[A] The Misty Isle (A new RP Hub!)

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[A] The Misty Isle (A new RP Hub!)

Post by Reynar / Raviran on Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:43 am

The Misty Isle RP Hub  Temporary name
(Play for the feels)

What's this about then?

The Misty Isle (Temp.) is a player-made island placed near the coast of Kul'tiras. In the game, due to space restrictions we'll be using Theramore isle in it's pre-destruction state.

The whole idea is to create a new roleplaying hub which will be made entirely by the roleplayers itself! We came up with the idea after our respective guild was due to IC consequences given a very limited use of the main roleplaying hub, Stormwind.

The idea of the whole settlement is to function like a player made garrison with its whole progression curve, meaning that the whole settlement will start in a horrible and (hopefully) will be rebuilt completely in a couple months. Depending on the participants.

Participants? I can be involved in this?!

You sure can! We'll be creating a whole new IC community within our merry Isle, with it's own laws and respective population.
The construction of the place will take time, since we will ICly focus on one or two buildings at a time with only just us...BUT!The progression will quicken if people and/or guild(s) wish to work on a building they want to claim for example! Theramore has a lot of cool in-game space and what better than designing the interior of your own building?!

Whaaaaaat?! You mean me and my guild who conveniently are looking for a home, could settle in that big mage tower over there?

Of course! Naturally there will be a lot of space which will be shared with the whole community, such as the Tavern (Guest area), The Keep to some extent, marketplace and the docks! But isn't this a great time to start working on that drug laboratory you wished to build without getting heat from the nasty guards?

But I thought you said there were laws there? What makes that place so safe then?

That's a good question! The settlement will be co-governed by a council of sorts (I see the parody already) which will be formed of the heads of the criminal guilds, influential residents within the island and local pirat---Sailor captains. (Please make a pirate guild, we want one!)

Anyhow, the laws will be more like a "honour among thieves" styled Code. It will bring a whole new style of casual roleplay in the picture.
Just imagine if people / groups settled disputes with gambles, proper duels (Gangs of New York style, you feel me?) or other sort of blood-sport!     TRIAL BY COMBAT!
We already have a few fellow criminal guilds willing to fill a few needed blanks within our community.

Sounds great! But what was that you said earlier about garrisons?

I'm sure you've heard about the coming Garrisons in WoD, amirite? It's very similar to that, as we already have a level system up and running, which can be followed more closely in our group forums! Just to paint you a picture, different set of levels for each building the max level ranging from 3 to 12. Each work group can do one level to a building they wish once per day, so basicly 0 = Ruined, 1 = not so ruined, 2 = Getting better, 3 = Looking fabulous, 4 = cable TV. I'm sure you understand already!

Each building have quite accurate descriptions which we have worked a lot on during the past weeks, so we'll slowly start to write descriptions on stuff we'll be working on. And here's the fun part...If you and your party / guild work on a building, you can write the description yourselves and literally design the place and make it look like you!

Heh...I -AM- pretty good looking...But what if I'm not a criminal? How can I RP in this super-special awesome place without being an annoying low-life like you?

Who said this was for criminals only? We're not excluding anyone from this hub, although there might be some IC racism! (Watch out Long ears and Hoovers!) I mean come on, it ain't exactly San Fransisco or anything right?!

Anyhow! We also want goodies to come here and roleplay with us, try to take down our corrupted dictatorship in politics and other funny ways!
The place will serve as a busy trading port, so it'll have a lot of In Character purpose and influence (so we won't get stomped on).

We'll also plan to move a lot of regular events such as the The Black Market to our merry island among many other weekly / bi-weekly / monthly shenanigans we plan to unleash!

So wait...Criminal haven....trading port...I think someone mentioned pirates aswell...This sounds awfully familiar!

There're many places we've got inspiration from, such as Tortuga in Haiti, Nassau in New Providence, Port Royal in Jamaica.

Man I swear that one place was in some pirate movie...By the way, do I have to choose where I roleplay now? I'm so confused, it's not in Stormwind right?

Oh man, it won't be a problem at all! We'll be making it very easy for everyone to pop back and forth between the Island and our beloved City of Stormwind. We'll have ships coming 24/7 and there will even be a portal! More about that in the group sections.

So if I were to come visit, what could I expect?

We'll have social roleplay, events as often as we can manage, a whole town full of the goofyness you might have experienced while roleplaying with us!

As we'll be very busy with the actual island and all the ruckus that will come along with it. We wont hold your hand at every turn, we expect you to create roleplay just like in Stormwind now that we are providing a place where other options are available! Oh you're a miner in the city? Settle in our Island and make your way up in the hierarchy, sit in our own Court!

  • We will be bringing the RP with us to many other places aswell! How about actual faction internal war campaigns / skirmishes?

  • The guard-force trying to defend Moonbrook from the nasty raiders that swarmed down on it like a plague!

  • Actual sea-battles in DM raids? (Oh my god yes, and *nod* it can be done)

  • Enslaving people / rescuing said slaves for an event? (Drop the death penalty, we now have slaves)

  • Infiltrator / Spy Roleplay in the island?

  • Political parleys / negotiations?

  • ....Tavern fights?

We want this.:

And many, MANY more!

I LOVE it. When will this start?

It already has! We had a wonderful time this Friday when we went to explore the ruined Island in great numbers! We'll try to make a cool way for everyone to know about In Character!

We will have a lot more detailed posts in our new group forums....which should be up and running soon..! So every lore-nazi and perfectionist can go look us up there!

I'm so Roleplaying with you guys there! I'll even join the group forums!

Well my new friend, there's only one thing left unsaid...

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

EDIT: If you want to find out more about our little RP project, feel free to check out our own group section! [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Re: [A] The Misty Isle (A new RP Hub!)

Post by Thelos on Sat Aug 02, 2014 7:49 am

Great initiative! I might be interested in peddling some of my witchwares on your quaint little marketplaces.

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Re: [A] The Misty Isle (A new RP Hub!)

Post by CrusaderElly on Sat Aug 02, 2014 5:07 pm

Well as you know, Lambies will be present at times to serve tea and be innocent!

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Re: [A] The Misty Isle (A new RP Hub!)

Post by Anna on Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:39 am

Best introduction post, ever. Eager to see the island in its final stages!

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Re: [A] The Misty Isle (A new RP Hub!)

Post by Déskill on Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:36 am

Sounds interesting!
Might just bump down there and see how it is, and enjoy the roleplay!


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Re: [A] The Misty Isle (A new RP Hub!)

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