[A] The Northern Legion. . . With a website!

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[A] The Northern Legion. . . With a website!

Post by Arthorius on Fri Aug 01, 2014 2:29 pm

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] The Northern Legion[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

*A man eyes you up and down as you enter the regiment's building, a poster in your hand*
"*Poster reads* Listen the call of the north! Hear the people calling for justice! Hear the drums of war! Join The Northern Legion and bear the hammer of justice upon our enemies!"

*You ask a man about a certein post you saw on the streets of Stormwind*

The Northern Legion you say? Yes. . . Yes, I am Field Marshal Arthorius Lightblade, the leader of the Legion. Come, come and have a seat while we talk.

You seek to join us, don't you? Well. Are you maybe from the north? Or one from somewhere else who wants to bring the hammer of justice upon theese lands? It doesn't really matter, all that matters is your abilities of surviving on a hostile ground and to not cause trouble in the legion.

Some more background about us, we were once The Lordaeron Rebirth, but changes has been made and the order was remade into a fully military corpse. We are to fight in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdom and on the icy ground of Northrend. We may be called to join a military campain somewhere else by the alliance if there is really a need of all the free military corpses belonging to the alliance.

*The man peers at you inquisitivly* Hm? Hesitating? . . . Yes there will be uneeded deaths, innocent's ones too. There will be chances that you may not see your wife or husband again. But wouldn't you make your family proud of you if you were to come back having brought peace to the northern lands? We still have the chance to free those lands, but without the aid of commoners like you, we won't get that chance and there won't be any second chance to repay the dept. And besides, as they say "Who doesn't try doesn't get".

That's it for the presentations, now. Are you decided to join us and be looked up to? Or are you gonna turn your tail and run? The decision is your's to take.

That's it for the IC presentation.

- Requirements -

- We accept every classes and races exept Draeneis and Pandaren. Shadow magic moderation is greatly apreciated though.

- Be a little experienced in Role playing.

- Be able to join the events ( wich are obviously on the in-game calendar )

- We act around Eastern Kingdom northern part ( lowest zone in our operation zone is Dun Morogh ) and in Northrend ( all zones included ). We may join some alliance campain but chances arn't that high.

- If you want to know more about The Lordaeron Rebirth, check around the website for the recruitment post, it should still be there. . . Under the dust.

- If you need more info, then whisper Artòrius.

- Alliance and horde guilds are welcomed to have a talk with me about possible events and such.

Check our website for more info! [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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