Averin Brightedge

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Averin Brightedge

Post by CrusaderElly on Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:42 am

Character name: Averin Brightedge.
Alias: Lightfledge, Kitepedge, Blightsmedge, Crashmat, ...
Gender: Female.
Age: 18 (birthday 10 Oktober!).
Race: Human.
Class: Paladin? Maybe?

Fankoo Simaria/Thondy/... for drawing the picture because my hands are idiots.

Birth region: Presumed Stormwind.
Specific area/town: Presumed Dwarven District. Currently living there in a cosy house!
Family: Unknown! Missing.
Known friends or enemies:

- Ramirez Hex: Averin has had various encounters with this twisted being, which she believes to be either a fancy shadowcaster or a demon. Either way, she recognises he was once human and wishes to 'rescue' him, yet she won't hesitate to defend herself when it comes to it. "Fool me once. And well, twice, I guess. I'm not counting -that- time. No seriously."
- Neverwas: a really damn scary one, yet he doesn't always seem aggressive or hurtful. Averin is not quite sure what to do with him, but the negative emotions he keeps on radiating makes her believe to be cautious. Shoot Light, on sight!
- Yokai & Alganar: a druidic elf and her teacher, a demon hunter. The two of them being the cause of a lot of her grief, she would see them punished as a way of revenge, whatever their intentions might be.

- Melanee Willowgild: Averin's first friend in the Regiment, showing her around the place. Introducing her to druidic magic and more common 'streetfolk'.
- Elive Blackmantle: merely a staff member in the Regiment, the two of them got pretty close after the events in Dun Modr. Elive appears to show a greater liking for Av than just friendship, but she either doesn't see it or ignores the advances, wanting to not-jeopardise the friendship. Things took a turn for the better when Elive was finally allowed to leave the HQ.
- Kiara Riverstone: Averin's sister (not by blood) supported her in many ways, and vice-versa. They got a house together, shared food, gossip, and issues. Sadly, Kiara committed suicide, leaving the house to Averin alone, admittedly putting her in a much better financial spot.
- Damon Samuels: Averin's mentor when it comes to paladin-shiz. She deeply respects him and loves to learn from him. She'd go pretty far to follow him wherever, despite the fact she doesn't always agree with his teachings.


- Terenus and the Disciples: by coincidence, Averin became good friends with Terenus. Healing each other does that, it seems. While she does think he can be rude at times, she admires his courage to speak his mind at all times and his loyalty to the Light, often joining him on their rather narrow view of what should and shouldn't be. Likewise, she almost blindly trusts other paladins and priests from the order.

- Bradley Wright and 'the company': unaware of what is really-really-really going on, she does have a lot of suspicions, but she's also come to like Bradley and everything he's done for her, be it mostly indirectly. As much as she wishes to uphold justice, she believes some things are better left to the streets, and she share a deep wish to aid Brad and his 'gang' if at all possible.

- Falrock and the Shields: she seems Falrock as a strict, just and competent leader. She looks up to him and approves of the way he leads, a way she believes is necessary, but she herself can never do. She does not see the Shields as competition, rather wishes to work with them.

- Arenfel: your typical wise old mage. Despite the fact Averin's not fond of arcane, she does respect this man and whatever information he might have to share, especially after seeing him in combat aiding the kingdom of Stormwind.
- Razgoa: a like-dislike relationship going on. She believes him to be a nogood, lieing thug, but at the same time he can be charming and find out information others wouldn't be able to find. He has helped a few times to get the true baddies locked away, utilising ways that are perhaps not-so-legal; she's very glad to have someone like that.

18y old, 1m65 tall, 63kg weight. A small nice, bright green eyes, an innocent face and a kind smile. Half-long natural black hair usually draped loosely along her shoulders, although she has a bobble with her should she be needing to fight, so her hair won't get in the way. She looks slender, to the point of being underfed perhaps, and can be assumed to be physically weak. Across her face, three pink clawmarks might be seen in the right light, and for whoever gets to see beneath the armor she always wears, one might notice a variety of scars of all forms and sizes.

She is often seen wearing the plate guard uniform with some additions, one being the pretty heirloom mace that she never seems to use in combat. Also present are two sparkly necklaces, glasses, and two satchels: one filled mostly with papers, the other with medical equipment.

Averin can be considered kind-hearted and full of goodwill, wanting to make the world a better place and striving very hard to keep everything and everyone happy. She's also very naive/curious though, to the point she might take drastic/stupid actions. She can be fairly judgemental to the point she'd testify against her own friends if she needs to, and to some she might seem narrow-minded especially when it comes to her views about the Light. On other matters, she holds a more open mind and regardless, she rarely speaks out her true opinion.

Supposedly raised in the orphanage for as long as she can remember, Averin has enjoyed three teachings - one of which normal 'school' that included reading, writing, geography, mathematics etc, another in the cathedral, preachings of the holy Light as she showed some affinity at least, and finally 'street smarts'. She was never very good at the latter, but the potential is there.

Age 18 she went to join the Stormwind Regiment, going through the process of a whole lot of character development. A shy character with no last name and no real history, having gone through losing her sister, crashing on an isle, seeing her best friend pregnant, travelling through the Plaguelands and Duskwood, joining military campaigns, battling shadow creatures (and getting mind controlled by them on some occasions) , ending up eventually as Corporal Brightedge and silly-young minister of justice. How the fruit did she manage that..?

Things you may know about this character:
- Loves apples and anything to do with them.
- Has bad eyesight, wears glasses!
- A devout follower of the Light, yet her abilities seem to fluctuate on a daily basis.
- Can be a tiny whee bit racist, especially against elves and worgen. She has her reasons.
- Is straight, single, and wishes to remain so. Duty first!
- Omgosh naieve.
- Isn't very good with horses.
- Got exposed to fel on an occasion or two. In order to prevent relapse, she stays faaaar away from it when possible.
- Does not like death knights!

Things you may not know about this character:
- Has asthma.
- Is very messy, avoids cleaning at all costs.
- Loves cats, really wants one!
- Has quite a twisted, deluded view on the world.
- Interested in Shadow magic, even if only for scientific/curiosity reasons.
- Coffee > tea. Can't make tea anyway.
- ???

Possible crime record:
- Armed assault.
- Cultism.
- Oathbreaking.
- Use of forbidden magic.
- Resisting arrest.
- Unarmed assault.

Note that most of the above were committed whilst under the influence of shadowcasters or similar.

Other information:

I probably forgot quite a few things, eep!

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Re: Averin Brightedge

Post by Lea on Wed Jul 09, 2014 6:28 am

I always loved Averin and her character. Lovely to see more into hee history!Smile

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