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House Almadros

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House Almadros

Piercing the depths of Knowledge

The Almadros dynasty has throughout history known both true greatness and utter distaster. The Power of the Almadros family rose from the spires of desolate Deadwind Pass, in the old citadel of Acrenor, towering from the Northern edge of the Pass, ever dwelling under the gaze of imposing Karazhan from the South. Theirs is a story of rivalry, murder, Power, and most of all an ever clinging madness of a haunting past.


Family History

The legacy of Almadros came to be after the process of the Creation of the Wizard's Keep of Acrenor in Deadwind Pass by seven powerful Wizards who shaped this dark Tower in order to find a dwelling for their many Tomes of Power and seclution to further their arcane study in the Company of only their collegues. For a few years, the Wizards were said to have lived together in the ideal Peace from their first founding, until eventually, driven by some unknown force, be it mere greed, madness, or perhaps even Another mysterious Power, they turned on Another in a struggle for possession of the Wizards Keep and all its holdings. The true happenings of this history was never detailed, and even to this day, no one knows exactly how the stuggle came to be, only that the eventual Victor of this long battle was the Wizard known by the name Mierdaon Almadros, and with his final decisive victory, the Keep fell to his hands, and House Almadros rose to Power.

Mierdanon's family was known to be wealthy, generous, influental, and with great magical abilities that were inherited with the blood through every passing gneration. The Almadroses became an influental Power from their citadel. This was until their Patriarch, Lord Mierdanon Almadros succumbed to madness with the years. He claimed his fallen comrades haunted him in his sleep and were still dwelling within the Sanctum of the family, as they had done in the passing years. Mierdanon became fearful for his Life, and in time, his paranoia would be the one thing to utterly destroy what he had created. The Lord of Acrenor began to see enemies all around him, through subjects and in time, even his own family. The years made him all the more cruel, as he came of habit to punish the peasantry foremost for the slightest, missinterpretated even, provocation with a crueler and colder manner than can be described. From this time onwards, he would be known to the World (even though his history itself is known by few outside the family nowadays) as Mierdanon the Mad...

He hanged his servants one by one, and forced loved ones to brutally slay one Another, he dismissed his trusted advicors and sent them on their way. Darkness fell on the Keep, and not even The Lord's family were safe from his insane Wrath any longer. The Almadroses were therefore forced to flee their home, and while Mierdanon forsoke their future in his citadel, haunted by his memories and hated by all, his family came to Dalaran in the north, where they created a powerful House in the City of Magi, featuring the most well known and preserved part of the family history there is. Mierdanon mysteriously disapeared from the mortal World, his servants either mad beyond belief or dead, by his hand or even their own. Some say he took his own Life, perished by own age, or was simply finally murdered by one of his pained Associates.

Through years, the Almadros family prospered in the North,  though in the political fueding between the ruling Powers of that city were known to have extreme ends. Nearly the entire family was assassinated during one bloody night by a rivaling House. While atleast one known decendant survived from that horrid moment, the family lost nearly all influence in the city.

As the surviving boy grew older, Eldiros Almadros is his name, he found he had successful talents in Arcane magic, like all Almadroses Before him. He became an Archmage of the Kirin Tor, and finally came back to the Keep of Acrenor in Deadwind to rebuild his family name once again. Lord Eldiros Almadros is the current Lord of Acrenor, whose magical halls and vast Libraries he has decided to dedicate to Education of the Wizards of the Kingdom of Stormwind. Hence forming the Institution of the Ordo Arcana, also called, the Arcane Academy of Deadwind Pass..


Family Traits

- Dark hair.

- while not neccessarily all Almadroses have been subject to this, from the Days of Mierdanon's madness, many of the Almadroses have shared a feature of personality, being described as rather Cold and strangely emotionless individuals, with some, this feature is hardly noticable, though all too many of their decendants have inspired this personality, hence the Almadros family are typically refered to as Cold and ruthless individuals in many situations.

- a talent of magical ability inherited through every passing generation, though it has been claimed, that with this passing inheritance of magic from Mierdanon's legacy, his features of Madness clings on, therefore one would almost come to the conclusion that the bloodline itself is cursed in some way.


Living Family Members


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