A-Industries D.I.S.C. Mk.6 - Goblin schematics

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A-Industries D.I.S.C. Mk.6 - Goblin schematics

Post by Visceril on Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:55 pm

Thank you for purchasing this book, it may be overpriced but you get what you pay for! The following pages
will contain my scribblings, ideas, thoughts and other shizz that I'll think of in due time. I'd imagine that my
style and unique talent of describing events will have your imagination firing pretty pictures in your head!

So first entry, here I shall formulate, plan & construct the D.I.S.C.
Which means: Directional Infiltration Silent Craft, my purpose of this is to have it on the user at all times so
it will need to be small, light-weight, powerful and discrete. First i needed to mock up a life size prototype
and when I saw the table within The Wyverns Tail I knew that I had found the perfect item!

After the locals had left or passed out I set about utilising said table for my latest venture!. It took a few hours
of heavy persuasion but eventually i broke it from its fixing's. From then I worked day & night for 1 day and
a single night and had the first prototype ready to be fired up!

The Mk.1 utilised Phlogiston as the main fuel, a by product of that was the noise..It clattered, clunked and smoked
worse than I thought. That was mainly down to the wood though, it was the immense thick exhaust gasses that
I drew inspiration for the Active Cloud Camo! I know cool right!!

So the weeks went by and I spent all of that time inside The Flying Bolts garage, welding, hammering, planning
and formulating. Occasionally the Bolts came in to see what the noise was and to fuel their own vehicles.

The Mk.5 prototype was finished, testing so far had discovered that Phlogiston was not gonna cut it with this build!
The realisation of needing a compact more powerful and stable fuel source was evident, I had an idea of what to use
but I needed to research a little further. The Arcane Guardians I saw during my time in Silvermoon had picked my interest
and so I ventured back to look into their peer sources. The Bolts had some sort of gangwar going on I think, and so I
went alone. My questions about the Guardians fell on deaf ears which considering how long they are was quite surprising.
So i took things into my own hands and had to, for the sake of advancement alleviate a single Arcade Guardian from the city
so I could, well pick apart it's inners so to speak.

Manacell's! of course..Those little pieces of powerful purple cube goodness! the thing is though, they ain't exactly freely available!
I found that out the hard way as I was caught trying to "borrow" one from an Arcade Guardian, I think I'll be let back into
the city soon enough..maybe? I put the word out about my want for a Manacell to my contacts, eventually a old Shatari Skyguard
buddy of mine contacted me with  rumour of possible Manacell's being smuggled from The Tempest Keep.

With the power source now cracked I set about working up the schematic for the Mk.6! And then all I'd need was to Acquire
a few Manacells to reverse engineer with tha aid of the Gobfather himself.

Some weeks later Operation: Manasteal was ready. I enlisted a double hard bastard to assist in the lifting of the potentially
radioactive Manacells, Macers suit would do the job just fine plus his experience within the battlefield would come in handy later on!
So I portaled to Area 52 to meet with Macer himself.

Once we were airborne using a "borrowed" rocket we set towards the Skyguard Outpost southwards from Bash'irs Landing,
the Sha'tari Skyguard welcomed us in and lent us the use of a Nether Ray, using this we were able to silently infiltrate
Bash'irs Landing so we could begin to search for the Manacell's.

Utilising the U.A.R. Zep 2000 we were able to plot recon our route safely. It took around an hour until we finally found the Manacells!

We observed that 5 Ethereals were guarding these Manacells, watching their patrols we waited until such a time to send in the
Lockheed SR-71 Mechanical Dragon to drop a single G92 Skyshark on one of them with the plan to distract and divide the
remaining 4. It worked a treat! So we made our way to the un-guarded Manacells to gather up what Macer could carry. Impressively
he could manage 4 Manacells using his Suits Magnetizing Couplers. But the Ethereals returned quicker than anticipated, it was this
point where Macer went into crazy Gob mode by launching himself swinging that big bastard sword of his at the 4 remaining Ethereals!
Cutting them down was easy work for him but the commotion attracted a huge massive armoured Ethereal Raider. Shouting to Macer
to throw a Manacell at him I clambered atop some crates and readied a Cobalt Frag Grenade, moments later Macer launched one of the
Manacells at the Ethereal Raider hitting it right in the midsection, it was then i launched my Frag Grenade, aiming for the Manacell.

I shouted to take cover as the explosion sent the Ethereal Raider into many blue fiery pieces, after checking we was ok
I sent a flare up to alert the Nether Ray to get us outta there!

Once back at the Skyguard Outpost Macer loaded the 3 remaining Manacells into a metal container so we could transport them
back to Area 52 so we could transport them back to the garage.

Once safely back at the garage I set about extracting the mana plasma from the cubes and placed a few drops into smaller
Cyclinderical Manacells which will be used to power the Mk.6 and other devices that I and the Bolts can come up with. Overall
Operation: Manasteal went of without a hitch, Macer and I make a decent team and i finally managed to finish the Mk.6!

"My father once told me that a spirit will leave its body when it's time... "not always at death" he said.
"When the body becomes a prison...it is time for the spirit to escape"."And once the spirit is gone...the body will follow soon after."

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