. hopefully lasting until Thursday or Friday of that week.

Still need help refining the idea:
Atm it's baisically a group going to Azuremyst / Bloodmyst and over the course of a DM event / trash / boss battle getting the stuff and heading home.

The Story so far:
A few weeks ago Ara was not feeling well.After consulting a healer for an upset stomach and recieving some herbs the tummy bug did not go away.Returning to the healer who was unsure what to do Ara returned to The Exodar where her partner doted over her for a bit.Shortly after a draenei healer was called when her partner could not solve the problem.
Revealing that Ara was in the early stages of an unusual pregnancy. A long discussion took place over what to do.Apparently having triplets is an unusual thing.
Knowing first hand how ironic fate can get Ara devised a plan.She would carry one embryo to term while the others would mature in Draeneic incubation pods.
Then as proficied by Ara fate struck the healer summoned a technician who baisicaly told the family that the the incubation pods were damaged years ago.Determined to survive the pregnancy and live happily after Ara devised a plan to get them repaired by finding spare parts from draenei tech scattering the Azuremyst landscape.

<Event one then ended with Ara's bf keeping her from wandering alone as it was too dangerous>

Well that's the long and short of it.Any interest gimme a pm


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