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Himo Blackhorn

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Character name:
Himo Blackhorn
Chieftain Blackhorn, Wolfshead

Birth region:
Freewind Post, Thousand Needles
Home town:
Camp Mojache, Feralas
Kolya Blackhorn (Father) (Location/Condition unknown)
Palemane (Mother) (Working as a Cenarion researcher in Zangarmarsh)
Warmaster Blackhorn (Uncle) (twilight cultist killed after the catalysm)
(Daughter) (Daughter of Himo & Druwen)
Known friends or enemies:
Friends: The Shatterskull Marauders, Blood Wolves and Red blades.
Enemies: Ashen Ascendancy,

Shorter than the tauren average, his mane and fur is now at varying lengths due to past battle scars and injuries. Two sword slices are visible along his snout while another is visible just at the side of his horn which was also broken off. His chest and stomach are also heavily built up with a lot of scar tissues and old wounds.

Likes to take his time to think over things but is still sharp minded in many area's especially when in combat and leading.
Has a preference for non-violence but isn't afraid to show wrath and anger for when its needed.

Brought up on the harsh lands of Thousand Needles his parents split on his 5th year for reasons unknown but kept in contact. At the split Himo travelled with his mother to then live in Camp Mojache, where he learned both how to fish and then later the ways of the Druid. His druidic training never managed to grow past his ability to shape change into feral forms and some moderate healing powers.

Himo's adventures only really started with the devastation that Death Wing began to reap on the countryside, mainly on his old homeland of the Thousand Needles. Camp Mojache sent Himo onwards to Orgrimmar to seek help and aid. After telling Orgrimmar of the plight of what was happening in the South, Himo made a new home within Orgrimmar as a fisherman, before enlisting later in the Horde army to find out what happened to his father.

During his enlisted time he met his oldest friend Chryso whilst being based in Hellfire. The pair talked about the future and what they would do often, with Chryso mentioning about joining a warband known as the Shatterskull Marauders. After Himo had served his time as enlisted he journed to Orgrimmar and was recruited by the then Chieftain Thrakha Ironsong.

Himo quickly adapted to life within the warband's Wolves regiment under the tutourledge of Igra and reached the rank of Captain of the Wolves within a few months. As the Warband left Mojache Himo would eventually become a fully fledged Stormseer. After Mojache the warband eventually headed North on the command of Grim during this time Himo became more and more dependant on being the warbands front line, sometimes suffering bad injuries but gained reputation of being solid enough to be dependable. It wasn't until after the warband left Northrend that Grim decided that Himo was suitable for leading the Hammers as Himo battled in the air against a Drake that was decimating the warbands ship. The battle resulted in Himo slicing the face of the drake open being chomped and spat out onto the deck. The ship eventually broke apart from the heavy damage sustained and the survivors eventually washed ashore.

During the next two campaigns Himo was placed as Stormseer under Grims command of the Hammers. The leadership lasted under two campaigns, in Blades edge and later in Pandaria. The warband eventually returned to Kalimdor as the commands of Hellscream became more and more dishonourable. The Warband eventually went into rebellion against Hellscream during the sacking of Camp Mojache in which they were staying in, during this battle was the last that Grim was seen at.

The Rebellion saw the rise and rise again of Himo. With Grim M.I.A Himo took command of the Hammers as Warcaller. However Grim returned and refused to fight with the Alliance and a rebellion within the rebellion broke out in the Marauders which accumulated in a duel between Thrakha and Grim. Thrakha won the duel and Grim and his rebellion broke away from the Marauders to continue their rebellion their own way and later reforming into the Blood Wolves. Thrakha's apperance's with the warband became sporadic afterwards until she stopped appearing at all and was then pronounced M.I.A. As the warband and the rebellion neared Orgrimmar Himo asked his fellow officers for the blessing to take command of the warband. With the blessings of Hikka, Shriukan and Sakarah, Himo took full charge of the warband.

Himo and the Warband would later help lay siege to the western side of Orgrimmar's gates with later the aid of the Hand of Damnation and allying with the Blood Wolves who took over the skyline of Orgimmar. After this there would be many changes in leadership under Himo and a couple more campaigns but as of currently Himo has remained in charge.

Things you may know about this character:
A druid who specialises in feral combat
Leader of the Marauders
Things you may not know about this character:
A former fisherman of Ogrimmar
Once lost his memory
Has a daughter
Possible crime record:
Exiled and banished from Silithus for helping a known enemy escape justice.

Other information:
More info to come..

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Character sheet
Name: Himo Blackhorn
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