Mantis Reid

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Mantis Reid

Post by Robin Drake on Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:27 am

Character name: Mantis Reid
Alias: Strike
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Northern
Class: Mercenary turned thug

Birth region: Howling Fjord
Specific area/town: Non specific fishing village
Family: 4 brothers 2 sisters (1 deceased)
Known friends or enemies: Ramirez Hex - Enemy,  Garrett Greymore - Enemy.

Description: Mantis is a a tall man at 6'7 but surprisingly skinny, he is not hugely muscular like you would expect from someone that size. He has short brown hair which is often covered by a hat and is always seen wearing a mask around his neck. Mantis coming from Northrend is very spiritual and this can mainly be seen aesthetically from his use of ceremonial paints upon his face. Two long black lines of paint come downwards from both edges of his eyes and the edges of his mouth.

Mantis is often armed with his own hand made northern weapons, using northern metals and other useful tools to create simple yet devastating weapons. Mantis would usually fight with a hand axe and a long ceremonial dagger.

Personality: Barbaric. Mantis has no morals or values whatsoever, any he did have were dropped in his time under the leadership of Rend. Mantis has never tried to hide his open mindedness for rape, murder and cannibalism of any race.

History: Working on this.

Things you may know about this character: Fucking tall. Extremely unpredictable.
Things you may not know about this character: Can play the harmonica.
Possible crime record: Murderer, Rapist, Cannibal, 'Terrorist'.

Other information: The way I see Mantis is like a Viking. While loyal to his people and highly spiritual he is extremely barbaric and could be considered 'Uncivilized'.
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