[A-RP] <The Gourrez Brothers>

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[A-RP] <The Gourrez Brothers>

Post by Robin Drake on Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:41 am

Listen for effect!:

Stuck in a city, where at every turn you are faced with yet another guild of wannabe guards or actual guards themselves, In a land where being a criminal makes you 'insane' or 'stupid' a band of brothers emerged. Brothers with a bond of love so strong that no guard could destroy. Have you ever wondered what a city would be like full of Mexicans speaking other eachother like a rabble of untrained monkeys? Yelling nothing but "EY EY EY EY EY"? I know I have.

Rico Gourrez wrote:Not everyone is born a Gourrez. But everyone wants to -Be- a Gourrez.

Twenty Four long years ago, a woman who shall not be named gave birth to 26 brothers. A woman so sought after and respected she was even named "The Matriarch". Naming all her sons simply down the alphabet because she had known no better. Aico - Bico - Cico - Dico and so on until she reached Zico. Many of the brothers have travelled far and wide, done great deeds across the land of Azeroth, but never before have they all been in the same place at the same time. What chaos would ensue should the city of Stormwind be raided by 26 Gourrez Brothers? We can only speculate at the amount of pain, annoyance and burrito eating that would take place in the space of a week.

Not only will the 26 Gourrez Brothers be causing havoc around the streets of Stormwind for generations to come, but we also intend to make a sister guild named Because after a long and hard debate we decided Stormwind really did lack guardship. 's aim will be to stop the Gourrez Brothers in their tracks, stop the consumption of all mexican products from Old Town to the Mage District! They will -Not- stand for such disgusting creatures encroaching on their precious home soil.

Ranking system

When considering ranks for this once-in-a-lifetime guild we decided to go with something fresh and new. Something that would not only capture the essence of the Gourrez Brothers in the form of a word, but something that would stick in the mind of our enemies. Something that would scare away those who faced our brotherhood!

Fajita Flipper: The Fajita Flipper rank is mostly aimed towards the most simple members of the Gourrez Brothers - Those who's only ambition in life is to skulk around the dusty trails of Stormwind playing their maracas for cheap change or selling sombrero's to any weary traveller.

Taco Tester: The Taco Tester rank is for those of the Gourrez Brothers who have a love for food and proffessions! Those who have made something out of their life, those who have gone on to become jewellers or fishermen! The Gourrez brothers who work day and night tirelessly and extremely underpaid.

Enchilada Eater: The Enchilada Eater rank is for the Gourrez Brothers who have managed to go into study'd of magic or history. The Gourrez Brothers who have focused their willpower enough so that they might be able to summon a glass of water on a day where the hot sun beats down on their tanned necks.

Burrito Bruiser: The Burrito Bruiser is for those of the Gourrez Brothers who are nothing but meatheads wanting to hack away at things and destroy all forms of life. The Burrito Bruisers are those who spent time learning to use a guitar as a sword or maracas as maces.

RP Hub
You're now probably wondering "Where will the Gourrez Brothers be found?" Either because you want to completely avoid them, or you wish to seek them out and aid them in their troublesome deeds! Well with have the city being occupied by guards, we decided we'd go for the shacks at the end of the docks. A place where brothers of Gourrez can rest in their hammocks and look up into the sky, around a small campfire dreaming of the open sands underneath their feet. Imagining the howling of a coyote in the mountains nearby. They will play Mariachi music until the sun comes up twice a week as part of an ancient Gourrez ritual, the only sound on these two days coming from the docks would be the loud humming and shouting of "EY EY EY EY". Not only that! But the Gourrez Brothers will only work during the time where the sun is not at it's highest peak, taking three to four hours off from mid day to have their siesta.

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Re: [A-RP] <The Gourrez Brothers>

Post by Ixirar/Kavalis on Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:50 am

Jesus christ, Wolf.


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Re: [A-RP] <The Gourrez Brothers>

Post by Kayle Ravelle on Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:57 am

I feel partially responsible for this, after all, it was I who told Rico to embrace his Mexican heritage.

Kayle Ravelle

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Re: [A-RP] <The Gourrez Brothers>

Post by Garrett on Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:00 am

You actually fucking did it, you're just retarded, Wolf.


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Re: [A-RP] <The Gourrez Brothers>

Post by Rico Gourrez on Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:04 am

I approve of this guild.

Rico Gourrez

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Re: [A-RP] <The Gourrez Brothers>

Post by Myriah on Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:48 am

I'm a fan! Bring on the sombrero's! *Puts a flower in her hair and starts to cook a nasty chili*


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Re: [A-RP] <The Gourrez Brothers>

Post by Lavian on Sun Aug 24, 2014 12:19 pm

Man, the amount of stupid is insane.

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Re: [A-RP] <The Gourrez Brothers>

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