History of Sundur, "The Mist Island"

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History of Sundur, "The Mist Island"

Post by Skarain on Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:58 am

History of Sundur

Located somewhere south of Tol Barad, cloaked in a veil of mists lie the Isle of Sundur. A strong smell of sulfur greet the foolhardy sailor who tread close to the isle where broken towers and walls of a ruined fortress stand still as ghost of the past amidst the mists. Further up the shores stand sick looking trees with dark leaves struggle for survival, remnants of the lush forests that once covered the isle. Steam and smoke rise from vents around the isle, being the source of the smell. A tattered and torn banner of the kingdom of Kul Tiras lay broken among the rubble of a collapsed tower, telling a tale of its own.

The Isle of Sundur was populated roughly seventy years before the opening of the dark portal, when a rich deposit of sulfur and other minerals was discovered. It didn't take long until the kingdom of Kul Tiras had establish an outpost on the isle with a mining town slowly growing within the safety of the fort wall, eventually expanding further on the isle. Countless tunnels were dug beneath the isle and loads of sulphur were shipped out daily to the homeland to be refined into gunpowder.

As Tol Barad fell to the Horde during the second war, the Isle of Sundur soon followed. While the fort and the isle were liberated in the aftermatch of the Second War, it truly never recovered. People were afraid to return to such an exposed location, in fear of another attack. Converted into a primary military outpost to watch the seas south of Tol Barad, even that did not last for long with the Third War around the corner, which wiped out the majority of the Human population. The last guards of the outpost joined with Jaina Proudmoore's fleet sailing to Kalimdor and thus the fort was abandoned.

What intent to return to the Isle was got utterly broken when the Cataclysm shook the world. Being an Isle of volcanic origin to begin with, the isle was torn assunder as the sleeping Volcano beneath errupted, taking more than two-three of the isle into the depths. Overlooked during the Tol Barad conflict due to it small size and volcanic instability, only recently have other than birds turned their gaze upon the small devastated isle.


The Isle of Sundur can be found mentioned in several history books, including "Guns and Gunpowder" by Marcus Pinch and in the "History of the Naval States" by Ellen Stillwater. Authors of the more recent books however seem not able to agree whether the isle remain inhospitable or not.

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