Inquisitor Ad’orae Sunborn

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Inquisitor Ad’orae Sunborn

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“You know, you should have heeded the words father had told me… Never bring a dagger to Magister fight. He always made sure I knew to side with the Magistrate to save myself from the skulduggery they always impose on the other sects of our people. Nasty business apparently.” The Inquisitor looked down to the hapless figure on the floor before him. They had put up a good fight, this masked vigilante. “They say you are a hero to the people you know. It could have worked for you, oh intrepid traveller, however you spoke out against the Magistrate in turn for your kindness towards the-… Ah, ah, ah” The Inquisitor’s blade caressed the vigilantes neck now as they tried to rise up from their sitting position against the tree. “Now unfortunately, your quests of helping the people will be forgotten, and you will not get the supposed heroic death you were seemingly so keen to seek.” The Inquisitor gave out a small sigh. “A shame really, but I’m sure another will come to take your place soon enough, and maybe the next one won’t be so stupid as to oppose the Magistrate.” Without a flinch the pristine blade of the Inquisitor tore through mask and tissue of the perpetrator, splitting the oesophagus and making the figure choke on their own blood.

“Sorry, sister. But you knew the risks.” The blade slipped from the embrace of his sisters flesh, blood seeping from the neck wound as she began to choke on her own blood.
“Father would be most disappointed you know, but the Magistrate asked me to make this all under the grass, a public execution would rouse the mob, you know.” Reaching for a piece of fine red silk, the Inquisitor wiped his blade clean before folding it neatly into a square and placing it on his now dead sister, he had ignored her gurgled curses and pleas.

“Do send my best to father.”

Basic Information

Full Name: Ad'orae Sunborn

Nickname: Ad'e

Race: Sin'Dorei
Gender: Male

Age: 236
Place of Birth: Eversong

Physical Attributes

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 12 stone

Body Type: Lithe, wiry, athletic

Skin: Golden Bronze

Eyes: Fel Green

Hair: Plaited

Scars: Several, hardly noticeable nicks around the arms and chest.

Tattoos: Runestone markings on both deltoids.

Relations and Skills
Family Relationships

Mother: Ro'nae Sunborn
Relationship with Mother: Strong.

Father: Bal'dinor Sunborn
Relationship with Father: Strong.
Siblings: Selema (Sister, Deceased)

Other Relatives: Thar'delo (Uncle)

Relationships with other relatives: Distant

Social Relationships
Romantically Involved: No.
Martial Status: Single.
Friends: Close circle.

Personal Characteristics

Physical Strengths: Strong legs, Balance, Dexterity, Strength, Hand-eye Coordination, Endurance, Accuracy, Good senses.
Physical Weaknesses: (Find out IC.)
Mental Strengths: Forceful, Tolerant, Observant, Practical, Self-Assured, Idealistic, Disciplined, Dedicated, Tactful, Straightforward.
Mental Weaknesses: Loose-tongued, Cynical, Blunt, Standoffish, Arrogant, Complaining, Shallow,


Fighting: Fights with a sword and shield, a balanced stance,
Magic: Small knowledge.
Technology: None.
Stealth: None.
Secrecy: That would be telling.
Manipulation: Adept to such circumstances if the need arises.
Thievery: None.
Piloting: None.

Persuasiveness: His position.

Questions: Life

How would you describe your life overall?
"Rather dull, actually."
What is your most memorable moment?
"Whatever it was, it will soon be surpassed by me forgetting this series of questions."
What has been the most important event in your life?
"Being able to thwart conspirators I suppose."
What is your greatest fear? Why?
What is the most honorable or “good” thing you’ve ever done?
"The Magistrates dirty work."
What is the most “evil” thing you have ever done?
"The Magistrates dirty work."
Have you ever been in love? If so, describe what happened.
"Stabbed in the heart, she was too late, she gives love a bad name."
Do you have a notorious or celebrated ancestor/relative? Does that affect you?
"My father and grandfather... They did a splendid job in the Troll wars apparently. The surname grants me a load of old-timers telling me how great they were."
Do you have any secrets? If so, what are they?
"Well that would be telling."

Questions: Personality

What three words would you use to best describe your personality?
"Marvelous, God-like, Handsome."
What three words would others probably use to describe you?
"Blunt, Cynical, Idiotic."

Why are you risking your life to adventure?
"I'm not."
Do you tend to argue with people or avoid conflict?
"I tend to do what the Magistrate fancies me to do."
Are you a listener or a talker?
"Hm, sorry, what was that?"
How long does it take for you to trust others?
"Trust... Yeah, no."
Do you hold grudges?
"It is possible."

Do you tend to take on leadership roles in social situations?
"I tend to avoid social situations where leadership is involved."
Do you like interacting with large groups of people?
"It depends on the circumstances."

Are you generally introverted or extroverted?
"Extrovert i would guess."

Questions: Personal Emotions
Do you have any biases or prejudices?
"I could write a book."
What do you think of love?
"Did you not ask me this already?"
Do you believe in self-sacrifice for the greater good?
"Sure, and whilst I'm at it I'll just stick some horns to my head and paint myself purple.. What do you think I am. A Draenei?"
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
"Nothing, of course."

Questions: Personal Relationships

Who is the most important person in your life and why?
"My father.. For making me the pinnacle I am today."
Who is the person you respect the most? Despise the most? Why?
"My father.. It was a love hate relationship."

Questions: Goals

What are your goals?
"To unite Silvermoon under one true sovereignty. Or at least do my part in it."

What goal do you most want to accomplish in your lifetime?
"To free my lands of enemies and traitors."
Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years? Twenty years?
"Still being an inquisitor most likely."
If you could choose, how would you want to die?
"I wouldn't want to foul your mind."

What is the one thing you would like to be remembered for after your death?
"Being the long arm of the Magistrate."


"Ad'e! Quickly now, child or you are going to miss the show!" The young Elf came hurtling clumsily through the hallway, content with his newly founded achievement of being able to run it was all he had done until he found himself in his mother's arms "Minn'da, Minn'da!" he exclaimed as he nestled his head to her shoulder. "Is father going adventuring today?" a beaming smile on his face as his head drew back almost instantly when he asked the question, he did not see the look of concern on his mother’s face however as she swiftly changed it to a smile. "Yes, little one. Your father is off once again, come we will see him off."

The parade was large, many of the Quel'Dorei gathered to march. It was almost an age ago when the Troll Wars had begun and ended, but there were still several pockets of Amani resistance fighters left in the lands, and today was a day when the savage tribes had formed a worrying force, though not one as large as the Elves had fought before.
"Look Minn'da! I can see Ann'da there!" the young child was on the shoulders of his mother, in amongst the crowd that gathered to see the fighters off. At the front of one of the battalions stood a scarred Elf, rugged in appearance but by far the smartest and most military based of the group. His shield held close and his chin held high as he lead his group past the crowds of cheering Elves.
"I don't think he can see me, Minn'da!" the boy had almost broke into tears at his father not recognising him, and somehow managed to wrestle from his mother’s careful grip she had from him being held so high. Half-sobbing, half-sulking the young Elf pushed his way through the crowd until he came in front of his father and his platoon, causing the whole parade to halt for a moment, and the cheering subsided. "Ann'da!" the boy exclaimed to his father, his cheeks puffed out in a strop. "Why didn't you wave!" he poked a finger out to the smiling plated behemoth in front of him. "Ad'e, my lad." the Elf spoke surprisingly softly as he knelt down on one knee. “Come to see your old man off, eh?” the boy pouted his bottom lip at the Knight as a large hand placed on his shoulder. His father side glanced to his wife who gave a small shrug before he looked back to the boy. Giving a beaming smile he lifted the lad up onto one plated shoulder. “Come, Ad’e… Today you will march with the soldiers!” the boy giggled in delight as his father’s platoon gave a chanting agreement, and the crowd around them cheered for the small boy.

It was at the border now that the Knight lowered the boy once more, kneeling down to his knee. “Now look after you mother, little one. I will regale you with stories upon my return.” Ad’e, teared up latched onto his father, causing the Knight to give a soft chuckle as he wrapped an arm round him. “Come on, lad. Soldiers do not cry; now go to your mother. She needs you.” His father took a stand as the young boy ran off to his mother, who was shielding tears herself as her husband gave a confident smile, then donned his helmet. “Farewell, Dalah'surfal.” He mouthed to her as called for the march on once more.

Early teens

Ad’e let out a triumphant roar as he brought his shield up to block the blow from his attacker, shifting his stance so he brought himself up close with his enemy then stabbed the tip of his sword to their stomach. “Ouch, Ad’e, that hurts you know!” Deloth exclaimed as he stepped back, getting a tighter grip on his wooden weapons. A bark came from the other end of the training ground. “Not, bad Ad’e… But you are not your father yet! Do not be so cocky.” The grizzled veteran gave a chuckle as he came closer. “I need to tell your father to stop teaching you such moves at home… or else you will have no sparring partners left.” He patted a hand on the boys shoulder before turning his head. “Well, it seems you are wanted Ad’e.” the veteran motioned to the entrance of the grounds, a lithe female gave a small wave to Ad’e, as she readjusted the tome under her arm. “Come on, Ad’e. We cannot be hero’s all of our lives!” his mother said as she beckoned him over. With an irritated sigh, the boy dropped his weapons in a sulk and marched over to his mother. “But, Minn’da… I can already read and write!” he was clearly trying to get out of it, but his mother had none of it as she headed off towards their home. Looking round the study he gave a small sigh. All the books round him on research and history caused him to yawn, until he saw his mother draw for the book on the Troll Wars. A beaming smile came on his face then. “I thought you would like this one.” His mother said in a knowing tone before sitting down in front of him. “Come then… we shall how much your father has taught you about his time in the War.”


“Put your back into it, lad! Block, slash and thrust, just as I taught you.” Ad’es father shouted over the din of his son whacking the wooden dummy in their garden. “If you wish to fight alongside me I expect you to be able to at least lift a military grade shield.” His chuckle hid his mild disappointment, the lad had not put on much muscle in his times away, and he knew it was down to the boy’s mother keeping him hidden away in books.
“Go on then, Ad’e, you’ve earned a break.” The maturing Elf gave a sigh of relief as he panted from the exertion, but then he brought himself up and began attacking anew, causing his father to raise an eyebrow. The sound of giggling laughter proved the source of the boy’s new vigour, and his father couldn’t help but chuckle. “Good, Ad’e! You will be a solider in no time.” He made sure his voice was raised high enough so the trio of female High Elves walking past get wind of the boy’s accomplishments.

“Someone caught your eye then, Ad’e?” his father asked as the two sat on the garden bench in their garden, taking turns to swig from a jug of water. The boy blushed slightly before nodding. “I thought as much… That is Councillor Dawnlight’s daughter you know? An aspiring Mage I heard.” Ad’e’s father nudged him slightly with his shoulder before motioning to the group; sitting on the edge of their garden and watching the stream go past. “Go on boy, talk to her.”

“Erm, excuse me?” Ad’e said shyly as he approached behind the group, the three turned to him as one with plain faces, before giggling slightly. “I was wondering if you would… Care to go for a walk with me?” The middle girl, the one who Ad’e had chosen puffed her cheeks at him. “With you?” she scoffed before laughing, the other two laughing with her before they turned back to the stream, and left Ad’e, blushing and ashamed as he ran back to his father who looked down in sympathy at the boy. “Don’t you worry, boy… I’ll have you in top shape in no time, she will come running then.”


Ad’e let out a hiss as he took the blow of his father’s training sword on his shield, angling the object so the weapon slid harmlessly off it. In his late teens Ad’e had gone from a gangly and scrawny bookworm, to a broad-shouldered, hard chinned athlete. Whilst he still studied for the sake of his mother, Ad’e had begun taking part of sports as well as the combat training with his father. From capture the Wyrm, to tree swinging, the boy was now becoming a man, fit and healthy. Ad’e took a step back, playing on the defensive. “Good.” His father said, slowly circling round his son. “A bigger opponent means you will need to play defensive, wear them out before you make the killing blow.” His gather came on once more with an overhead strike, causing the boy to shimmy to his left and avoid the blow, twisting his stance he let the tip of the wooden blade poke against his father’s calf with a beaming smile of triumph. “Haha, good lad.” His father took a stand and patted his hand heavily on the boys shoulder. “If only your Grandfather could see you now, Ad’e.” he gave a smile before he looked to the garden gates, a small group of warriors had let themselves into the garden. “It looks like you are ready to join the ranks then, boy. Go say goodbye to your mother and grab your things.”

Early Adulthood.

Ad’e growled as he yet again took another block from the rampaging Orc, it had been attacking swiftly leaving no room for counter-attack. Ad’e took a quick step back to save his head being cleaved and looked around. The small outpost was ablaze; many had been caught unaware and were either dead, or fighting half-naked against the raiding Orcs. With a gasp, Ad’e ducked and finally found his opening, thrusting the blade up, he gutted the Troll, keeping his shield held up so it cracked the beast’s jaw, then he threw it to motionless body to the side.
“Ad’e!” the commander of the camp motioned him over, where a small force had made a defensive circle, not yet attacked by the Orcs. The Elf made it over relatively safely. “Not even a month into your unit and it is already kicking off, you have your father’s luck.” The Elf chuckled at the lad before practically throwing him into the shield-line. “We have sent scouts out for help, but I feel we will have quenched the fire before they get here.” The Commander said through gritted teeth before raising his sword. “Here they come, boys. At the ready!” the scene was hellish as the Orcs charged them, looking almost demonic in the mixture of night sky and the flames. They pounced at the shield-wall with no fear, ripping away shields and hacking at any body part exposed.
Ad’e suppressed his fear. He had heard stories of these beasts; his father had often mentioned about this new enemy, and had taught Ad’e the way to take them out.

It was two hours later and the last Orc had been slaughtered on the spot, the camp was a scene of chaos as his father rode in with the vanguard. A look of terror on his past as he saw his son lumber towards him, “Thank the above.” He muttered before he nodded to his son, who apart from a few light scathes was largely unhurt. “Good job, lad… We’ll make a soldier of you yet.”

Early Adulthood II

The Undead beast roared defiantly as Ad’e split the creature in two with a mighty cleave of his blade, panting as he stood back. “These beasts are fearless… And infinity in number.” He said whilst trying to get breath. Around him fires burned, bodies lay strewn around the once lovely landscape. “Ad’e, come quick!” a Ranger emerged to the small group of five. “Your home is un-…” he did not get to finish his words before the young Knight made off at a run.

“You traitorous cur, Dawnlight!” Ade’s father roared as another tainted spell of energy tore through him, searing his skin and turning it to scolded black. The ex-councillor chuckled as he slowly killed off the people’s hero.
“Oh Sunborn… How I have waited for this moment.” The traitor was surrounded by a small caste which dispersed as Ad’e made it into the house. His face in disbelief as he saw the father of his childhood sweetheart, but he charged away, and ended in front of his father, the house ablaze, his mother slain and his father dying. “Ad’e…” his gather uttered through burnt lips. “Avenge… Your mother.”

Early Adulthood III

Ad’e looked over his old home, the land, shivering from the withdrawal of the energies now corrupted. Coughing up blood for a moment as he shuffled forward and slumped to the ground.

“Ad’e?” a concerned voice rose the Elf from his slumber, he felt strangely at ease, but somehow different, impure. “Ah, you are awake.” He rose his gaze to see an older Elf before him, like many now he bore the green eyes of the taint, even Ad’e himself had adopted the corrupted energies without much choice.
“Listen here… I know what happened to your father, to your mother… I can help you avenge them... Quel’Thalas is reborn.. But there are people here who would see it fall, and would spit in the face of those who had rebuilt it. If you help me, I will let you claim your revenge on those of our kin who betrayed you.”

Early Adulthood IV

“Ad’orae, was it? Yes, the Old One told me you were coming. I am Inquisitor Duskwalk, and I will teach you all there is to know about revenge.”

Adulthood V

“Inquisitor…” a voice called behind him, there stood his childhood love. The one whose father had killed his own, he had not forgotten how she had treated him, how she shamed him. “I came per your request.” Her chin was tucked down and her gaze would not meet his.
“What do you know of your father’s movement’s on that night?” his voice stern and his jaw stiff.
“I do not know what you are talking about Inquisitor; my father is a respected man of the communi-…” Ad’e slammed a fist down on the table. “Get out of my sight!” his voice a roar as the girl quivered in fear before removing herself from his office.
“You need to control yourself Ad’e… you have excelled in all tasks, quelled rebellions and even dispatched your own sister because she thwarted against us.” The Elf behind him came to sit. “You told me I would have my revenge.” Ad’e said sourly.
“All in due time… There is much I must uncover to help you in your case, and much you must do to help me in mine.”

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