(H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

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(H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:37 am

The sun rolls over Mulgore and Thunder Bluff revealing its vigilant defenders and hardy citizens. In the plains of Mulgore, Thunder Bluff has stood proud despite the Cataclysm, despite the ruin of the Barrens, despite the murder of its leader and despite Garrosh Hellscream.

The Tauren people have always striven for peace and the preservation of Kalimdor but now fight for survival, surrounded by enemies and neglected by their allies.

The Dawnchaser tribe's selfless actions of the not-so-distant past brought the Tauren people into focus once again and that they, no matter how few, can contribute and fight for peace, for family and home, for nature, for Kalimdor and oneself.

The Dawnchaser tribe has turly shown that even a few can make a difference.

Balance is the key belief of the Shu'halo. We are inspired by the Dawnchaser tribe and we choose to follow their path - a path we believe leads towards peace and balance.

We will lend our aid to the Horde as warriors, seers and healers and protect our people from anything that would threaten them.

With Vol'jin as their faction leader, the Tauren feel confident in the direction of the Horde once again...

Will you fight for your people?


After a brief break, the Path of Dawnchaser has returned as a guild for Tauren only, though we still have close connections with the Pandaren of the Falling Leaf both ICly and OOCly.

We essentially roleplay a peaceful guild that supports the Horde but does not actively participate in warfare unless there is no other option. Both sides of any conflict will be weighed before those following the Path of Dawnchaser agree to get involved, no matter how unpopular this makes us IC.

Our aim is to stay true to Tauren lore and re-energize Tauren roleplaying, breathing life into Tauren traditions and culture, inspired by the native Americans. The Shu'halo people have guided the Orcs and Trolls since they first arrived in Kalimdor, we hope to continue this role.

We don't aim to be a big guild, though we aim for a core group of active players and are also aiming to have regular roleplaying evenings. Members, regardless of rank, are encouraged to arrange their own events as well.


Though not our main focus, we aim to participate in In-Character raiding when relevant/available and actively PvP.

Though, due to the fact that we roleplay on a RP-PvP realm, we recommend you obtain and transmog your PvP gear.

How to Join:

All Tauren roleplayers are welcome, though you will be expected to have somewhat of an idea behind your character and he/she will have to fit into our guild idea. We are flexible, however, but it has to work both ways.

To join you will have to go through an OOC and IC interview and make an effort to show up to an event or two before being allowed into the guild.

You will be expected to be reasonably active, whether ICly or OOCly, to avoid a guild kick. Though all previous members removed due to inactivity are welcome back and we don't kick people who have an excuse for being away for a long period of time.


Stralow, Nahate, Sarken, Avók

Though feel free to whisper any members online for information!

Website: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:38 am

The Story So Far...

News of the Dawnchaser tribe striving to do good in Pandaria reached the mesas of Thunder Bluff. The Tauren grew proud once more that their people were doing good in the world after being dragged into so many conflicts under Garrosh Hellscreams reign.

The Elder Istuul Dawnstrider, an elderly Tauren, decided he himself should take some initiative. After a life of "sitting comfortably in Mulgore," the decision was made to try and make a change. Even the oldest of Tauren can be inspired by the young and the new teachings of An'she...

The old Tauren formed a group, nicknamed "The Dawnchasers" due to their ambition to follow the path set by the actual tribe and Dezco Dawnchaser, and he sought out like-minded Tauren upon the mesas to join and try to make a change.

With the Siege of Orgrimmar, the Dawnchaser group saw their chance to do some good. While Dezco and the actual Dawnchasers fought in the siege, Elder Istuul and his companions assisted the Tauren and Pandaren refugees and guided them to safety in the plains of Mulgore.

After hearing of such kindness by the Tauren people, some Pandaren came as far as Pandaria to Thunder Bluff, such as Master Zun, Wandering Sage For-Dan and Yoldran Firebrew who decided to form a school (Falling Leaf Academy) and an embassy on the mesas and teach the new wanderers, many of whom were farmers and civilians, of their ancient heritage, whether they were Tushui, Huojin, Wanderers or from Pandaria.

With the siege over, many Pandaren found themselves at home in Mulgore and began to contribute to the general upkeep of the land and Thunder Bluff itself - doing what many Pandaren do best - grow food!

With the Pandaren settling in, the Elder Istuul decided to take them on a trip of their new homeland, Kalimdor. He would start by taking them through the Barrens and north, but was unfortunately wounded on this trip and return to the mesas. The old Tauren was eventually forced to hand over leadership to Che'nawa Dawnstrider, a tauren from his tribe.

The Dawnchasers later heard of Alliance movement in Northrend and sailed north to protect their Taunka cousins and later joined the main forces of the Horde in combat.

After returning from Northrend, the Dawnchasers and Pandaren enjoyed a time of peace and quiet and word of the Pandaren settling on Thunder Bluff had spread long and far. Many new faces soon appeared within the Pandaren Embassy and new Tauren found a cause amongst the Dawnchasers.

Soon, however, a group of Huojin soldiers were dispatched to the mesas, given instructions to "infiltrate the embassy and school", after rumours of Tushui / Alliance spies in Horde lands had reached the ears of concerned parties Orgrimmar...

This Huojin group caused discontent in the city and the Pandaren began to openly argue and scuffle with one another in public. A "Huojin Forum" was established in an attempt to recruit the "neutral" Pandaren to the Horde cause and route out any Alliance sympathizers.

A meeting between Horde and Alliance leaders was held in Pandaria, under the watch of the Blooming Lotus and their leader, Ju-sin, and the Horde and Alliance agreed not to participate in any further bloodshed... Kerrok Skychaser, a shaman following the Path of Dawnchaser, promised aid to the Pandaren people and the Blooming Lotus.

Whilst the Pandaren began to get wrapped up an internal debate, the Dawnchasers were called upon by the Chieftain Rargnasha Bloodmark to provide assistance to a battlegroup he had formed to raid the lands surrounding Stormwind for supplies. Given that Orgrimmar was struggling after the siege, the Dawnchasers reluctantly agreed and were dragged into another conflict with the Alliance.
Despite agreeing to refrain from further conflicts, the Dawnchasers are committed to the Horde cause and provided medical assistance to the battlegroup's soldiers.

With another conflict finished, the Dawnchasers returned to Thunder Bluff, but were offered no respite. The Pandaren's arguments and public discord had brought worry to the Tauren people, seeing as the last time people "fought" in the streets was when the Grimtotem tribe attempted to take control of the city, leaving many dead in the struggle...

The Pandaren Shaman, Sun-zin Stormfist, under the tutelage of Kerrok, had honed her shamanistic skills and was able to commune with the spirits. This, however, proved more of a burden than a blessing as she found herself tormented by nightmares, rather than visions. The young shaman saw visions of a leaf, later interpreted as the "Falling Leaf Academy," being burned by the fires of the Huojin... she brought her concerns to the Elders, but it was concluded that no such thing could ever occur while the Pandaren lived upon the mesas...

The Pandaren's worry was put aside as Elder Istuul, Matron Che'nawa and Kerrok Skychaser were eager to fulfill their promise, made months earlier, to the Blooming Lotus and a caravan of supplies was put together and dispatched towards Pandaria, including the majority of the group's members, leaving the Pandaren behind, with the exception of Master Zun and Yoldran Firebrew, both acting as guides on Pandaria.

On Pandaria, the Dawnchaser group were ambushed by Saurok, fought against living Mogu statues and even attempted to negotiate with the Yaungol people, their distant cousins, in the hopes of bringing peace to the troubled continent. They met up with the Blooming Lotus and were guided through the beauty Pandaria has to offer.

Whilst the Dawnchasers were in Pandaria, the Pandaren situation worsened, as the Huojin soldiers revealed themselves and their intentions, after receiving orders to "remove the Alliance spies and bring these Pandaren into the Horde". A conflict erupted, leaving one Huojin soldier dead, many Pandaren wounded, and forced the Tauren people to impose a curfew upon the Pandaren, locking them in their embassy and disbanding the "Falling Leaf Academy" indefinitely.

The Huojin were expelled from Thunder Bluff and the Pandaren awaited the return of their leader, Master Zun, before being forced to leave the mesas themselves...

As the Dawnchasers returned from Pandaria, they found themselves facing the crisis Sun-zin had predicted. Their Pandaren friends and allies were under curfew and to be sent away from Mulgore for brawling in the streets and causing panic.

The Pandaren dubbed themselves the "Falling Leaf caravan" and abruptly left the plains. Together, they wandered the lands of Kalimdor trying to find a new home for themselves and picking up any wanderers on the way...

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:56 am


Our guild is mostly peaceful and hopes to act as support and advice givers to the Horde and venture forth to heal the lands and protect our people from immediate threats. Hopefully, our ranks will come to reflect that. With the exception of the first rank, the others are obtained by being willing, active and your character's own personal choices.

Spirit Guide
: The leader of the Path of Dawnchaser. This is the most wise Tauren among the group and is chosen to lead us down the correct path.

Oathsworn : The officers and most loyal members of the Path, lending their council and wisdom to the Spirit Guide and are oathsworn to the cause.

Guardian : Warriors and Champions of the Path of Dawnchaser who will defend their people.

Longrunner : Trusted members of the guild who lend their expertise as messengers and gather information before the leaders can decide on the best cause of action.

: New members who will have to prove their worth and commitment to the cause.

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Tantzui on Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:19 am

It's nice to see you guys still going on. If i ever make Tauren/Pandaren i know what guild to join!  albino 

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Táo on Mon Jul 07, 2014 7:35 am

Looks very good Smile
But why not just update your current thread instead of opening a new?

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:41 pm

I wanted to make it a bit easier on the eyes Wink

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:08 pm

The story continues...

The Dawnchaser group had become familiar with Pandaria after being there for almost 2 months. They had traveled through Kun-Lai and the Valley a fair few times in their adventures. Today, however, they found themselves gazing upon the horrific consequence of Garrosh's ambition - The Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Master Zun had described the Vale as "the most beautiful place in all of Pandaria," but it had been over a year since he had stepped foot in his former homeland. The disappointment and anguish on the faces of the Tauren visitors once they stepped through the gates was clear. This place... had been utterly devastated.

None could feel the grief of the land more than the Druid, Nahate. The burning shadows filled the air with a dense shimmer and the remains of trees stuck out like burnt out, splintered matchsticks.

Nahate's eyes widened in horror. He could hear the land moan. He rushed towards the scar and fell to his knees, almost in tears. Even a young Druid who had only focused on the feral aspects of Druidism could not ignore the cries of the land.

It was not long before the residual sha energy began to surface. Garrosh and the Sha may have been defeated, but the scars remain. Some members of the group became visibly affected by the ruined landscape, becoming dizzy and confused. The air became thick and hard to breath.

Tor, a warrior sworn to the Dawnchaser cause, dragged Nahate away. "Quickly!" he bellowed, "We must get away from this place!"

The group made haste through the vale, trying to keep their distance from the scar. But the echoes still rang loudly throughout the valley, affecting the group terribly. Stralow the Brave was suddenly struck by visions of Mulgore burning and Tauren warriors fighting each other in the once-beautiful plains. In his confusion, he struck out and smashed his beloved with his mace, knocking her unconscious.

Pulling himself too, Stralow heaved the unconscious cow over his shoulder and moved on.

The group continued, making haste, despair and sorrow not far behind, whispering in their ears... they eventually made it to the relative safety of Mistfall Village, a place packed with Pandaren refugees.
They tried to make themselves comfortable and were offered what little room they had. A corner. A bedroll. Just a seat, even. The hospitality of Pandaren is indeed astounding!

Soon, the Dawnchasers began to relax. Except for Stralow. He was in shock over what he done to the one he loved, even though she was fine. Recovering, at least.

His despair and grief soon began to manifest in a shadowy form of a himself, sending the Pandaren refugees - all too familiar with the horrors of the Sha - pushing and screaming from the inn outside while the other Tauren attempted to pull Stralow together and hold off this new foe.

The shadow tried to plague the group's heads with Stralow's nightmares and use their confusion against one another... until the warrior, Tor, attempted to channel his spirit-warrior heritage but failed. He fell to the ground soon after with exhaustion.
But, with the light of An'she guiding them, the Seers Che'nawa and Naeemh filled the village with sunlight and incinerated the creature before it could become physical.

With An'she guiding them, those following the Path of Dawnchaser will do their best to try and heal the wounds of this land and bring some peace to the refugees...

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:53 am

Cleansing the Vale.

Mistfall Village was beautiful in the orange light of sunset. The Dawnchasers had found a few days rest here after the shock of the vale's damage had affected them so terribly and they were still waiting for Master Zun to meet up with them. They hadn't expected him to arrive so late.

"Naeemh? Is that you up there?" yelled a voice from the patio below. Naeemh had been enjoying the view with her beloved Stralow, though she was just as happy to see Zun arrive as this would mean another (mis)adventure.

Stralow and Naeemh woke up the others, still resting, and the group headed outside to meet up with the Shado-master. Nahate, Avok and the monk Kuyuki, whom they had met at the Temple of the White Tiger, joined them at the entrance to the inn as Zun informed them that they would meet up with Lorewalker Cho for some "history lessons" and would spend their last few days in Pandaria at the Shrine of Two Moons, the Horde's base of operations and guarded by the Dawnchaser Tribe that had inspired the formation of the group...

"Tor and the Matron have gone on ahead to the Shrine. They will meet us later." Nahate informed the old Monk. He replied with a simple nod and the group set out across the Vale, taking care to avoid the scar.

At the Shrine of Two Moons, the land had been fairing better. The tree planted by Emperor Shaohao  had began to blossom and its roots spread around the Mogu'shan palace, causing the sha-stained land to heal. It would take many years, but the area around the tree showed real improvement after only a few months. This calmed the druid, Nahate, who could still feel the torment of the land in his bones.

The group were taken in by Lorewalker Cho and offered tea and cakes and heard the Lorewalker speak. Matron Che'nawa asked about the Yaungol and why their negotiations with them had failed so horribly. How could a race that shared a heritage with the Tauren people turn out so? Cho spoke of the Yaungol's past and how they had struggled for survival from day one. After the sundering, they found themselves trapped in a harsh, unforgiving landscape and were surrounded by enemies. They did what they could to survive. Utilising oil and fire for warfare... but this also turned them into a tough people where only the strong were allowed to live. Negotiations? That was obviously a sign of weakness and these inferior "Tauren" would have had to die by Yaungol standards.

The group also inquired about the Sha and were told of the 7 Burdens of Shaohao. Che'nawa added, after hearing the tale, “is there anything we can do while we're here?” and Cho was glad to hear it. He sent them to the heart of the vale, the Golden Pagoda, believing that a race graced with an affinity for nature would be able to help the Vale in its healing...

The centre of the vale had not really begun to heal like that surrounding Shaohao's seed and Matron Che'nawa was quick to focus the group on the task. Whispers of the sha could still be heard and shadows reached up from the scarred land, trying to corrupt the group.

“Stand in a circle! I will begin the cleansing ritual,” Che'nawa commanded, her voice filled with hope. “Stay strong! An'she's light is shining brightly upon us this day.”

“Focus on the task!” Stralow added.

“Let's give it a try, but I have my doubts...” murmured Zun, and the second he did the shadows had already found their first, easy victim. Especially after being previously afflicted by doubt, the Master Monk had thought he had overcome his negative emotions.

“This will never work.” A cold, hissing voice said. None knew where it came from. It was although it was on the wind. Or in their minds.

“Positive thoughts!” said Nahate, attempting to keep the group calm.

But it was too late. Master Zun had been filled with doubt from the word go. Naeemh and Kuyuki became afflicted, as well, the Tauren seeing a fearful vision of her father in the face of Zun while the Pandaren monk, Kuyuki, fought against thoughts of despair.

“Keep it together!” yelled Tor, but Zun had already broken the circle, lunging at Naeemh believing she was an aberration. Stralow broke the circle, as well, dashing in to protect his beloved Naeemh.
The giant Tauren was surprisingly no match for Zun, empowered by the residual energy, he easily hurled Stralow aside and continued flurrying against Naeemh. But she, too, was empowered by fear... and ran away at speed.

Che'nawa, Nahate and Tor channelled their spiritual energies and tried to break their companions free of the corruption. They managed to bring Kuyuki back, whilst Avok attempted to calm Stralow down and snap Naeemh and Zun out of their trance. The little Pandaren lended her aid to the group and managed to dispel Naeemh with a bolt of chi energy.

Seeing Zun swing his swords at his beloved only filled him with rage and the two clashed fiercely in the middle of the scar.

“Enough of this!”, Naeemh cried, trying to bring her boyfriend out of his uncharacteristic bout of rage. She tripped him over to prevent an attack against Zun, as Che'nawa filled the area with a blinding light that brought the old Pandaren back. The group then rushed to Stralow and surrounded him, focusing their energy, it was Kuyuki who channelled the spell that relieved Stralow's rage and brought him around.

“Eh... what happened?” asked the bull, “Why am I on the ground?”

“We'll talk about that later,” Naeemh chuckled innocently, as she helped him to his feet.

The whispers had faded completely and small flowers began to crack through the charred land. The curling, black shadows that rose from the land like smoke had dissipated and the area felt calmer.

“We did it!” boasted Nahate, proudly.

“We did something, yes,” answered the Matron, “but we should return to the shrine and rest. I still don't like us being out here too long. In time, the vale will heal... and I feel we have done what we can. It's up to the Earthmother now.”

The other Tauren nodded and Master Zun lead them back towards the Shrine of Two Moons. They were glad to finally feel safe – a city protected by other Tauren, Dawnchaser tribe members at that – how could they not? Relaxation was in order and the Pandaren there were happy to welcome additional Tauren to their city. They were quickly offered beds and food and large smiles.

Some time later, as the group undressed and began to relax, the Matron appeared once more before them.

“Enjoy the time will we have here. You have all earned the right to relax. But now I think... it is time we head home.”

After facing off against Saurok ambushers, angry Yaungol, ancient Mogu guards and now residual sha energy in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the Matron thought the Dawnchasers had achieved their mission on their long journey - to help the people of Pandaria.

Although they had taken a beating or two, the group managed to bring supplies to Pandaren refugees and see some of the wonders of Pandaria. They met up with the Blooming Lotus, received advice from Xuen, the White Tiger, tried to negotiate with their Yaungol kin and heard stories of their past from Lorewalker Cho.

After reaching the Vale and being plagued by their doubts, fears and despair... they had managed to assist in the cleansing of the vale - although full revival would take many years.

But now, it was time to head home... back to Mulgore!

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Valkirin/Cass on Sat Jul 12, 2014 3:15 am

Im actually in the process of making a horde pandaren, expect a whisper when i get off that accursed turtle

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Tethos on Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:59 am

I love this concept


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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:22 am


A few anxious weeks had passed since the incident that left one Huojin soldier dead and many of the members of the Falling Leaf Academy and Embassy wounded. Baji was one of them. A follower of the Tushui ways, even though he had dropped out of the academy on the Wandering Isle, Baji was a proponent of peace and always believed in quiet contemplation instead of clamorous actions.

His beliefs, which had normally brought peace to his simple mind, had, under the attack, brought him literally to the edge. The edge of the mesas. The night replayed in his mind over and over again at night. The Daijo Raoi had dragged him to the edge of the Bluffs and held him there, lingering over. He had stood up for Tushui beliefs in the "Huojin Forum" and this had brought him negative attention. Apparently he was a spy. Or at least one of them.

His loyalty to the Horde had never been in question. He loved Mulgore and Thunder Bluff. He loved the Tauren, or "Great Ox" he had called them in his terrible Orcish. He had thought the humans who had crash landed on Shen-Zin Su were cruel for imprisoning the Horde members on their ship. He had heard stories in his childhood of "great monsters of stone" that had imprisoned the Pandaren people thousands upon thousands of years ago and the thought had always sent chills down his spine.

Baji remembered the event clearly. He was still bruised from the attack. He had been punched, kicked and thrown to the ground. An example to those who did not change their ways. His friends had jumped in to protect him... and that had caused all this mess. Now they were under curfew. The Falling Leaf Academy had been dissolved. They were locked within the embassy at night and monitored closely on the Bluffs during the day.

And as soon as Master Zun returned, they were to leave.

In some way it had been a kind response. A Huojin soldier was dead... and it was their word against the surviving Huojin unit. Had he fallen from the cliffs? Or had he been thrown? The two stories rattled around his head so much that he began to question the event himself. But the Tauren had their laws and their own ways. No violence was permitted. They could have been sent back to Orgrimmar and forced to stand trial, imprisoned or worse, but the Tauren had taken matters into their own hand and had decided to expel the Pandaren from their homeland. And the Huojin had to accept this justice... but the loyalty of the Falling Leaves had to be proven. Were they Horde or Alliance?

Sun-zin and Tianyu had been the biggest help. They comforted Baji during his recovery. "It wasn't your fault" they would tell him constantly. He had to believe them... didn't he?

The Pandaren had been prepared to leave for awhile. It was only a courtesy that they had decided to wait for Zun. Things had become tense. Nobody knew when he would return, or if he would return at all. They had made a plan. They knew where they were going... more or less. Master For-Dan, in an uncharacteristically positive manner, had promised they'd find a new home out there...

Thinking of what lay beyond Mulgore, the light filled Baji's eyes once again and he smiled... "maybe I can finally become an adventurer..."

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Sun Jul 20, 2014 3:13 pm

A Home For Some.

Days filled with cheer, good food, good company, warm baths and warm beds. Che'nawa smiled to see her friends enjoying themselves. They had endured much in Pandaria, beautiful as this land was it was also very dangerous. Tor put his arm around her, pulling her closer as the group laughed around a table filled with Pandaren wine and delicious food. She smiled faintly, still contemplating the events that had passed. She often wished she could be as free-spirited as Naeemh, who was finishing her fourth glass of wine...

She allowed them to have fun. They had deserved it. Earned it, even. Tomorrow they would be back in Mulgore and undoubtedly would be called to some cause somewhere or other. She looked to Tor and grinned. She'd enjoy herself tonight. She had surely earned it, too.

The next day started with a glorious sun piercing through the high windows of the Shrine of Two Moons. Even though the Vale lay in ruin, An'she still shone brightly. Ever watching. Ever guiding. Ever healing. The Dawnchasers gathered their things and said their goodbyes to their new Pandaren friends and Dezco's soldiers. It was a shame they were leaving... but she looked forward to the day they would return and find the Vale as it once was.

A Pandaren mage bowed before the group. “May the Celestials guide you.”

The group returned the gesture. “And may the light of the Earthmother shine brightly on your homeland.” The mage smiled opened a portal to Thunder Bluff.

“Convenient,” mused Naeemh.

“The Pandaren maintain portals for their allies for daily, small-scale travel,” replied Che'nawa. She was quite amazed. The Pandaren truly were courteous hosts.

The group stepped through the portal one by one... and bright smiles graced their faces as they once again lay eyes on Mulgore. They were home.

Each member was eager to get back to their homes and arrange things. The Druid, Nahate, made a running-jump off the cliff and burst into the form of a bird. Stralow hugged Naeemh and wandered towards his workshop. Tor and Avok returned to their tent. Grod and Tukki bowed courteously and went their separate ways. Everyone was glad to be back.

Che'nawa, Naeemh, Master Zun and those Pandaren they had encountered in Pandaria and had decided to follow them, set off towards the embassy. It would be good to see their friends again. The Matron was looking forward to seeing them again and checking in. The joy they felt to be home would not last long...

On the way to the Embassy, they stumbled into the Elder Ama'talo. Ama'talo Grimtotem. He had been one of the decision-making Elders for some time, since the departure of the Grimtotem tribe. He represented those Grimtotem loyal to Baine Bloodhoof and those who disagreed with Magatha's course of action. He looked surprised to see the Matron and embraced her by the shoulders in an artificial hug.

“Matron. You bring pride to our people once again,” he said, a faint smile curling on his lips. “We have revelled in your tales here on Thunder Bluff in your absence. Thank you for your letters.”

Che'nawa smiled back and introduced the Elder to the group. He eyed the Pandaren closely... “Ah, Master Zun...”

Ama'talo told the Matron of the events that had unfolded in her absence and the decision that had been made by the Tauren Elders. Disbelief crawled visibly on her face. Naeemh's too. Master Zun looked back worriedly at the Pandaren who had followed him, being promised a home amongst the kind-hearted Tauren. The group hurried to the embassy...

They were met by the Pandaren. Master For-Dan, Sun-zin, Jaddok, Tianyu, Baiyao... Holed up in their embassy. They were well kept, considering, but their spirits had clearly not been high. They sat amongst sacks of their belongings. They lived out of bags and satchels. This was not their home any more.

There was no offer of home to the new Pandaren. Hurried introductions were made. Their things were gathered. Master Zun, still limping from the wounds he had suffered in Pandaria, was allowed no rest here. The Pandaren were to leave. They had waited weeks for Zun. His arrival and their departure was overdue. It was... time to go.

“I will do what I can to make the Elders re-consider,” cried Che'nawa, “With An'she's blessing we will meet again.”

“I am certain of it,” smiled For-Dan.

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:00 am

The Wanderers.

With turtles packed the Pandaren said their goodbyes at the base of Thunder Bluff. The Matron of the Dawnchasers had hurried off, eager to try and undo this travesty. Naeemh, the nurse, had decided to tag along... for as long as she could. She would not see her friends left to fend for themselves in the wilds.

And so... their journey began, but it was late and they would not get far today. Stars filled the sky above the plains of Mulgore and the Pandaren gazed vacantly in silent nostalgia at what once had been a home for them.

Master Zun was the first to break the silence. “Let me tell you of our adventures in Pandaria!” he beamed. The others looked upon him, smiles slowly beginning to surface on their otherwise sorrowful faces.

The Pandaren made their way through Mulgore, through Bloodhoof Village and towards the Great Gate. The Tauren had once shown them a secret passageway through the otherwise impenetrable gate. Zun continued his story and the mood lightened somewhat. Baji looked upon the new Pandaren, the monks Kuyuki and Zouya, with envy. They had seen adventure! They had been to Pandaria and back. Soon, hopefully, it would be his turn as well.
For-Dan chuckled at Zun's mentions of struggles with Yaungol, Saurok and Mogu.

“You simply need to punch them! There's nothing that will solve a Yaungol problem like a good uppercut,” he added, thinking he was giving some wise advice. “Kicks work as well.”

The group settled at the foot of the mighty gate. It towered above them. The guards nodded and allowed them to set up camp. The Tauren were nomads after all, they understood more than most.

Master Zun, having been plagued by doubts in Pandaria, decided he would not allow negative emotions to take over this night. This would be a celebration! Master For-Dan was also oddly positive and... friendly. An unusual trait for the otherwise socially inept once-hermit. What had happened?

“Master Zun,” he started, “We came to a conclusion... we needed something to call ourselves. A reason to be together. We're family... and in tribute to you, who brought us all together... we have decided that this be named the 'Falling Leaf Caravan' and we... the Falling Leaves. ” For-Dan smiled. It was... weird to look at. "We will find a home."

“Ah!” smiled Zun, “Of course we will.”

“I look forward to some adventure and seeing this continent we call home,” added Sun-zin. Baji smiled at that as well. The others mostly remained quiet, but were smiling. There was food and drink and fireworks. A party was made out of it. This was not a time to mourn. It was a new beginning.

“Just one thing,” interrupted For-Dan, his face suddenly looking serious. “I don't believe simply you and I can defend this caravan. I suppose Naeemh is here as well... as... what? A shield?” he peered at the Tauren oddly. She was drunk and simply raised her mug with a silly grin. “I believe it is time we put our students to the test. They should undergo ancient Pandaren trials, as all Monks do, and become... our defenders. Our Wardens. This is our family... our home... it must be defended.”

Master Zun's face lit up. “A great idea.”

“As long as it is not you who decides the trials, Master For-Dan” snarled Sun-zin, worriedly. For-Dan had previously graced the students with tales of his former students... who had not survived his previous, bizarre trials.

“We will discuss it and come to a joint decision,” answered Zun. For-Dan nodded.

The moon peaked in the sky and the Pandaren started to doze off, drunk and slightly happier. This was the start of their new adventure...

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:57 am

The Wanderers: Moving On

The sun rose and the sound of the birds woke the Pandaren. It was time to move on. Mulgore was beautiful, calm and safe... hopefully they would find a place just like it out there. With fully packed turtles the group set out, through the secret tunnel under the Great Gate and into the Barrens.

They had been here before. It was here the Elder Istuul had tried to show them their new homeland and it was here he had been wounded to the point of needing a constant attendant. He was already old and feeble to begin with. They stopped briefly at Camp Una'fe and a look of sorrow filled Master Zun's face as he remembered the events.

It was a little over midday now. Spirits were high. The Pandaren sang and remembered their trip here; though only the positive memories were mentioned. This was a time to be happy, not sad. They were making good time as they headed up Hunter's Hill and gazed down upon Stonetalon Mountains. There had been rumours of a Pandaren camp here long ago. Perhaps they would find some clues?

The sun was starting to set as the caravan headed down the narrow path towards the village of Malaka'jin. Tauren buildings filled the valley beneath them but the inhabitants did not look like the friendly Tauren they knew. These were Grimtotem. Their faces splattered in war paint and their huts filled with weapon-racks. The group were glad they did not have to bargain, sneak or fight their way through the village.

Malaka'jin was no place for them though. They realised this quickly. Even though the village seemed Tauren-inspired, it was filled with Orc soldiers and Troll voodoo-men who were tasked with defending the path against Grimtotem invaders. Night was setting in as well. They would stay at least one night but weariness began to set in. The task ahead started to seem massive – wandering an entire continent to find a place to settle down? They had hoped it would go by quickly but their first real stop had been a sad reminder.

“This is no place for us,” said Baiyao. The other Pandaren agreed sadly.

“We'll move on tomorrow,” replied Master Zun, as they settled under their blankets. The night wind and animals howled through the upward path of Stonetalon. “We must not lose hope yet. We have much left to see!”

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Haen Strongwind on Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:59 pm

Met these guys tonight in Stonetalon tonight for a spot of random RP. Great bunch of RPers from what I saw. Recommended!
Haen Strongwind

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Sat Aug 02, 2014 1:16 am

The Wanderers: The Fallen Brother

A sad bunch were leaving Malaka'jin. It was a long climb up Stonetalon and the Troll encampment was anything but welcoming. The mountains had their own beauty though, if you stuck to the trail - and they had every intention of doing so. They got an early start on the day as they had no intentions of staying there any longer than they had to.

Baji had already gone on ahead with his tiger Shi. They were to find something for the group to eat. Nuts, berries, bread, seeds and dried meat was good for a while but they wanted something fresh. He was also asked to find the next stop along the road: Sun Rock Retreat. The Orcs at Malaka'jin had mentioned it as a bit more serene and “out of the way.”

That sounded good to them.

The Wanderer hadn't found much of food yet. The only real creature he found were spiders... and he wasn't eager to try the delicacy known as “crunchy spider's legs” just yet. He'd keep looking. A ram seemed like a good bet but he'd have to have help carrying the enormous beast back to town. He nodded to Shi and whispered in Pandaren to his friend. It was an honour to hunt. They had that in common with the Tauren.

Master Zun lead the caravan steadily up the hill. The turtles weren't quite used to the terrain but they coped well. Today they were quietly disappointed. They wanted to find somewhere to settle down, at least for a few days, and get some relaxation and supplies. All hope now lay upon this “Retreat” the orcs had mentioned.

Half way up the path, Zun thought he saw someone tumble down from one of the banks on the side of the road. The Pandaren was old and his eyesight was not as sharp as it used to be, but he knew he saw something. The turtles hurried under his command.

As they neared, it became clear that it had been someone! And they could not believe just who it was. There, lying on the side of the road, was another Pandaren. He looked a bit older and had dropped his sword a few feet further from him in his fall.

“By Xuen!” Zun gasped, hopping from his turtle.

He jogged to the Pandaren, hoping he was still alive. The others followed suit. He was covered in webbing and wounded. A green ooze spewed from several of the deeper wounds. He had been poisoned. Zun looked to his student, Baiyao, and he knew instinctively what to do.

“I'll attempt to detox his wounds! Is he even still breathing?” Baiyao conjured a soft mist and held it over his wounds. He had been schooled in the art of mistweaving by Master For-Dan and, in the absence of nurse Naeemh, who was too drunk to help, and For-Dan himself who was leading another group further down the hill, he was the best they had.

The Pandaren released a moan of relief. Sun-zin unravelled a huge blanket and tied it between two of the turtles.

“We can use this as a stretcher,” she proclaimed, tightening the knot and then helping the others heave the wounded traveller onto it.

Baji caught up by now, but there was no time to tell them of the ram he had found galloping around the cliff face. He had found Sun Rock Retreat in his scouting as well and jogged awkwardly behind them, trying “lead” them, even though he was several meters behind.

Once they arrived at the Retreat, there was no time to enjoy it or take in its oasis-like charm. They quickly helped the wounded Pandaren into the inn and fetched him fresh water, fruit and Baiyao tended to his wounds. There was no time for Baji to say anything before he was asked to go back down the mountain to find For-Dan.

Baji groaned. He was very hungry...

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:16 am

The Wanderers:  The Burial

For-Dan arrived shortly after. He had hurried along after Baji found him, leaving his group of Pandaren behind. He was certain Tianyu and Indra would be able to deal with anything that popped up. Baiyao had taken good care of their wounded friend and he was annoyed to have been forced to rush. It was very unmonkly!

“Master For-Dan,” Zun approached, “Welcome! There is something I wish to talk to you about. Baiyao can tend to our friend there.”

He ushered For-Dan outside to the fresh-water pond in the middle of the village. Sun Rock Retreat was served by an underground water supply and the Pandaren were happy for it. The water brought them calm, especially those from the Great Turtle. This was somewhere they could stay. For a while, at least.

“What is it?” For-Dan muttered.

“I believe we should speak of the trials. The choosing of defenders of our caravan, our home. You mentioned it before,” replied Master Zun. Always trying to take For-Dan with a pinch of salt, so to speak, knowing full well he was... weird.

For-Dan remembered suddenly and the two began to speak at length of the trials. They both had very different experiences, one being trained under the White Tiger and the other the Red Crane. Surely together they would come up with something appropriate.

The Pandaren they had found began to come to. Baiyao and Jaddok hovered over him, tending to him. His eyes opened slowly, sweat still dripping from his brow. His eyes shot open in shock as he realised it was two Pandaren fawning over him.

“Th-thank you... strangers,” he gasped desperately, peering at the two. “I... never thought... I'd see Pandaren out here.” He coughed and moaned and Baiyao helped him sit up.

“Is there anything we can d--”

“My friend!” he yelled suddenly. Baiyao could not even finish asking.


“My... my friend. He's still out... out there. We were... exploring. Wandering. But we were... attacked by spiders,” he struggled between breaths, “He... if … I was so wounded. C-could he? Please! Find him!” His words were sluggish and he attempted to scramble to his feet out of fear for what had happened to his friend.

“We're on it!” declared Jaddok, grabbing his sword and shield and a satchel of supplies whilst Baiyao helped the stranger back into bed.

“Men... Meng-Ti Hosue,” he managed.

“What?” asked Baiyao again, turning back.

“My name... my name is Meng-Ti Hosue.”

The two made haste down the mountain path to where the spiders had nested.  Webs curled around trees as they got closer, growing in size as their neared the nest. As did the size of the general spider. Jaddok cut his way through the webbing, sending smaller spiders scurrying away in terror. The queen spider could be seen in the distance, making her home in a monstrous web between a few massive pine trees,  attended to by dozens of smaller ones. They kept quiet and nodded to each other knowingly. Disturbing the queen would not end well.

They sneaked further into the webbed vale. Dead bodies of orcs, tauren, goblins and elves encased in webs littered the scene. It was not a hopeful sight. As long as they did not see a Pandaren one, hope was not completely lost.

But... then, there in the lair of the spiders, they saw it. Encased in webbing and lying in a heap on the ground. The limbs poking out of the cocoon making it obvious it was a Pandaren. It was Meng-Ti Hosue's companion. Jaddok sliced open the cocoon and heaved the Pandaren body out. It was not a pretty sight. He lifted him onto his shoulder and carried him back to camp.

Meng-Ti fell to his knees in grief at the sight. Once his brother had been cut out of the web, his gruesome wounds were clear to all.

“Meng-Xi... my brother...” he managed, “P-please... strangers. We must... bury him.”

Jaddok and Baiyao looked at each other sadly. Brother... it was his brother.

Being too weak do anything himself, the group aided him, bearing the corpse further up the mountain to a secure resting place in the hills behind Sun Rock Retreat. On the way up, Meng-Ti had mentioned that this place was as good as any other. It was peaceful, at least. He insisted on being alone as he dug a hole for his companion. The group left him, only to return to pay their respects to the fallen friend.

It was a sad sight. In a tear-filled speech, Meng-Ti revealed that the Pandaren had in fact been his own brother. The Pandaren were filled with grief and tried to comfort the newcomer. They were glad to have found and been able to help him but... they hoped they would not find other Pandaren in a similar state along the way...

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Sun Aug 10, 2014 1:26 am

The Wanderers: Into the Lair

The Pandaren had settled at Sun Rock Retreat and only a couple of days had passed. Master Zun had been summoned away to a meeting in Bilgewater Harbour and this left For-Dan in charge. This whole “being nice” thing was new to him. He had been alone for so long that he had forgotten what it was like to... care about others. His curiousity of the “Tushui” and “Huojin” had lead him out of Pandaria and through this he had stumbled onto Thunder Bluff and found himself surrounded by other Pandaren, young and old. It had been a very long time since he had the company of so many. Master Zun had urged him to stay. He had not wanted to but he was offered a teaching position in the Falling Leaf Academy and, as the only Mistweaver available, decided it was his duty to teach those willing to follow his path.

Now he was a... leader. Of sorts. It was weird. He didn't know what to do with himself most of the time. He found himself sticking to the “status-quo” a lot, whether out of fear of doing something wrong or apathy the students would never know. Until now. Now he was doing things he wasn't used to. He was caring. He was offering advice and training to anyone. He... liked the students. Normally  students would seek him out in the Jade Forest, the “hermit in the mountains” and see what he had to offer. It had annoyed him, but he felt obligated. Most students would run a mile after a few days to get away from him. Being alone for so long had cost him his social competence.

For-Dan sat meditating out of the way, floating with grace above the water in the centre of the village. Pandaren would walk by regularly. But none ever stopped to speak to him. He was not liked... and only recently had that started to bother him. Didn't they know he was only doing what he thought was best for them all? His advice had always been honest, if cold, blunt and often downright insulting. But it had been honest. Only Baiyao Stormfist seemed to care enough to speak with him these days.

“Master For-Dan!” called out the young wanderer. For-Dan opened one eye and peered across the water. He groaned and stood up and walked across its surface. An easy task for a mistweaver, though Baiyao looked impressed anyway. Baiyao had wanted to speak of the wounded Pandaren, Meng-Ti Hosue, who had joined them and the other available Pandaren began to gather around them.

“If this land is overflowing with spiders to the point of claiming people's lives I believe we should do something about it,” the young monk's conversation lead to, “if their numbers continue to grow, perhaps they will seek out more people as a source of food.”

For-Dan thought for a moment. Master Zun was not around so the burden of leadership fell to him. “Good deeds” did not come naturally in his thought process but he was somewhat eager and excited by his apprentice's suggestion.

“Yes! A great idea Baiyao! Perhaps today you will finally see what a Pandaren Sage such as I is capable of!” For-Dan often spoke this way. It was not meant as bragging but it always sounded like it. He simply wanted people to see the potential of the Way of the Crane and the Way of the Serpent. It was not always just about “healing the wounded,” which sounded boring to young , adventure-craving students, there was action in it as well! The Pandaren rolled their eyes and sighed at him anyway and they set out down the path of Stonetalon Mountains towards the spider's lair.

Jaddok, Naeemh, Baiyao, Kuyuki, Indra and now Zouyo joined him. Zouyo had not followed the caravan originally. He was a true wanderer at heart and always on some adventure or another, but he had found the Pandaren after being asked to leave Thunder Bluff soon after his arrival.

The path was long, narrow and filled with tall pine trees. Spider's webs filled the branches and as the group got closer, they realised the ground itself was sticky, too. Chattering could be heard in the trees and shadows scurried hurriedly over them. Hacking and slashing through web and small spiders had stirred the forest. But they were prepared for almost anything... except spiders quickly descending from the trees and carrying them up!

In a heartbeat, Naeemh, Zouyo and Jaddok were suddenly entangled in a mix of spider's legs and webbing and dragged into the sky. The others were quicker to react and battled the spiders off. Eventually those caught broke free or were released by some precise knife-throwing or chi-focusing. The group continued nonetheless. There was undoubtedly a queen to slay.

At the heart of the “vale,” shielded from any sunlight by a curtain of thick webs in the tree-tops above, lay an enormous nest.

“The Queen must be in there,” said Jaddok stoically. Despite disliking him, he was keen to show For-Dan that he wasn't a crybaby.

“Stay alert,” the Pandaren agreed.

The Queen, feeling every web twang and being sliced knew the group was coming. She was waiting. Two large spiders descended from the trees, trying to disable the group with their venom and leave them as easy prey. The Queen spewed from the nest herself in a loud chatter, foaming and slobbering madly. She spoke. The Pandaren were startled.

“Ffffresshhh meat...” she slobbered.

Zouyo, always preferring diplomacy over violence, thought he could reason with the creature. If she was old and smart enough to have developed speech, surely she would respond to reason? The other Pandaren protested. Naeemh, too, between swings of her staff at a snapping spider.

“She wants to eat us for dinner, Zouyo!” they cried out. He got close. Too close. Dangerously close. The queen neared, her many eyes fixed on Zouyo as he spoke. Curious, she was not even slightly interested in the deaths of her children any more or the fight going on to the side. She stared at him.

“... surely you could satisfy yourself and your children on the local kobold population?” he finished. Her mandibles flickered with what seemed like amusement.

“Kobold meat not as tasssty!” she bellowed and lunged at Zouyo. He was not quick enough to react this time. She spat at him and encased him quickly in her webs. He writhed madly to escape but she was too fast, pawing him with her many legs and twisting his form into a cocoon. The group looked on in horror and rushed to protect him. She fought them off expertly with her many legs, multi-tasking.

For-Dan, Baiyao and Jaddok sprung into action. Baiyao hit her with a wave of chi energy, stunning her briefly as Jaddok lunged at her, slamming her with his shield. For-Dan, on the other hand, was charging his fist up with a mixture of chi-energy and mist, and darted at her last, throwing his full weight into her. The force was explosive. Green mist and chi-energy shot everywhere like a firework display and the queen flew limply across the ground.

“Finish her off!” For-Dan demanded, noticing the spider trying to scurry into the treetops. Kuyuki quickly broke Zouyo free while Baiyao focussed his chi into lightning and sliced away at the spider's net. The queen tumbled down forcefully onto the group, trapping Jaddok, Kuyuki and Indra. Naeemh then focused the power of An'she and hurled a ball of gleaming light at the crippled bug while Baiyao finished her off with another blast of chi energy, sending the spider queen's corpse tumbling down a bank and shrivelling up into a ball at the bottom.

The group pulled themselves together, the nurse enacting a healing rite and the mistweaver soothed their wounds using the air around them. They peered at the Queen's corpse. She was certainly dead.

“I suggest... we get out of here,” said Zouyo. He seemed less calm, but his face didn't show it. With a cold look, he suggested setting the nest alight and the others agreed.

The spiders would recover, eventually, but this would at least keep the roads of Stonetalon Mountains safe for a while...

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:34 am

The Dawnchasers: The Trial of Stralow Steelhorn

After their adventure in Pandaria, Stralow Steelhorn had undoubtedly proven his worth to Matron Che'nawa and the Dawnchaser cause. She was proud of him. He had stood affront many a foe and held strong and true. He never backed down. Even against the negative emotions stirred up by the Sha-stained land in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. He was a Tauren of great honour and resolve and admired by all who had followed to Pandaria.

Today was his trial. He would endure a traditional Rite of Passage. Most, if not all Tauren, would endure a Rite of Passage at a young age. Sent into the wild, naked and alone, with few supplies and expected to meditate and speak with the Earthmother. Eventually, she would send them a vision; a spirit animal that should inspire them. Its traits, both positive and negative, would stand as a totem of inspiration for the rest of their lives and they should strive to be like the animal that revealed itself to them. Stralow's spirit guide had been the Kodo.

The Kodo – an animal of great strength and honour. It has had many uses to the Tauren people. A mount, food, friend, pet, pack animal, to name but a few. A kodo would fight to the death to protect its young and its home and Stralow had indeed shown such honour throughout his life. He had fought in most major battles with the Horde and eventually signed up to follow Dezco Dawnchaser to Pandaria. After returning to Mulgore after a year or so, he heard of the Dawnchaser cause, formed by Elder Istuul Dawnstrider, and wanted to join up. There was rarely a moment for relaxation for Stralow. He would rather be fighting and protecting his people. He was indeed an honourable Tauren.

The Dawnchaser group gathered at Bloodhoof Village in the heart of Mulgore. A beautiful, calm place. Perfect for such a trial. Elder Ama'talo Grimtotem, one of the few Grimtotem that sided with Baine Bloodhoof after Magatha's betrayal, was asked to assist with the rite. An expert in such things, he was honoured that the highly regarded Matron had asked for his help. Though he would never admit that.

The group found him scattering dust over a bonfire in the centre of the plains. The group exchanged bows with the Elder and he wasted no time getting to the point.

“Matron Che'nawa. A pleasure. Who is it who will stand trial today?” asked Ama'talo.

“Stralow,” she answered, motioning towards the largest, bulkiest Tauren of their group, clad in steel armour.

“Speak your name, Tauren, so that the Earthmother might hear it,” the Elder demanded.

“Stralow Steelhorn.”

“Very well, Stralow Steelhorn. You are here to endure this trial, to prove your worthiness, as is Tauren tradition. I will oversee these rites, as Elder,” Ama'talo spoke calmly. He would see these proceedings followed through precisely as they should be. He was a great believer of Tauren traditions. Every verse would be spoken as it should. Formality meant a lot to him.

The Elder asked for his spirit animal and heard the answer. The kodo. The Grimtotem looked briefly humbled, perhaps even a bit jealous, the kodo being one of the most revered animals in Tauren society. He continued; Stralow was to give an example of a previous feat of strength and honour that would prove he had indeed embodied the animal sent to guide him. He spoke of his past as a warrior for the Horde, fighting both in Northrend and Pandaria. Ama'talo nodded slowly and continued.

“And what would you bring to the Matron's cause?” he asked, with a mild tone of disdain. Although he respected the Matron and her beliefs, he thought her efforts should remain focused on Tauren affairs, not Pandaren's.

Stralow stood proud, rising to his full height and puffing out his chest. “I have always put my body on the line for others, that is why I wear this armour and carry this shield.  I will act and always be a wall to defend others. I would not see any harm come to those following the Path of Dawnchaser.”

The Matron agreed and spoke of his honour and his valour. He was a Tauren she believed in and wanted by her side in the days to come. Ama'talo nodded again. His facial expressions barely changed. It was almost impossible to tell if he was impressed or apathetic.

“Then I require a volunteer to test this one's strength,” he said coldly.

“I will do it.” squeaked Avok, a tad nervous. Stralow was much larger than Avok, still just an adolescent by Tauren standards. But what he lacked in size, he gained in speed. The two Tauren stared at each other, Stralow towering over his opponent. Ama'talo smirked. This would be interesting...

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Rainborn on Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:27 am

Loving the tales, For-Dan! Especially when my name gets dropped. Keep them coming!

I might put a few up myself, one day.

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:15 am

The Dawnchasers: The Trial of Stralow Steelhorn II

Stralow and Avok were to engage in a duel. Not a duel to the death. It was decided that the first one to land five blows would be victorious. The fight would last a while.

Stralow charged Avok with all his might. Used his sword, his shield, his horns and himself as a weapon. Only one blow struck, knocking Avok flying and landing harshly some five meters away. He had managed to dodge and parry most of the larger warrior's attacks but he was not so skilled at attacking. Yet. He chanced a few swings with his own shield and the hilt of his sword. He managed to dodge and trip Stralow and hit him with his sword. Ama'talo looked surprised at the young bull, more so than Stralow. A promising young recruit, with the right training. The Matron had noticed this as well, though she still had utmost faith in Stralow.

Stralow kneeled on the ground. He shook off the pain and wasted no time. He charged Avok with his shield raised, but he swivelled around Stralow, rolling him across shoulder and forcing him to the ground clumsily. Perhaps it had more to do with luck than skill?

“It is done.” said Ama'talo, raising his hand. His voice carried authority and the two immediately stopped. “Stralow Steelhorn, you may not have been victorious this day against this young one, speed and youth clearly on his side, but you did not give up. You endured. As is the true spirit of the Kodo. To fight on, regardless, and defend one's land and one's family. You have passed.”

The onlookers bowed in respect towards Stralow and the two combatants exchanged a handshake. Stralow, too, was impressed by Avok's prowess. He had grown a lot over the past few months.

“Now we shall take a respite. And then, should you wish so, we will continue.” he added.

“I will continue,” answered Stralow, moping sweat from his brow.

“Although we wish to embody our spirit creature's essence and its positive traits, sometimes we take on the negative as well. Although a great creature, the Kodo can also be intimidating and cause fear. To truly master the spirit of the Kodo, you must overcome this. You must not always rely on your strength and intimidation to overcome your adversaries. I will summon the spirit of the kodo, so that you may do just this.”

Stralow seemed shocked, but he was prepared for anything. He had surely seen worse in this world and was committed to the Dawnchaser cause. He would endure. As a kodo would.

Ama'talo Grimtotem returned shortly. The group was still gathered around the fire, chatting and congratulating both Stralow and Avok on the duel.

“It is time,” he announced, catching them off-guard. “Come forth once more, Stralow Steelhorn.” Reaching into a satchel on his belt, Ama'talo blew dust into the bonfire before them. “Gaze into the flames and see your spirit creature.”

Black smoke burst from the fire and swarmed around Stralow in a circle before dispersing behind him and taking the form of a huge, black kodo. This was not the kodo Stralow had remembered from his childhood. That kodo was a kind, gentle creature with a warm face and demeanor. This beast was menacing... a truly intimidating incarnation.

It bellowed and roared to frighten the group, who were also able to see the vision, but Stralow remained passive and calm, meeting its gaze.

“Stralow! You are not the Tauren I remember. Where is your fire? Where is your strength?!” the Kodo growled.

“Nor are you the kodo I remember,” he answered plainly, still holding its gaze.

It roared again and wave of dust rushed over the group. They squinted and waved it away to keep sight of the spirit.

“Angry spirit, this one,” interjected Naeemh, jokingly.

“Do not let it intimidate you,” added Ama'talo, who seemed to anger the kodo further.

“Speak not, Grimtotem! I shall trample you where you stand.” it replied, fixating its red, scorching eyes on the Elder.

Ama'talo froze and took a step back, looking to the Matron. It was truly a terrible incarnation. He doubted Stralow would be able to pass this test and calm the spirit. But the warrior looked calm and faced the spirit with courage and resilience. The kodo growled and whirled, stomping the ground, sending dust everywhere and a force of wind into the onlookers. But Stralow refused to budge.

“This is not how you once were,” he stated. The kodo responded in a roar and charged towards the group. Although not entirely physical, the sheer intensity of the spirit was enough to force people to move. Avok jumped out of the way, Naeemh chuckled at the thought of being hit by a spirit and the rest took a few cautious steps back as the form of the giant, black beast bolted towards them.

And it passed through them.

Only Stralow had stood completely still. Not budging. Not giving one centimetre. He had calmly met the kodo and had shown no fear. He had only tried to reason with it. He turned around to see where the spirit had charged and there he saw the kodo he remembered. A smaller, calmer thing graced with eternal youth but a proud and commanding presence. It raised its head high and then lowered it in respect for Stralow. It shimmered out of existence, its head lowered, and peering at Stralow.

“It looks like you've passed,” smiled the Matron. “You have truly proven your worth tonight, Stralow Steelhorn."

"Indeed," added Ama'talo, "This was truly a fierce incarnation to face and you did so with steely resolve. I am impressed... and honoured to meet one with the kodo spirit."

The group gathered around and chatted, patting Stralow on the back and congratulating him, filled with smiles.

Che'nawa spoke again. "It is with the greatest honour that I now pronounce you Oathsworn of the Path of Dawnchaser, if this is still your wish. You have proven tonight that you would stand firm and face anyone that tries to threaten us. I am very proud, Stralow.”

“Thank you, Matron. I will do my best in your service,” answered Stralow with a bow and a determined look in his eyes.

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Rainborn on Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:36 am

Turnip Stew!

Tianyu looked up from the scroll he had been poring over and sniffed the air.
“Is that... It is!” He exclaimed. “Turnip stew!”
The familiar scent of his favourite meal, Uncle Raoi's turnip stew had quickly filled the room. Tianyu dashed out of his house into the streets of his home, Wu Song Village. He quickly untethered his companion from her hitching post; his goat, Shanyang.
“Come, Shanyang! Uncle Raoi is coming, with turnip stew!” He told Shanyang encouragingly as he hastily walked to where the scent was coming from, pulling Shanyang behind him by a rope.

Tianyu's walk steadily broke into a jog as he followed his nose across the meadows surrounding Wu Song, rather than the path.
“Turnip stew, turnip stew, some for me and some for you!” He sang merrily as he thought of his favourite dish, his mouth began to water.
“Turnip stew, turnip stew, it's good alone, it's good with two!” He continued as he edged a near-sprint across the fields, following the scent.
“Have it with four, have it with three, just make sure there's some for me!” He roared, putting heavy emphasis on the me. “Sing along, Shanyang!”
The goat bleated.

In the distance, he spotted a cooking pot, near a copse of trees. He began sprinting towards it. As he edged closer to the cooking pot, it began to rise in the air and up in to the canopy. Tianyu stopped in the middle of the copse and looked upwards.
“Uncle Raoi?! What are you doing? Give me the turnip stew! This isn't funny!” He whined, though Raoi was nowhere to be seen. Tianyu looked around the canopy for Raoi, and the pot. Suddenly, Tianyu heard a loud shout.

“Ook 'im in the dooker!” Came a gruff voice. Hozen emerged in the branches of the trees. A twist of fate! Tianyu wasn't expecting this, he didn't even bring a staff!
“Ah! Hozen! Listen, filthy apes, just give me the turnip stew, and nobody gets hurt."
“Want stew? Krik Krik give stew!” Suddenly, the largest of the Hozen pulled the pot out of the canopy and threw the boiling contents over Tianyu!

Tianyu bolted upright. He was soaked! He saw Master For-Dan, holding a bucket.
“Shut up, Tianyu, we're trying to sleep!” For-Dan yelled. Tianyu groaned a barely audible 'what?' in response.
“You were snoring. Loud. Woke us up.” For-Dan responded and walked away.
Tianyu looked around at his surroundings and let out a heavy sigh. Felwood. He still didn't understand why it was called Felwood, when most of the trees hadn't 'fell'. Naeemh had tried to explain, but to no avail. Tianyu's stomach grumbled as he went to change out of his soaked clothing.
“We have to get some more supplies soon...” He mumbled grumpily. “We just have too!”

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Thu Aug 28, 2014 4:48 am

The Dawnchasers: The Trial of Tor Wolfrise

Only a day had passed since Stralow's trial and Elder Ama'talo did not look pleased about being forced to stay in Bloodhoof Village. But out of a sense of duty, he did. Tor Wolfrise was another who had travelled with the group through Pandaria and had proven his worth. A capable warrior, he had spent much time in Northrend amongst the Taunka people and was trying to learn to become a Spirit Warrior; combining both his shamanistic abilities with his warrior prowess.

Today was his trial. He would endure a traditional Rite of Passage. Most, if not all Tauren, would endure a Rite of Passage at a young age. Sent into the wild, naked and alone, with few supplies and expected to meditate and speak with the Earthmother. Eventually, she would send them a vision; a spirit animal that should inspire them. Its traits, both positive and negative, would stand as a totem of inspiration for the rest of their lives and they should strive to be like the animal that revealed itself to them. Tor's spirit guide had been an Alpha Wolf.

The Alpha Wolf – a creature of great courage. It is a leader and an agile fighter. It was time to see if Tor truly had embodied the spirit of such a creature.

The group had gathered once again around the bonfire in Bloodhoof Village. Tor had turned up in traditional shamanistic robes and would use his shamanistic abilities this day. Practice makes perfect, but so far he had neglected his abilities in favour of his two-handed axe.

“Who will stand the trial today?” probed Ama'talo.

“Tor here,” said Matron Che'nawa, motioning to the brown-furred Tauren standing to her side. Naeemh, Avok and Stralow sat on the sidelines. A new Druid joined them as well, going by the name of “Windhoof.” Nobody had met him before.

“Then let us begin,” Ama'talo continued abruptly, assuming Tor was ready. He was not a patient Tauren. “Speak your name, Tauren, so that the Earthmother may hear it.”

“I am Tor, of the Wolfrise Tribe. Born in the mountains of Stonetalon. Son of Karnem,” answered Tor respectfully.

“Tor Wolfrise, you are here to endure this trial and prove your worthiness, as is Tauren tradition...” Ama'talo nodded and went through the traditional opening words, forever etched into his memory, “I will oversee these rights, as Elder.”

The ritual was always the same. The one to endure the right was asked of their spirit animal. He or she would then go into detail and link their animal with their past experiences in an attempt to show how it had guided them and given them strength. How it had affected their personality. Their decisions. Their life. The Matron vouched for Tor and his strength and his courage, and Tor continued.

Tor spoke of his time in Northrend and how he had shown his ability to lead. He had fought against the Scourge. He had stood and defended wounded comrades without sleep or food for two whole days. Once help had arrived, he had still insisted on joining the fray and fighting back the Scourge forces. Ama'talo almost looked impressed. Almost.

“Very well, Tor Wolfrise. And what is it you believe you would bring to the Matron's cause?” the Elder demanded.

“I am one to put myself on the line for others. I will always think of the safety of the Dawnchasers, and our people, before my own, and always strive for peace.”

Ama'talo nodded, satisfied, and turned back towards the onlookers.

“Then I require a volunteer to test this one's strength.”

Naeemh and Che'nawa exchanged glances. Avok surely would not wish to fight against his brother? It would also be awkward for the two Tauren females to battle against Tor, especially when Naeemh thought she would win. She chuckled at the thought. The Matron put a foot forward, about to volunteer herself to test his skills. She was not much of a fighter, but like most Tauren, she could hold her own.
Instead, causing pause in the Matron, the new Tauren, Windhoof, stepped forward.

“I will do it,” he smiled.

Tor seemed pleased at the thought of fighting a Druid. He would be able to utilise his warrior and shaman skills both, as Druids did by shifting between animal and spell-caster.

Ama'talo and took a few cautious steps back to watch from the sideline. The rules were always the same. The first to strike five blows was the victor. He was mildly curious to see what Tor, the “spirit warrior,” was capable of.

“Then begin.”

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:05 am

The Dawnchasers: The Trial of Tor Wolfrise II

The duel began in a flash. Windhoof was not holding any punches. He simply flicked his fingers and great vines burst forth from the ground in an attempt to entangle Tor for his next attack to definitely be successful. Tor reacted almost immediately, bringing his hands together, causing the earth around him to shift and block the vines, preventing them from unearthing around him. But Windhoof wasn't nearly done. Quickly, he morphed into the form of a huge bear and charged at Tor. So fast was this transformation that Tor was barely able to move out of the way in time, being clipped in the waist and stumbling to the side and then down on his knees.

“That's one,” he thought. In retaliation, he attempted to summon a gust of wind to blow the great bear away.

He failed. The spirit of air was not at his call right now and Windhoof continued his attack, swiping at Tor with his great paw and knocking him completely to the ground. The Tauren females gasped, captivated by the battle. Ama'talo rolled his eyes, not impressed by Tor at all. At least not yet.

Windhoof charged again but this time Tor was ready. He rolled away from the bear and managed to get a kick in, making the bear stumble. Quickly, he got up to attempt another spell. Would the air spirits listen to him this time? The Druid shifted into a cat to gain some speed and agility and pounced at Tor!

This time the shaman-apprentice was successful, a gust of wind blowing the cat backwards into the air and shape-shifting back into his natural, Tauren shape. A cloud of dust followed with the gale Tor had conjured and clouded his vision. Tor look surprised that he had managed such a feat but he reminded himself of what was going on and regained his focus, ready for his next attack.

“That's two each,” he noted, determined to win.

“Hmph!” muttered Windhoof, trying to regain his vision. He began hurling arcane spells towards where he thought he saw Tor. They cut through the dust at some points but were scattered and random. Tor managed to dodge a few but was eventually hit in the stomach with a beam of Starfire.

It burned. He touched where it had hit him, a scorch mark remaining on his shaman-garb. But he wasn't about to give up. He punched the ground and called forth a storm of earth and lightning which clattered across the ground towards the Druid, sweeping him up and throwing him into the air. He fell hard a few meters back, the cloud of dust dispersing dramatically.

Ama'talo raised his eyebrows and smirked. This was getting interesting. The Druid climbed onto all fours and bulged into the form of a bear again and stormed towards him. But Tor was ready. He would have to time this perfectly. He spread his shoulders in an arch and opened his arms, reached out his hands and... he did it! He grappled Windhoof by the horns mid-charge. He was pushed back a few meters, his own hooves digging into the ground. But he held him back.

“Three each. I'll make this four.” he said to himself. He brought his fist around in a swinging motion towards Windhoof's head and charged it with lightning! It hit, and sent the bear stumbling back, his fur static with electricity. The bear shook it off, looking a bit angry. Had he overdone it? He charged at Tor again but this time he changed into a cat, mid-charge, and appeared almost instantly by Tor's side.

“Damn it!” he muttered as Windhoof clawed his legs, sending him to the ground. The claws had gone through his robe and had drawn blood. As he hit the ground and pushed himself up with one arm, he raised his head instinctively to look around. But the Druid was gone from his sight. He turned around quickly to find him but... it was too late. Windhoof, standing a few meters away, had summoned his own gust of wind, far more powerful than Tor's, and swooped him up in a cyclone, leaving him dangling helplessly in a few meters in the air. He smiled victoriously and bowed to the onlookers as Tor dropped back down to the ground.

“And That was five,” said Ama'talo. Tor regained his posture and bowed before Windhoof in respect. “I would say you, Tor Wolfrise, truly fought with the agility of a wolf. You were quick to dodge and quick to attack. But it seems Windhoof here... indeed moves with the wind.”

“Thank you, Elder,” answered Tor, solemnly.

“If you have no qualms, we will continue with the next part of your trial.”

Tor nodded. He wanted to get this done. He knew he could. He knew what was coming. He knew what the spirit would say. He was prepared.

After a brief break, Elder Ama'talo Grimtotem began the second part of the ritual. With Tor's acknowledgment, the Elder blew dust into the fire and smoke erupted from it, swarming around Tor and eventually taking shape behind him. It was the shape of the wolf. A tall, vicious looking wolf at that. It did not look pleased. The negative trait associated with the Alpha Wolf was pride. It was also reckless in the defence of its pack. Tor would have to prove he did not inherit these traits, though the wolf would know otherwise.

The wolf spoke of Tor's past. That his recklessness had caused the death of someone he held dear, many, many years ago. Tor protested and swore it had been a mistake. A mistake he deeply regretted and would ensure never happen again.

“But did you not rush off to Pandaria, alone, to catch up with the Matron? Is this not your own pride? Thinking you could deal with any problems on your own?” snarled the spirit, furious.

Tor lowered his head. He knew he had been foolish. But everything he had done had been to protect someone and now to protect the Dawnchasers. He had been careful, at least more careful than he might have been in his youth. The wolf knew it was true. It appeared to him in its true form, the form he remembered from his childhood, and lowered its head. Its eyes met his, glowing a wild, bright green. It seemed to smile.

“We shall see, Tor. We shall see...” it managed before shimmering out of existence.

The group reformed around Tor, solemn looks on their faces. They had heard the best and the worst of Tor today and were filled with a new found respect. They believed in him now. He would be able to defend them and lead them, when needed.

“I believe you have passed these rites, Tor Wolfrise, and you have shown great personal courage this day. I would welcome you gladly... amongst those who follow the Path of Dawnchaser,” smiled Che'nawa warmly.

“It would be my honour,” answered Tor, a look of determination filling his eyes. He was ready.

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

Post by Baji on Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:03 am

The Wanderers: The Ransom

Ren-la Honeypaw was a civilian. She had come to Thunder Bluff seeking adventure and coming from a broken home. She had ended up in Orgrimmar, briefly, but had fled at the word of “a better place” in the plains of Mulgore, only a short zeppelin ride away. On Thunder Bluff she had made a lot of friends, fallen in love and even tried to train under Master Zun at the Falling Leaf Academy. She wasn't any good though. The others often expressed concern for Ren-la, who seemed completely useless at martial arts. She seemed helpless and was often found selling fruit or repairing dresses in the embassy. That, she was good at.

She had travelled with the caravan through the Barrens and into Stonetalon. She thought it an idyllic place. At least at Sun Rock Retreat. She asked Master For-Dan if the Pandaren could make this place their home. Naeemh had heard and insisted that Ren-la be shown around a bit and see that Stonetalon was a place still plagued by conflict and scarred by war. It was no place for the Pandaren. At least not yet. Not now.

Naeemh held Ren-la's hand, almost quite literally, and under For-Dan's protection, they inspected the forests around Sun Rock. She was surprised by what she saw. Goblins mining and sucking oil from the ground. Druids, cornered at the peak, still engaging in the occasional skirmish with them to regain their land. Whole chunks of the forest were missing, having been chopped down by orc peons and frightening goblin machines.

They were right. This was no place for the Pandaren. Sun Rock was a pearl, hidden away from all of this, and protected in a valley of tall mountains.

Naeemh lead the two Pandaren along a ridge overlooking the retreat. She knew that would cheer Ren-la up, now almost pale from her naïvety and from the sights she had just seen. The ridge was quite nice. They could see a lot of Stonetalon from this height. At least, the untouched parts, leading down towards the Barrens. She felt a bit more glad. There were a lot of dangers in Stonetalon... and they had neglected perhaps one of the biggest ones.

At no point did the three notice a Grimtotem Scout patroling the woods behind them, darting quickly between the trees and watching them. Closely. The Grimtotem had noticed a Pandaren caravan moving through the mountains. Their supplies would have been welcomed. Without so much as a single noise, the Grimtotem female moved in closer to them. They were gazing out into the mountains and talking about where to go next... when the arrow hit Naeemh in the shoulder. It wasn't a fatal wound but it was coated in paralytic poison. Naeemh froze in place. Ren-la looked confused and For-Dan turned, only to be leaped on by a hyena, covered in warpaint. They wrestled and tumbled down the hill.

Ren-la screamed!

The Grimtotem stormed in quickly and smacked Ren-la over the head, looked down to where the Pandaren and her wolf had fell and growled low. The Pandaren had survived, using the hyena to break his fall. She heaved Ren-la into her two arms and made a hurried jog back towards the Grimtotem village at the foot of Stonetalon Mountains... she would make a perfect ransom.

A few hours passed before For-Dan and Naeemh recovered. They separated. Naeemh, to the town, to gather the others and some guards and For-Dan down the mountain to see if he could find clues. He could not.

The Pandaren assembled at Sun Rock and discussed their options. Naeemh and the guards spoke, optimistically, that she was most likely to be used as a ransom. The Grimtotem would otherwise have killed all three on the ridge without a second thought. The best thing to do now... was simply to wait until they heard something from the captors...

And so they waited.

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Re: (H-RP) Path of Dawnchaser (Tauren only)

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