Professer Banduash Blackdawn

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Professer Banduash Blackdawn

Post by Anti-Hero on Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:33 am

The Guardian sighed, thumb and finger pinched to the bridge of her nose as she kept an eye on the professor as he delved through the ruins of their ancient kin. “You mustn’t disturb this place too much, Banduash. You do not what you may stir.” Her voice was kept to an almost whispered hiss as her gaze was forever watchful and entangled in the eeriness of the place. The Professor did not mind however, he simply grumbled to himself as he was in a feat of strength contest with lifting a piece of broken pillar which had covered a notably odd patch of ground. “Do not worry dear Elora, fear but is a common factor to add excitement to one’s life you know?” The Professor stated simply, giving a small exhale as he managed to move the fragment of pillar far enough. “Besides you’re a big strong girl, aren’t you? Should be nothing to worry about.” He began to scrabble at the dirt with gloved hands, not seeing the Guardian roll her eyes as he did so. “This is all for the greater good you know, Elora? If I can manage to find what I need in these ruins, we will be one step closer to ridding ourselves of the Legion. It’s amazing at what little things can have such a maximising effect.” His fingers latched onto something as he pulled it from the dirt, a broad smile on his lips until he examined it, his eyebrow and ears furrowing alike. “Pottery…” he mutters before tossing it aside. “I’m not an archaeologist” he pointed out to the gape-mouthed Guardian who could not quite believe he’d tossed aside such ancient property.

A couple of hours had past, Elora had grown tired with the Professor had the day grew on, it happened everyday working with the man, but the money was of some comfort. The Professor was now dangling on a diagonal pillar which had crumbled away, resting on a none too better pillar which was just about managing to stand up straight. “Do be careful Professor. Remember what happened last time you tried something dangerous.” Her tone ending in a huffing sigh as she caught the Professor’s hand moved up to rub against the strangling burn marks wrapped around his neck, his explaining tone carrying in the air but she chose to ignore it.

“Aha!” more hours had past yet, and the Guardian was almost about to throw the Professor over her shoulder and carry him back to their camp. But she rose from her lounging position to meet up with the Professor who was awkwardly climbing down the pillar with something under his arm. As the two met out he held the statue out to her, frowning at the blank look she gave it. Clearing his throat he mustered up a very lecturing tone. “This, my dear Elora is what we have been looking for.” He give a stern nod to reinforce the matter at or rather in hand.
“This, Is the eye to the Nether.”

Basic Information:

Birth Name: Banduash Blackdawn

Nickname(s): Ash

Title(s): Professor

Age:  Adult

Gender:  Male

Birthplace:  Quel'Thalas

Race:  Sin'Dorei

Class:  Warlock

Occupation:  Professor

Hobbies: Delving in ruins.

Habits/Routines: Talking nonsensical nonsense

Alignment: Sin'Dorei

Affiliation: Magisters, Sunreavers

Loyalty: Sunreavers

Marital status: Single

Languages: Thalassian


Banduash is considered an odd soul, often more shelled in himself he likes to lose himself in his work often trying to avoid any social interaction whatsoever. He has no grasp of different tones, no knowledge of either taking or giving sarcasm and finds himself often offending others when it is not his intention to do so. When he does talk he often finds himself losing friends rather making them, never stopping to think before talking is a main concern of his.


Facial Features: The Sin'Dorei's skin is deathly pale, and slightly cold to the touch. His fel green eyes are empty and sunken. His angular face sports a button nose and tightly pursed lips. His skin looks to be surprisingly coarse, and a large claw mark across the side of his face mars the perfection of the Elf, it is dark and there seems to be a small green taint around it.

Hair Style/Colour: His style seems to be well kept, maroon of colour that is clearly kept moistured and placed into intricate patterns of braids and plaits, though it does not seem to be something he does himself.

Height: Banduash stands at 6'3" tall.

Body Type: Whilst broad of shoulder he is not considered to be well built or bulky. In fact his body resembles that of an upside down triangle, broader shoulders, tapering down into a thin waist.

Scars: Old burn marks can be seen on his hands when he rarely has his gloves slid off, and the same can be found for his neck, except the burn marks there seem to devise into the shapes of clawed hands that had once been trying to strangle him.

Markings/tattoos: Ley-line markings adorn the Elf, tattoo'd into his skin, they even seen to run over that which is burnt of his body. The only place untouched by such markings is his neck and face.

Additional Information:

Clothing: His clothing seems to have once been majestic and full of colour, however now the colour has worn and the material thinned.



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