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The Book Of time

Post by Dyone on Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:57 am

This is a small story recap from a series of events that GREASES was involved in. I hope you enjoy reading it..and that it draws you to us when we host one of our server wide RP events...or even into a guild invite. Have fun reading. Greetings, Charkly .

Charkly is sitting in the Pig and Whistle. She's enjoying a calm drink. She likes drinking at this hour. It isn't so busy as usual...and now she think about stuff.
Perhaps a new adventure for her gnomes of GREASES... Or catching up with a too-tall worgen... Or how cute Rackle's tushy is. Many thoughts flow trough her head. She stares in her glass and is so deep in thought that she doesn't notice the winter packed gnome untill it climbs on the table and looks at Charkly.
Charkly scares up and looks blank at the gnome for a few seconds. "Hello there" the gnome says. "Are you Charkly?". Charkly shakes her head to wake herself up a bit."Yes i am" she says. "How can i help you sir gnome on the table?".

The gnome laughs and continues. "I am sent to here to find you miss Charkly. High Tinker Mekkatorque send me to you with a mission. Are you brave enough to accept it?". Charkly's eyes widen up. A smile grows on her face and she nods happilly. "Of course we accept all missions our High Tinker gives to us." The gnome smiles gladly back and hands Charkly a paper. "Read that when you're alone. I'll take my leave now they say there's fighting going on underneath the Deeprum Tram...and i have to check that out before i go back to the High Tinker." The gnome salutes and Charkly salutes back. She smiles when she sees the gnome wiggling out of the door.

Charkly finishes her glass, waves polite at Reese, grabs the paper and walks to the door. Once outside she sniffs the great and strong smells of Stormwind. She walks to the right, goes trough the curve, dives under the tunnel and then she ends on her personall lonely place. The bridge.
She opens the paper and reads.

Greetings and salutations Charkly Sparkwrench, Tinker of the Gnomish Researching Energy Adventure Scientific Exciting Sqaud (GREASES)

I, High Tinker Mekkatorque leader of the Gnomes. Mayor of New Tinkertown, Conquer of Gnomeregan. has a small request for you and the members of GREASES. A few days ago. None other then a member of the Bronze Dragonbllght contacted us. Her name, known to us, is Chromie. You know..the only dragon who takes a proper form to contact with the members of the Alliance. She asked me to send one of my high officers to come and meet her..So that we could get a gift...that changes the outcome of Gnomeregan. That might get it back for us. So needless to say.. i sended one of my high officers at once. But after days of no contact..we received a note. You can find that note attached to the paper. Sparky Plateworker. The gnome that i in danger. And i have to ask you, the members of GREASES. The brave warriors to get to Gadgetzan, follow the note and try to get Sparky back.

At all costs.

Greetings. High Tinker Mekkatorque. Leader of the Gnomes, Mayor of New Tinkertown, Conquer of Gnomeregan.

Charkly reads the note. She gasps when she reads it.

Gnomes. This finger is from the gnome.
Bring us fuel and he will live.
Be to late, and more parts of him will follow.
Do not try to trick us.
Be quick. Or he is dead.

Charkly realises that she has to respond quick. She runs to the Deeprum Tram, jumps in it and goes back to Ironforge. To the lab...It's time to make plans.

A few days later. Location, Ratchet. GREASES has just departed the boat.
Charkly looks at the gathered gnomes in front of her...There's the always trusty Izzy. Brave fighter, Better rogue. And then there's Rackle. A fun easy going, always happy priest. He can heal amazing..and he fights even better. Kylthas isn't there too. It saddens her a bit. But..some newcomers has shown their faces. And she's happy with all the help she can get.
"Greetings all" she starts. "Welcome to our next adventure". The gnomes in front of her smile polite, giggle a bit or nod aproving. Rackle cant hide his happiness and yells: "New adventure time, Finally". Charkly laughs a bit..but then puts her serious face on.

"We don't have much time." Charkly says. "A gnome is in danger and we have to trade in that fuel." Charkly gestures to a few flying machines behind the gnomes. They are all filled with barrels. "If we don't do it..or if we are to late...A brave gnome will be dead".

The group nods seriously and they all depart to a flying machine. Luckilly they are from Gnomish Origin...If they where goblins..they probly would blow up mid air..and with a barrel of fuel attached to it..that ain't going to be a pretty sight.". A few moments later...The gnomes land in front of Gadgetzan. They proceed with unloading the barrel when one of the new gnomes discover a rather ugly sight.

Sparky Plateworker is being butchered and hanging on a high pole. He's dead. The goblins are cheering and laughing arround it. When they spot the gnomes..They yell out "Too late..Too late.. This was fate..this was fate...". Charkly, Rackle, Izzy and the rest get so furious at this sight..that they stop with the barrels straight away...and charges at the Goblins. A fight occurs...The goblins seem to have the upper hand...But the gnomes are stronger then they thought. And before the goblins knew it..The last of them fell down to the floor..It's head rolling in the sand.

Charkly and Izzy take down the poor gnome. Puts him in one of the flying machines...and send some of the new recruits back to Gnomeregan with the body. Sparky deserves a proper burial. Charkly, Izzy and Rackle continue to advance into Gadgetzan..Looking for the leader of this Goblin rampaging mission. They find him in the pub...Eating. It's three times as large as a average goblin. One look on the gnomes..and all remaining Goblins ran out of the pub..This is going to be ugly... And they know it. Before the fat bastard realizes it...It is too late for him...and blades go trough it fat body. It's a gore battle.. But it's quick done..and the goblin is soon death. "That was for Sparky." Izzy says and she spits on the dead goblin. Rackle looks at it in disgust..but then he discovers something interesting. The fat Goblin is holding out a note in it's hand. He pulls it out and hands it to Charkly.
"This is the mission for Sparky" she says. "It's not to late...we can still finish it". The group looks at each other..nods. And return quickly to the remaining flying machines. They drop the fuel on the corpses of the Goblins.. "At least we..finish our promise.'Rackle yells when he sends a small light spark to the fuel. It explodes..and deals some damage to the Gadgetzan walls. The group then flies to the Caverns of Time to meet up with Chromie..and figure out what the mission will contain further...

To be continued

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