The Mist Island Buildings

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The Mist Island Buildings

Post by Davnan on Sat Aug 02, 2014 7:48 am

How do the building stages work?

The idea behind different stages of the buildings is quite simple, every building described under "buildings" section starts at Stage 0, which is the utterly destroyed state and then from there one of the building can be moved to the next stage if all of the pre-requirements have been met. Requirements can simply just be to work on it for a day, stockpile items or even certain roleplaying events which have to be completed for the next building stage, all of these are mentioned under each appropriate building and what they require exactly for the next stage.

This gives me as the person behind this huge event an enormous advantage to create different kind of events and this also gives a huge oppurtunity to the players to roleplay different, quite casual things. Ever wanted to roleplay a bunch of lads sitting by a keep construction site and drinking beer while its raining? Great, now you can do that. Never roleplayed you cleaning up a broken market place? Never actually changed the glass on those lightposts? Well great, now you can. The only thing which is required from the player is the patience and the willingness to wait, only one building can be advanced to the next stage per given day and it will all be stated underneath the "buildings" section as to what building will be upgrated next.

What building will be upgraded next will be done as a daily vote between 18.00-20.00 realmtime and then worked on during the next day, meaning that if on monday we decide to work on the keep, we will actually start working on it on tuesday, then again on tuesday we can decide a new place to work on.

Currently hard at work at: The Keep Stage 3 - Moving the shelfs, stands and other stuff to the keeps storage rooms. A big iron door would have to be installed on the armoury to prevent any unwanted visitors.

Days without incidents: 0


The streets would be paved with large cobblestones, which have been overgrown by moss and grass over the years. Molding leaves would occasionally stick to your boots as you walk on the street. Some random rubble would be occasionally thrown to the side of the road but even though the road is in a horrible condition, the grass which would grow outside the pavement would be in an even worse state, as it has grown rampart over the years.
Because the light posts have not been maintained in years, many of them would be completely broken, or in otherwise unusable condition. Meaning that there would be no light sources at all in the streets.  Thanks to the lack of light sources, the streets would slowly darken up as the night starts to fall after 17:00 realmtime until 21:00 when it would be pitch black. The streets would brighten up again at 06.00 or so until reaching complete brightness at 12.00.

Current Stage: 0

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - The rubble that you would often find on the side of the streets has now mostly been removed after a days work alongside this due to the intense use of the streets moss and grass would be trampled down a little. The lamp posts have also been cleaned up, any moss hanging on them has been removed and one or two have been fitted with small lanterns or torches in the ground next to them to give off a little eery light when it gets dark.


The old marketplace would be just a hollow shell of the glory it, which possessed in the old days. Starting from the paved road which has been overgrown by grass and other simple vegetation all the way to the market stalls themselves. The canopies of the market stalls would be long gone leaving only the rods supporting them in place. Broken pieces of rotten wooden tables would be around alongside broken pieces of barrels and other items which were deemed not important enough to be taken with them.
The statue in the center of the marketplace would have gone through years of erosion, leaving only the legs of the statue in place, rest of it has crumbled to pieces. The small decorative bushes around the marketplace would have overgrown over the years, into huge impassable green walls which would have slowly started to climb the stone walls.

Current stage: 0

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - After a busy day of cleaning up it would be possible to move the rotten and broken furniture away or just simply pile it up and burn it. The grass could also be cut into more subtle form, the stalls would remain broken as would the statue.

The Docks

There would be 3 large dock piers, each of them broken down from several places.

The middle-pier would be severely damaged as one of the supporting pillars has broken down entirely, disconnecting the pier from the harbor.

The northern-pier is shattered several places. The wood rotting, which eventually caused it to tremble under the weight of the naval cannons, which once decorated the dock. Said cannons can be found completely rusty in the water beneath the pier. Other than that, the pillars have lasted nicely due to the rocky terrain it was built on top of.

The southern-pier is in brand new state and it would be completely safe to move and transport cargo over. The support beams would be brand new aswell.
Current stage: 1

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 2 - After southern pier has been repaired, next focus would be on the middle pier which has been completely disconnected from the harbour. The repairs would be tricky as they require much more lumber.

Requirements: A day of work and 5 gold.

The Foundry

If you step inside the foundry you will soon notice that light shines through from the cracked stone wall. The air inside the foundry is stuffy, making it rather nauseous to inhale. The foundry itself is coated in old coal and dust. You might also notice the stone around the furnace is partly black from being exposed to immense heat through the years.

Current stage: 0

Next stage:

Next stage: Stage 1 - The cleaning process now begun the foundry seems to have been scrubbed down on it's outer walls, what was once covered in vines moss and blackened dust now is clearly an old cracked stone foundation. The inside has also been thoroughly cleaned any broken furniture removed and now looking a bit empty.


Once you approach the now deserted stables, you'll stumble upon a few horse skeletons. The ground has a few remains of old hay, the wind has probably spread them around the place.
The roof of the stables has completely collapsed, wooden debris lying all around the stables. Some worn-out leather straps and saddles can be spotted lying around the yard in front. Several ropes and horse-shoes are also sticking out from under the collapsed stables.

Current stage: 0

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - The horse skeletons have been removed from the floor of the stables and most of the wooden debris from the roof also has been removed. Repairs of the roof have slowly begun a few wooden struts being put up, but there is still no clear protection from the harsh elements of the island.


Upon entering, one might get stuck in one of the many spider webs that coat the old forge. Once you look around you will find a rust-covered workstation, an anvil, a load of hammers and other smith's tools.

The cold furnace has served as a rat's nest for a while now. Outside the Forge you can spot crates full of ores, stacked right next to the foundry. Many metal molds can also be spotted right next to the furnace alongside the half-made metal casts.

Current stage: 0

Next stage:

Next stage: Stage 1 - The rats nest that once infested this building has been removed with the help of poison, as well as any cobwebs that once littered the floor now swept up. the crates of ores have been moved inside out of the rain and are drying in a corner of the room. Tools that once lay strewn across the floor have now also been tidied up and given a new home.

Left Entrance

As you start to head towards the left entrance, you would see broken down ballistae and corroded steam engines to your left and right. Most of the old siege weapons would be so old that some vines have started to grow over them, perhaps some of them could be still scrapped for something useful?
The left gate would have suffered a total and utter collapse, causing the arches of the gates to collapse which in turn has caused the whole entrance to be filled with broken stone bricks and pieces of the wooden gates/arches.
If one would manage to climb over the broken entrance, it would become clear that there used to be a bridge leading to somewhere. During the cataclysm the land had sunken, presumably taking most of the bridge with it. The bridge would abruptly end after the two old cannons, which would be standing as a sad reminder to the bridge which used to be there.

Current stage: 0

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - All of the vines and so on have been removed from the siege weapons by the left entrance, mostly a days work of salvage has gone on here. The machines prominent and still working parts have been removed, and plenty of oil stains would now cover the ground where mechanics and so on have got their hands dirty. Near the left entrance would be a small self made shelter using simple wood, inside this would be crates full of random tools and machinery which has been removed from the siege weapons.

Southern Guard Tower

The Southern tower on the island is a menacing piece of architecture, as it towers high above the walls still standing. A giant hole is apparent on one side, the clear result of some form of naval attack. Vines grow up the length of the tower creeping their way through cracks in the walls. The door of the tower is large and sturdy, and made of iron and wood. It would be firmly sealed shut. To access the tower would mean climbing up through the hole or to the very top and finding a way in. Inside, the guard tower is completely ruined.

Behind the sturdy iron door would be overturned tables and plates stacked against the door, a clear sign that whoever was here tried to stop something from getting in. The skeletons which once littered the tower have now been carried out, making a slight head-way for the repairs. Where you would usually see stairs leading upwards there is nothing left but a rusted iron railing spiraling upwards, that could be used to scale upwards. Old half rotten boxes contain old weapons, and banners too dusty to make out.
A huge iron lantern would be in one end of the room, seemingly cut from its chain where it once hung, now smashed to pieces on the floor. However strange, the light inside still seems to flicker giving off an eerie yellow hint.

Current stage: 0

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - The giant hole in the tower is slowly being repaired over half of it now filled up with a new quarried stone which has been hoisted up by winches and rope, many large scaffolds have been erected outside and in to help builders climb up to the high levels, the stairs still completely destroyed, the bottom floor of the tower has also been swept up, anything broken has been dumped outside.

North-eastern Guard Tower
The north-eastern watchtowers door has been blown from its hinges. The large wrought iron doors which once stood there has been disintegrated into ash, and blown away by the wind. The inside of the once pristine tower has been taken over by nature.
Hundreds of sea birds seem to have made their home on the towers half rotted wooden beams, and in places where the stairs have not crumbled. The floor is littered in white stains and pieces of sticks. Hay and grass cover the walls in each nook and cranny, where nests have been made.

Two large tables still stand at the base of the tower although covered in the same white stain. Weapon racks stand empty against the walls, where they have not been eaten away by woodworms and rain which else intrudes the dark tower. If you were to climb to the top of the tower, you would find a large black rusty cannon jutting out over the edge, held up by nothing but a few pieces of old tied string. Creaking in the wind and threatening to fall down destroying any remaining stairs.

Current stage: 0

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - Most of the work that has been done over the course of the day has been dirty, cleaning up bird faeces from the stone floor of the tower as well as creating a large bonfire at the base of the tower to smoke out all the sea birds nesting inside. A large section of charred stone would now lie in the middle of the tower floor.


Surrounding the abandoned fort are thick high walls, which would have once stood as a safeguard for the inhabitants of this island. The walls are now dusty and old, cracked and holed in various places.
If there are no cracks or holes visible, then water from the surrounding swamp and sea would slowly be dripping through whatever . It would seem the sundering clearly did wreck this self-sufficient village. Some might remember that there once was a big hole between the tavern and the keep, but now the hole would be completely filled up with new quarried stone, which would clearly show in comparison the the other sections of the wall, the stone seemingly much newer.

Only two more giant holes remain. One behind the construction site of the 2-story house and the one behind the keep, behind the left side of the marketplace. They would have to be blocked off so any possible threaths coulden't use them to their own advantage.

Some of the training grounds would slowly start to dry off into the ground, allowing a proper use of the training area and the training dummies next to it.

The shed which is locked could be opened by some form of picklock if not then a small explosion. On entering the shed you would find drenched medical supplies that are of little to no use anymore. Work tools such as pickaxes and shovels would also be littering the floor. It would seem nothing from the shed could be salvaged at all, however it does leave some cover from the rain.

Current stage: 1

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 2 - With an order of even more quarried stone, yet another hole could be fixed in the wall to lower the possible ambush sites for the possible attackers.

Mage Tower

Before you stands a crumbled, desolate ruin, which looks to have once been a mage tower, judging by the shattered orbs and glass amongst the wreckage. A metallic tang of magic resides in the air around the keep, the very air seeming to be charged with electricity. The crumbled, ruined stones are moss covered and cracked, though portions of the stone still show a remarkably intricate pattern of runic formations and pieces of artwork.

The hill has patches of grass, interspersed with large, thorned herbs and weeds. The flora all around the tower seems to have a blue tinge to them, are larger than the other local flora, as though it’s been mutated or amplified over the years by exposure to the residual arcane magic in the air. Small moss covered rocks and boulders are scattered around, imbedded in the wall, most likely wreckage from the tower itself.
On one side of the hill, there appears to be a large rabbit burrow, leading directly under the tower itself. The entrance is roughly a meter wide, leaving little thoughts as to the size of the beast that made it.

The rubble from the center has been moved to the sides, meaning that the place is still littered by it, but the center would remain clear off the rubble, allowing a tent to be set up, and a momentarily anchor to be connected to make portalling to the island safer for those who know of its location.

Current stage: 0

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - After a days work on the crumbled mage tower, it would become clear that even after a tough days work, that the place is still littered with crumbled stone and cracked planks. It would require a couple more days of hard work to clean up all of what remains from the tower so a new one could possibly be rebuilt.

The Keep

Stage 0:
The outside of the ruined keep shows signs of heavy damage. Half of the keep has collapsed in upon itself, with the cannonballs that caused it still imbedded in the stone. The stone of the keep is scorched and smoke stained, even after all this time.
Vines, moss and grass are dotted all over the ruin, growing in the spider-web cracks of the flooring. The thin leafy boughs of a tree can even be seen growing inside the entrance way of the ruin, as though nature itself has slowly worked towards to reclaiming the land.

Upon fighting your way past the clogged entryway, you stumble upon what was once the wooden portcullis, which has completely rotted away. Its remains would be lying in your way, only the rusted casings that once held it, left behind on the walls. Rusted swords, armor, and even a few scattered bones remain inside the entrance, which appear to be remnants from the defenders of the keep. As you finally get past these, the left hallway has completely collapsed in upon itself, heavy stones covered with decades of dust blocking it. The right path is remarkably clear.

Even in the relative shelter of the keep, beams of light still shine through gaps in the stonework and the roofing above, and there’s a thick dust lazily swirling around in the air. Even inside here, grass, moss and weeds have taken over everything in sight. What was once the armory of the keep is completely open to the elements. Rusted, half-forged weapons and armor littering the ground amidst the rocks, bones, and rotted display stands.
Progressing through, the path to what was once the infirmary has been sealed off by the thick trunk of a tree, around the still standing stone archway. The room itself seems to have escaped the damage to the rest of the keep - if you can enter it, the beds are still standing. Mattresses and sheets still folded and stacked neatly, though there’s a strong smell of dust, mold, and mildew. A puddle of water lies on the floor, having dripped through a fist-sized hole in the stonework.

Upon entering the mess hall, it’s obvious that the floor is littered with bones and rusted armor pieces. Animal droppings are littered around the room, most likely left from wolves and birds that have taken up residence in the room. The rafters above have rotted and dropped, and the once thick beams opened up to the elements like a bare rib cage. The entire wooden floor which once would have led to the next floor is completely gone. With cannonballs and stone from the collapsed keep blocking the way, any attempt to climb higher would be considered highly dangerous. Due to damage to the keep, the entire top floor doesn't exist - it’s too damaged to continue, the floorboards rotted or burnt away. We'd need to completely rebuild it.

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - The keep is a big building and thus would require a lot of work to even get cleaned up. After the first day of cleaning up you would be able to move most of the collapsed stone bricks out of the keep, remove those pesky vines that have inhabitated the keep alongside any moss which could be just simply burned off with a torch. Most of the broken furniture would also get moved outside the keep so it can be replaced later on.

The first day of cleaning up would unblock the entrance to the keep, clean up the mess hall, tidy up most of the corridors alongside the actual sleeping quarters. (First floor, furthest room on the left when you enter the keep.) Kitchen, armory, infirmary, dungeons and the second floor would still remain unaccessable.

The outside of the keep would still be a horrible mess, cannonballs embedded inside some of the keeps walls, most of the stone around the keep remaining scorched.

The entrance itself would be cleaned off and is no longer clogged up by dirt, mud and different stones. The remains of old inhabitors of the keep would also be removed alongside their rusted armor and whatever other belongings they might have had on them, some of the workers would have also replaced some of the old torches inside the keep, causing for people to actually  be able to see in the corridors.

The sleeping quarters would be completely clean furnished with brand new beds and other furniture which allows the inhabitants to store their belongings. The place would be well lit with lamps and torches which could be seen on the wall. Even the air would not feel like it's filled with dust as the many days of cleaning have finally brought some results. The infirmary would also be fully refurnished with new surgery equipment alongside new beds and a decently stocked medicine cabinet, meaning that the infirmary should be more then capable of battling against the common wounds and diseases.

Moving on, the mess hall would have all of its tables and chairs changed to new ones and the general atmosphere of the building would be quite cheerfull, despite the fact that the stairs are only a sad rotten mess, the special scoffolding which would hold the upper section in place while it's being worked on would be lying in pieces around the mess hall, ready to be constructed. The dungeons would still remain collapsed as ever, but that woulden't most of the keeps inhabitants.

The storage and armoury would both get new doors, more specificly the armoury would have a much more sturdier and mean looking armoury which would require a key to open it up. Both of the places would have many racks and shelfes to store items and the armoury would have some weapon and armor stands to help out. As a small surprise gift, a couple big barrels of gunpowders would also be stored in the armoury in case people using guns need to reload their gunpowder pouch.

Current stage: 3

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 4 - After the first floor has been completely finished, it would be time to work on the stairs leading up to the second floor and the wooden area around them. Some pathways where the future corridors would be could also be constructed using that ironbark wood which the workers had recover earlier on. The whole process would be tricky as first the whole building would have to be reinforced with a special scoffolding which would allow to support the huge weight which would be built right on top of the existing keep.

The Inn / The Shadier Lady

A large inn in disrepair stands on a hill at the north most point of the compound. Rain falling from the sky hits its tattered roof and flows down its slates, dripping once more onto the already soaked ground. The once cobbled path towards the entrance of the inn is also broken and in pieces. Small trickling rivers of water flow down the hill, making the ground extremely muddy and hence rather difficult to scale. Upon reaching the entrance of the tavern, it would be obvious that high above the closed doorway, there would be a swinging sign creaking loudly as the wind gently moves the sign back and forth. The wooden sign is half destroyed on closer inspection, and any picture or wording that may have been on it before would doubtfully be unreadable now.
  A small dusty mailbox stands upright outside the tavern. Rain flows freely from its head and the inside would still be home to various untouched letters. On top where once there were small wavering flags, would only the ripped and tattered pieces left. What they represented would be totally unclear, as they would have suffered from extreme weather during the years. To the left of the inns opening stands a large iron lamppost, it is clear that it has not been lit for years. To the right of the entryway itself, there would be an old worn flower-box which once housed colourful specimens of nature. Which might have been found on the island, but the box seems only to be overgrown with green weeds to this day.
  Windows which can be seen from the entrance have clearly been vandalized, leaving no protection for the inside from the outdoor conditions. What was before maybe a warm and homely inn, is clearly now abandoned and in disrepair. Upon pushing open the large wooden door which creaks with every inch, you would step into a less-wet environment. Cobwebs filling almost every corner and the scuttling of rodents can clearly be heard through the sound of the drizzling rain. There is no laughter or talk of battles here, only the howling wind echoing through the old building. A smaller dust covered table covers the right side of the entrance next to the window. It would appear some form of beast has gotten into the tavern, because it would stink of rotting meat. Perhaps a dead dog or cat would be found in the basement? Old silver candlesticks and a tattered cloth also lie upon the table; wax where a candle was left burning seems to have melted down the entire length of the candle.
  The wooden flooring of the tavern is broken in several places, leading to plenty of floorboards having come loose. The cause is unknown, but this means you must tread carefully. As the inn opens up into a larger room, the wind would feel a lot harsher, the rough winds coming from multiple smashed windows. The long table in the middle of the stone floor is home to multiple nests of rodents underneath. The stink is horrendous; however it would be clear that the table itself seems in good condition. Not being broken just drowned in dust. Despite the table not being used in over 20 years, there is still a small Hearthstone board on one side of the table. The cards are strewn across its surface – Some still in play. Like the people playing just got up and left. To the right of the stone floor are chairs stacked high like they were used to barricade something, it is clear they have not been moved or disturbed since the time of their abandonment. Shelves stand hidden in the dark corners of the room, still filled with multiple bottles and ornaments which were once used for decoration, and a single bookshelf stands empty behind the banister. Looking upwards, it is clear that the top floor is also home to many gaps and holes, where floorboards have collapsed in, said floorboards can be found littering the floor like dead vermin. The mantelpiece above the once roaring fireplace is also full of common artifacts and ornaments, these including even an old winter’s veil bauble. Dominating the room is the empty fireplace with still charred wood inside of it; the fireplace is big enough for a small man to fit inside, should he be so inclined and it appears to also be home to a variety of fire-keeping tools. Prongs, bellows and pokers included. A large pot overhangs the fireplace which stews could be cooked in, although is filled with nothing but dust and vermin feces at this moment in time.
  Up another step there would be a large stack of kegs, towering high as a man and stacked like a pyramid. Over the time they’ve remained there, the beer may be spoiled if not fermented. Some of the cork holes have been taken out of the kegs and some form of alcoholic beverage must have flown out. In front of the bar stands a small circle of human-sized chairs, all covered in cobwebs and dust. In the center of this circle is a large half burnt bear rug, the clear victim of a fire based incident. The bar itself would be home to various wood-worms and cockroaches. A large two handed axe is lodged into the right side, and various scratches and marks is scarring its rotting surface. Behind the bar on small untouched shelves, are lines of bottles of which the contents are unknown. The common clanging of glasses which would normally be heard has been replaced with dead silence. The space behind the bar is enveloped in shadow, with nothing of real use behind just more beverages and a small safe where money was once kept. There is a large space here where the roof has been torn apart and the floor above leaving the inside of the inn open to the elements of the outside.
  A large door stands to the right of the bar space which most likely leads to the kitchen, this is firmly shut and will most likely require some form of pick locking or strength to open. The stonework of the inn is damaged in various places, leaving small peepholes and sometimes even bigger holes, leading to the outside too. On the wall to the right kitchen door, would be a large oil painting of a map of the island, although it is like everything else almost unreadable due to the levels of dust. It could come in handy for the future, despite perhaps being old and inaccurate. The harsh winds pick up and the wooden shutters located around the open room would clang against each other.
  On entering the kitchen, the thick stench of blood would fill the air. It is clear any meat that was being contained here has gone rotten as many dead flies inhabit the room. Old butchers tools cover various shelves and surfaces, and blood stained tables are all that can be seen. Multiple spices and seasonings would be lined up neatly on a shelf, and are now thickly covered in webs. A small barrel sits in the corner which is closed, but a thick pungent smell seems to be coming from the inside and on opening it would be home to a musty and moldy concoction.
  Stairs which would lead down to a cellar or some form of storage are blocked and the entirety of the cellar seems to have been collapsed. Nothing but rubble stands on the left side of the room, where the wall also seems to have caved inwards, luckily not bringing the rest of the kitchen down with it. Various pots and pans hang on the shelves to the right, which were once used to cook hearty meals, but ever since have been abandoned.

Current Stage: 0

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - After a hard days work mostly aesthetic work has been done, any broken furniture or so on has been removed from the inside of the inn. The fireplace has been set up and is usually alight giving off not only warmth but light also. The bar has also been cleaned and could be ready for service, if any drinks could be found. The sign that hung outside the inn has also been knocked down and replaced with a makeshift wooden sign reading "The Shadier Lady" There appears to be a hooded woman holding a bag of coins also on the sign. The kitchen has not yet been explored and the upstairs still inaccessible due to major disrepair. But the windows on the bottom floor also have been replaced with either temporary bits of wood.


The grim and gloomy tower is the worst excuse for a lighthouse you would ever have seen. It looks more like an abandoned prison or an asylum than once a tall and proud tower. The wooden dock is in no better shape. A particularly intresting feature is that the lighthouses special light which can apparently even penetrate the islands thick fog would be damaged, meaning that until it's repaired, it would be a really hard for non-experienced ships to navigate to the island.

If you would attempt to open up the door leading to the lighthouse, it would soon become clear that it won't bulge. After fightning for a moment more you could open the door, only to be welcomed by an avalanche of stone rubble.

Current stage: 0

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - The lighthouse's entrance could be unblocked off the rubble after a single day's progressive cleaning up. The rubble could be shoveled or mined off and then simple just dumped off into the nearby ocean, allowing accessing the lighthouse itself.

The Laboratory

The laboratory building woulden't look too bad on the outside apart from the fact that it's completely missing a door and that both of the glass windows would be shattered. The well which is located just outside the laboratory would be still functional.

As you enter the building itself, it would become clear that the damage is much greater on the inside. First of all all of the test tubes and other glassware has been shattered and it would be all over the floor in a colourfull mess of razor sharp glass. The alembics would be standing on the tables with their huge reseirvors broken and the piping disconnected. The large shelves which were once used to store alchemical ingredients were emptied before the keep was abandoned or maybe they have just turned to dust during all of these years. The rest of the laboratorys furniture would also be in a horrible shape, meaning that it would require a replacement aswell.

The small storage area in the laboratory which has a faded text "Medical supplies" would also be completely empty.

Current stage: 0

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - The laboratory would require some serious cleaning up before it could be taken into use again. All of the broken glass would have to be swept away for good and all of the broken equiment thrown away. The window frames and the broken glass should also be removed so it can be replaced later on. Finally the place would require a decontamination via magical ways as laboratory requires quite clean working area.

Construction Site

The place where the two-story house would be standing is actually a construction site. Rotten scaffoldings would surround the now quite rotten wooden walls as the building apparently was never completed. Loads of rusty tools and unusable building materials would surround the construction site as you can't do much else then wonder why all of this was left in such a hurry.

The whole structure is rotten to the point that it would be no longer wise to actually construct it, meaning that it would first needed to be deconstucted before anything could be re-constructed in its old place. Meanwhile the area itself would also would need some cleaning up.

Current stage: 0

Next stage:
Next stage: Stage 1 - It would be quite dull but after a long day of hitting the rotten scaffolding and the rotten planks with a sledgehammer and then hauling the rotten planks away, picking up the rusted tools, the whole area would be clear and ready for future constructions. The grass would also get or burned to a decent size after the intial deconstruction has been completed.

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Re: The Mist Island Buildings

Post by Axebane on Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:57 am

Some update from Bricks side.

1. The Keeps bottom floor has been cleaned up from all the rubble, plus all of the old beds are now piled up outside the keep, being broken down and all that. Brick also took the pleasure of doing some work on the stairs, repairing it and he also nailed some planks to the floor at the top of the stair. Some foundation for a second floor in other words.

2. The southern Docks has been cleaned up from all the rotten planks and has gotten replaced by new ones. The founding pillars has been fixed too with some help from the Company.

3. The Tower north of the southern Docks has been cleaned out of corpses and old furnitures and is now also missing a door.

That's about it for day 2.

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Re: The Mist Island Buildings

Post by Thondalar Stormleaf on Sat Aug 02, 2014 2:25 pm

The mages have cleared a path into the rubble where the magetower is. The stones has been placed to the right of the old tower, and a small section has been cleared in the middle, over the leyline so that an anchor for portals can be made.

Edit: A tent has been set up, and a momentarily anchor has been connected to make portalling to the island safer for those who know of its location.
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Re: The Mist Island Buildings

Post by Skarain on Sat Aug 02, 2014 4:05 pm

The three gaps in the walls:

-Between the Keep and the Inn
-North-Eastern entrance
-Eastern entrance

...have been Frozen shut with a [Wall of Ice] reaching to equal height as the stone wall by it sides. Several lose pages of parchment are attached to the ice in where gleams blue Glyph of Chill to keep the wall frozen.

In addition, the water by the training grounds and the shed between Keep and Inn have disappeared. There are marks in the nearby wall of ice that the water was flown and frozen into the wall, explaining it disappearance.

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Re: The Mist Island Buildings

Post by Thelos on Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:11 pm

Agathea has been working on the woodwork in the inn, chasing out termites, reinvigorating the wood to work out the mould and mending some broken support beams and such.

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Re: The Mist Island Buildings

Post by erwtenpeller on Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:34 am

Delidah has copied the coordinates of the Mist Island's anchor to her spellbook to provide quick travel to the island for the staff of Fragrant Flowers.

If she needs to do something more then just copy it from the anchor site, please let me know, and I'll get to it A.S.A.P.

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Re: The Mist Island Buildings

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