[A] Job Offer

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[A] Job Offer

Post by Timna on Sun Jun 08, 2014 6:22 pm

The following poster is set outside the City's bars as well as given out in the the Cathedral District and Old Town by orphans. They seem happy and gladly say that they're earning some copper by doing so.

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Seeking a reliable stablehand to care for a horse during absences and airborne travels.

Former experience with horses.
Capability of riding.
Capability to maintain and care for a horse.
No ongoing criminal activity.
Capability for flexible work hours.
Capability of staying within the
Stormwind Kingdom.
A place of contact.

Preferred, but not required:
No criminal record.

Pay is negotiable.
Mail your credentials and/or interest to Timna.

Name is Timna in game; merely send an in character letter, whisper me on Timna, or PM me here.

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