Kalendrya Phoenixstrider

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Kalendrya Phoenixstrider

Post by kalendrya on Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:10 pm

This amazing picture is made by Nefrefax https://twitter.com/Nefrefax

Character name: Kalendrya Phoenixstrider
Alias: Dawnrose
Gender: Female
Age: 271
Race: Sindorei
Class: Hunter

Birth region: Eversong Woods
Specific area/town: Silvermoon
Family: The Phoenixstrider Family
Known friends: Thawon Phoenixstrider, Irmil Sol'ius, Sulfarius Wrathiagon, Allorize Sunriver, Trandiel Vincel, Nalia Whiteblood, Maradia K. Meadows, Melador Feredal
Known friends: Lazarian Sorrowbreeze, Todd Vanblack, Artelium Phoenixstrider, Ferraina Sun'mourne, Lindex Talbelore

Description: Kalendrya is a tall and beautiful lady with a smile that can part rivers. Freckles cover her face and her brown hair is often tied in a knot. She always wear a red rose behind one of her ears, which matches her clothing. As a Phoenixstrider, she mostly wears red. A long career as a Farstrider has shaped her body to be that of an agile warrior. Her speed and prowess is displayed through her body language, and she tend to spread energy around her to others.

Personality: Kalendrya often shows the charming and joyful side of her personality. At first glance, this seem to be all there is. However, those who get to know her will eventually see different sides of Kalendrya. She has a very short attention span and will get restless and bored very fast. She is also incapable of reading between the lines and often take other peoples words very litterary during conversations. Additionally, she is an exploding personality with a short fuse. If her pride is damaged, she is not afraid to act out.
Things you may know about this character: Used to be a farstrider, but she retired when her older brother Kaadri Phoenixstrider fell in battle. Since that day, she took his role as ranger general withing the Phoenixstrider family.

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