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Interest Gauging

Post by Demurral on Wed Jun 04, 2014 5:04 am

Just a post to gauge the communities interest in a small concept.
I have a druid character, who i've had for years, but her personality and character traits ensure that Stormwind and other, highly populated areas, are unsuitable for her. Shes the kind of person who'd prefer to shun society as a whole and live her life out in the vast wilderness. This, of course, makes finding a suitable guild or rp for her rather difficult, if I don't "happen" across other peoples rp events.

Therefore, I was thinking of creating a Wilderness Collective - A loosely connected rp guild, for characters that don't fit in Stormwind City and its setting. There would be no IC Leader, just a group of people that choose to occasionally trade goods and abilities to aid each other, on a case-by-case basis. Rp events -may- be made, regarding various things - bandits making camp in Elwynn, encroaching on Greyclaws hunting grounds, or A sickness spreading around, etc, etc.
How many of you have a character that could be used for this, and are you interested in the concept?

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