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Character name: Sonny
Alias: Sin, Donny Donovan
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-Seven
Race: Cursed, Gilnean
Class: Warrior

Birth region: Kingdom of Gilneas
Specific area/town: Lonely cabin in the woods of Northern Headlands
Family: Marv (his dog, deceased)
Known friends or enemies: Gnogaine, Grimnar Krieg, Loki Costigan, Demurral, Poyter & Didwick Putik, Ray Hutch, Rend

Description: Black fur, lithe but relatively healthy physique, sporting quite a few common traits amongst worgen, though his most unique trait is his weak jawline which looks unproportional compared to the rest of his face

Personality: Unhinged, dishonorable, rough, utterly careless and often passive aggressive, he simply doesn't give a fuck

History: Growing up in a dysfunctional home, with only his alcoholic, abusive father as his mother died from sickness early in his childhood, he grew up to prefer keeping to himself. Socially awkward and quite lonely as he reached the age of maturity, he kept to the woods, usually hunting with Marv and fishing in the streams. He was cursed early on as the wall fell, which not only changed him physically, but also mentally, though his lack of morals remained.

Things you may know about this character: Tends to mumble, often has difficulties with the pronunciation of various words, known as a simple lawless ruffian, though a strong fighter due to his brute strength, claims he specializes in taking down magic-users though there's very little proof backing up this reoccurring statement

Things you may not know about this character: He prefers shovels over any other weapon, most of his senses are weakened, but his eyesight is impeccable, he usually has several wards, protecting him to some degree from shadow and the like

Other information:

Sonny hides his true identity, Donny, when he's in human form through silly, repulsive and loud behavior, and he doesn't personally see his human form as the same person as his cursed form. Though not proud of his curse, he thinks of Sonny, the wolf, as who he really is, and very few people are aware of the fact that Sonny and Donny's the same person

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