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Xaphane Iero

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Character name: Xaphane Iero
Alias: "Xaph" or "Xaphie"
Gender: Female
Age: Eighteen
Race: Human
Class: Priestess

Birth region: Eastern kingdoms

Specific area/town: Elwynn

Family: Mother: Marian Iero (Deceased) Father: Francis Iero (Deceased) Sister: Roxanne Iero Brother: Benjamin Iero (Deceased) Brother: Damien Iero (Presumed deceased)

Xaphane Iero grew up in elwynn forest in a small village with her mother, father, sister and two brothers. Francis Iero, Xaphane's father had a career in the military as a guardsman of the forest, he often took out patrols around the pathways and looked over the local inns when it was needed. Marian Iero, Xaphane's mother was a homeless woman, who had unfortunately been reduced to selling her body at times in the city to be able to even buy food or on very rare occasions, an inn for the night when it had gotten too cold. Francis Iero was known for his strict, firm attitude.. he had very little tolerance for the homeless and even less for escorts, when he had spotted Marian one night after a drink with a few friends, he decided to speak to the woman for a while.. growing increasingly disgusted in her and the manner she lived, he soon considered it to be a "favour" to snatch the poor woman up.

After some months of being forced to live in his private home, Marian had become pregnant with her first child, Damien.. who always struggled with the manner in which his father treated his mother, he defied his father as much as he possibly could.. the more his father pushed him in one direction, the more Damien would go off in another. A few years later, Marian had fallen pregnant again, this time with two twin girls, Roxanne and Xaphane Iero, she loved them both very dearly.. she taught them both as much as she could about the Light from a very young age and thankfully, due to her fathers sexism.. she had gotten to spend far more time with the girls than she'd ever been allowed with Damien, the bond was much stronger between these three. Xaphane and Roxanne were identical from birth, many found them almost impossible to tell apart, and on the rare occasions they were able to see past the troubles at home, and actually act the ages they were.. they very much enjoyed taking advantage of this with various tricks and pranks regarding their appearances.

As the years past, the troubles at home only grew and grew, not only had Francis' behaviour to Marian grown much worse, but so did the behaviours of his friends and fellow guards, she was treated like an object, a piece of dirt, Francis had NO respect for this poor woman, he would often sleep with other women, knowing that Marian couldn't do a thing about it.. As the years passed, she had one more child to give him, Benjamin Iero, Xaphane was extremely protective of him.. having known how her father is with males, she knew that he'd try to change him, try to carve him into a younger image of himself, Xaphane often met the harsher side of her fathers temper for interfering.. she had grown to hold a grudge against her father, though her mothers teachings of the Light and forgiveness had helped her to deal with this a large amount.. rather than holding hatred for her father, she held pity, she pitied the man who held such little respect for the people around him that he'd bring himself such loneliness and stress, she pitied the man who was so desperate not to be forgotten that he would try to force his sons to be just like him, she pitied the man who had to FORCE a woman to be his, rather than finding one through love and affection.

Xaphane would often try to get away from the home as much as she could, from a young age she had aspirations of becoming a brave knight, even with her fathers sexist dismissals of " Only men can become knights " or " A woman would be much too weak, that is why they belong in the kitchen, in the bed, or on the floor cleaning. " she did not agree with this for a long time, however.. after years of constant reminders, her fathers words had unfortunately began to sink in.. though it didn't stop her from at least trying to practice, she would often find the largest stick she could and hold it as if it were a sword, often striking it against trees and bushes, however.. on this one day, she had heard her fathers chilling laugh, accompanied by a much lighter, much more flirtatious feminine laughter, she turned to peek through a bush.. only to spot her father with his arms around a red headed woman in a fairly.. "passionate" to say the least position, this was one of the first times she had experienced true anger towards her father.

Feeling betrayed on behalf of her mother.. she allowed the bottled up anger and hatred for her father to well up inside of her, she had recognized the woman to be the wife of a dear friend, and fellow guardsman of her fathers, she knew the man fairly well.. she knew him as a man with a very small temper and very large muscles.. he was not the sort of man anybody would wish to anger, she frowned.. she slowly slipped off away from the two love makers, taking a slow walk towards the man's home, she dragged her stick along the floor quite thoughtfully, staring down at it before she suddenly bumped into the very man she was looking for, she tumbled over onto her rear, just to peer him, he scoffed " Watch where y'bloody walk, " he'd soon try to walk off, just to be paused by a fairly young and squeaky voice, the voice of Xaphane " Wait-.. I need to tell you something.. " the man groaned, turning to stare at her " What? I gotta' get to the city, spit it out girl. "

Xaphane furrowed her brow quite timidly in the shadow of the man, she'd gulp down.. her voice lightly trembled with anxiety, she forced out the words however " I think you should go look over by the well.. " the man just narrowed his eyes " I ain't got time for your fucking games, kid-.. is that ALL you wanted? " she'd blink a bit " Your wife is-.. there.. with.. m-my dad.. " the man just hesitated, before mumbling " What..? so? " Xaphane quietly squeaked out " They were d-doing things only a husband and w-wife should-.. kissing-.. and.. a weird hug.. " Xaphane, being a fairly young child thankfully would not of understood the full extent of the pairs actions, the man however.. soon understood what she had meant, his face turned red with pure anger, he gritted his teeth before simply storming off.. Xaphane just blinked, she felt that gut sinking sensation of pure regret, she furrowed her brows.. before she'd quickly run home.

The doors flung open as the young girl ran inside, just to quickly wrap her arms around her mother, she'd burry her head down against her " I-I'm sorry! " her mother simply blinked.. softly wrapping an arm around her " Xaphane-.. What's the matter..? " she stroked a hand comfortingly down her long golden curls, Xaph would find herself unable to repeat the words a second time however.. as the night grew dark, Marian soon called her children to their room, Ben, Roxanne and Xaphane had shared a room, Damien however.. was often out quite late, his rebellious ways had often caused him to spend a lot of time in Westfall, Xaphane didn't even know if he was home or not at this time.

As the night went on, Xaphane remained anxiously awake, cuddling her younger brother to help him get some rest, however.. her anxiety would have seemed to of been well placed, the door downstairs had suddenly slung open, she blinked a bit.. staring towards the door of her room, she heard her mother's shocked voice question somebody, before some smashing was soon heard downstairs, Xaph stared around the room, unable to spot Roxanne, she clung to her brother however, quickly crawling under the bed with him, her eyes would well up with tears of pure fear.. Ben would look no less scared, even at the young age he was though.. his face would contort to an expression of anger as his mothers screams began to fill the house, her screaming would have sounded desperate and blood curdling.. the sound would have approached them more every second too.. as if she were being dragged.

Ben had suddenly ripped himself from Xaphane's grip in the hope of helping his mother, Xaph went out to scream, but found herself unable to make any sound at all, her entire body was frozen in pure fear, as desperately as she had wanted to crawl out of the bed and grab her brother, her body simply wouldn't allow it, the door slung open, Xaph could see nothing but the large feet of the man, and the much smaller feet of her younger brother.. which slowly seemed to raise up from the ground, she wrapped her hands around her mouth as Ben's screams and crying filled the room, her eyes tightly closed as a sickening cracked noise filled the room, a lifeless, tiny body was soon slung aside with a snapped neck, Xaph was too terrified to look, she felt as though she was going to vomit, her heart was utterly pounding away in her chest.

After what felt like an eternity, the house would seem to have fallen quiet for some time.. she'd slowly crawl out from her bed, just to spot her brothers corpse, she let out a loud scream, tears of pure grief and heart break smothered her cheeks, she clutched at her gut as she doubled over, emptying her stomach's contents onto the floor as a result of pure panic, she quickly stumbled out, only allowing herself a very small sight of her mothers bloodied corpse, she couldn't allow herself to see.. she couldn't bear it, on the table downstairs was her fathers severed head, she barged out of the front door, quickly running towards a nearby garrison.

Xaphane did not return home after this, she was too terrified to even step near the village, she had heard that the guards had cleaned up the home however, she was able to attend her family's funeral, though with no other family to care for her, she was to be sent to an orphanage, as she was placed into a cart to head towards the city, a man in a long white robe approached, he fashioned a long black scarf over the top of it, he wore many relics and various pieces on his body in dedication to the light, he had spoken to the man who was to drive the cart for some while.. before eventually, the driver would shout out " Change of plan kids, " Xaph furrowed her brows with confusion, peering around to the other children within the cart, heading to the same destination..

As the cart began to ride, Xaphane soon fell asleep.. after a long journey however, she arrived at a fairly discreet.. somewhat hidden Abbey within forest (Not Northshire!), it had tall trees all around it, it rested between some rather tall mountains on the outskirts of the forest, it was large and cold looking.. Xaphane had felt nervous as soon as she took a glance at the place.. however, this was where she was to spent the next ten years of her life, the Abbey was strict and cruel with it's teachings of the light, teaching many things that a lot of light followers would not agree with, Xaphane had become essentially brainwashed from her time within the Abbey, she was taught that it was right to whip yourself if you have "sinned", that harming yourself was a proper way to show that you're sorry.. time away from the abbey was very rare.. however, one of the few times she was able to.. she took a trip to a graveyard in Elwynn, the one at which her family was burried, she had taken a shovel with her.. as soon as she arrived, she began to dig around her fathers headstone, with hours of effort and digging, she was soon able to pull it from the earth, she dragged it for some distance before tossing the headstone into a nearby river, clearly deciding that.. he had not deserved one.

Though her actions were not to go unpunished, as soon as the Abbey had learnt of her actions, she was kicked out without anywhere to go, she had spent the next the next year homeless on the streets of Stormwind, doing whatever jobs somebody would allow somebody as filthy looking as herself to do, one day she found herself outside of a bar in the city, The Shady Lady.. outside of which, a Captain to a pirates crew was trying to recruit, he was reluctant in doing so.. but he soon allowed Xaphane to join as a cook, she had joined the crew, in which she met Theodoric Conte, the first man to teach her any sort of lesson of self worth, he treated Xaphane kindly and protected her fiercely.. as time went on within the crew, the Captain, Winters had learnt of her abilities with the light, she was no longer a cook, but instead a medic, a mender for them. Theodoric saw this as even more reason to protect the young girl, the two had soon become romantically involved.

Unfortunately, after an insane woman had spotted the pair, she decided they'd be easy to toy with.. to use for her own amusement, she had constantly taunted Xaphane, saying that Theodoric had been unfaithful to her, Xaphane unfortunately began to believe this, having grown up constantly witness her father be unfaithful, cheating was not something she took lightly.. soon after the two had split, Xaphane had learnt of the Captain's and a few other crew members plan to harm Theo, she cared for him deeply.. she was not going to allow him to come to harm.

Xaphane had quite stupidly attacked the Captain, giving a nearby gang a chance to pull her into their "ranks", she was soon to join the gang that was well known as "The company", she had experienced hardships with them in the past, having been attacked a few times whilst within the crew.. one man that had attacked her, Thomas Sirchez was soon brought to her with a leg injury, she did not hesitate to help him, she was not capable of ignoring the injured, he saw this as a minor debt.. the Company soon had plans to travel to Gilneas, Xaph had joined them.. though she knew little of the city and the dangers within it, Phillip Pierce had taken it upon himself to try protect Xaph somewhat whilst they were, however.. he soon got into conflicts with Thomas Sirchez.

Thomas had began to follow Xaphane around whilst in Gilneas, her naive mentality left her seeing nothing wrong with the way he behaved, he soon became extremely protective of Xaphane, out of fear that she'd be torn apart from a worgen, he did not allow her to leave his sight whilst they were in Gilneas, when they had returned to Stormwind however, he stuck just as close to her, he was somewhat controlling over her, which soon caused the two to become romantically involved.. unfortunately, Thomas had more control over Xaphane than anybody should in a healthy relationship, for a large portion of the relationship ( so far atleast! ) she was treated as his possession, however.. as time as gone on, Xaphane has slowly learnt more about the world, people and how things SHOULD be, she has learnt a lot about self love, which has helped her to stand up to Thomas quite a few times, causing the controlling, perhaps even abusive relationship to slowly become more "normal".

For a long time the couple have been away from stormwind, travelling around the world with each other, Xaphane has managed to learn a lot about the world, during her time away from the Abbey she has managed to find her sister, Roxanne.. whom she is still very close to, she has now returned to the city and has recently joined a group of adventurers, The band of the brave.

Xaphane is a fairly petite young woman, she'd reach a measly five foot, on the dot! her general bone structure would hold a petite shape, she'd have a fairly youthful, somewhat naive face.. an anxious, afraid or shocked expression would often take place on her face, she'd have large doe-like eyes, causing her to perhaps look a tad young at times.

Although once far too thin, she'd hold a healthy body shape now, having a somewhat curvaceous figure compared to the previous bag of bones she'd of been.

Xaph's personality would be somewhat volatile, she's known to be a number of things, though usually not for too long at one time, this young girl can switch from being a bubbly joy, to a startled timid mess in a matter of moments, the only emotion she wouldn't openly express often, would be anger. She is often considered to be naive or innocent, she has been raised in an environment that has left her somewhat sheltered from the world, over the past couple of years she has learnt a lot about it and the people within it, which has caused her to change somewhat.. She is no longer as up tight and anxious as she once was, but she still holds a very nervous demeanour.

Xaphane's past and abusive up bringing has left her with quite a few noticeable nervous habbits, such has twiddling her thumbs, or her painfully obvious stutter.. although she -can- speak without it, it requires a great amount of focus and effort on her half, effort she'd only usually put in whilst trying to create a certain appearance or trying to prove a point that her stuttering would otherwise make less effective

Things you may know about this character: Xaphane is a devout light follower.  She is a medic. She is a hoarder, as seen by the dozens of bags she'd usually lug around on her person.

Things you may not know about this character: Xaphane is a twin. She has in the past, had some issues with alcohol. Xaphane was once in a gang. Xaphane has killed.

Possible crime record: Attempted murder.

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