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Táo Ironstout

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Character name: Táo Ironstout
Alias: Big 'T' Ironstout, 'T' or 'Toe'
Gender: Male
Age: Late 20's
Race: Pandaren
Class: Criminal

Birth region: Eastern Pandaria
Specific area/town: Wong Hao Village
Family: Whang (father, deceased), Soon-Bok (mother), Yang (older brother), Nu (younger sister), Jia (wife, deceased) and a lot of uncles, aunts and cousins.

Known friends or enemies:
Táo seems befriended with several criminal figures.
He condemns both the Horde, the Alliance and all who serves these two factions, especially soldiers and officials. He takes honor in working against them.

Táo was born into the Ironstout family in the eastern Pandaria, a family of farmers and brewers.
While still young his father died from illness and the family business passed on to Yang, Táo's older brother.
As an adult Táo was married to a beautiful and intelligent female pandaren, Jia, who a year later got pregnant with their child.
Soon though, the war between two foreign factions hit the shores of Pandaria. Táo kept, as many other pandaren, a neutral stance in this war, but was frustrated how much cruelty and damage these strangers pulled over the heads of the innocent pandaren.

One day the war also reached his village, as the Alliance and Horde met in a terrible battle. Most of the natives managed to escape the warzone, also most of the Ironstout family. But not Táo and his pregnant wife.
A flying machine was shot down and crashed into their house with both of them still inside. Jia was killed instantly and Taó blown away from the house, injured and unconscious. A cousin of his, Kai, witnessed the whole thing and was able to get through to Táo and drag him out of the madness.

When the day came that the war ended, many pandaren emigrated to other continents of Azeroth, some to explore and some to make a new beginning.
Táo had almost recovered from his wounds, but was still heartbroken. Despite the fact that most of his family was still alive, he had lost the love of his life and his unborn child. Life seemed meaningless and Táo was emotionally broken. He had changed into somewhat a "ghost", just walking around in his own torn mind, not paying attention to any surroundings whatsoever.
With the feeling of having little left on Pandaria to live for he decided to emigrate. He travelled to Stormwind City, The Eastern Kingdoms in an attempt to distance himself from the pain, away from what would only remind him of his loss.
In Stormwind, as an immigrant, he had a hard time making a living and quite some trouble learning the language too. He managed to get himself a job by the docks though, carrying crates from A to B, but it didn't pay enough him enough to get through the day. Every night he had to sleep on the streets like a rat. He had never felt so humiliated.
One day though, Táo had a delivery to the Shady Lady in Dwarven District. As he entered the building, he was met by a man accompanied with three thuggish figures. He walked up at Táo and took a good look at him and introduced himself. He was the local crime lord in the Dwarven District and were on the lookout for new muscle. He saw quite the potential in Táo and offered him a job with a much higher pay than his current. Táo had indeed grown frustrated and desperate with his current situation. Furthermore he was still torn and very easily manipulated into making all the wrong decisions. His former values and moral had disappeared, and when he looked at his mirror in a street puddle, he didn't even know what he was looking at anymore. He let himself hire and became a gangster.

He is of average height and weight for pandaren standards, but very muscular.
Several scars and burnmarks.

Stubborn, cynical and quiet most of the time.
Since the loss of his loved ones he's been in a state which caused him to develop several sociopathic symptoms and a latent aggressive behavior. His mind has furthermore been tainted by the criminals he has surrounded himself with.
He is not as the common pandaren you'd meet and should be considered dangerous.

Things you may know about this character:
An immigrant of Pandaria.
He is known to some as connected to the criminal environment in and around Stormwind City.

Things you may not know about this character:
His past.

Possible crime record:
Unarmed/armed assault, threatening, theft and distribution of illegal drugs.

Theme Song:

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