[remake] Salvation of Lordaeron (Lordaeron RP PVP guild) - Find out more here <---

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[remake] Salvation of Lordaeron (Lordaeron RP PVP guild) - Find out more here <---

Post by Arthorius on Sat May 31, 2014 1:08 am

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Hello going to start this off with some back ground story telling. The founders of the Salvation of Lordaeron, were all from lordaeron or Kaz'modan if they were dwarfs.. Some of them being Soldiers of lordaeron alliance some of them being Knights of the Silver hand. As the third war came to its end most joined the Argent dawn at Lights chaple where they would spend years fighting the scouge in the plagued lands. Untill Tirion Fordring's faith in the holy light reborn the Ashbringers blade from its corrupted form and brought the Knights of the Silver Hand and The Argent Dawn as one to become the Argent crusade. Through this order people got to know their comrades as the pushed into northrend all taking part in various battles and even breaking down Ice Crown Citidel and then telling the world that the Lich king is dead. (No they were not the ones to kill the lich king so far as they know There is no Lich king)

Comming home they assisted in rebuilding Hearthglen and cleansing the lands of their beloved home. In which we enterd the cataclisum with death wings rage and the twlight hammer on the rise these crusaders did not care.... What they instead saw and found more disturbing was hearing South shore had been destoryed by the horde.. Spesificly By the forsaken using their plague. This discusted the crusaders but what really pushed them over was seeing the Valkur under the command of the forsaken being used to raise the alliance corpses as more forsaken At Andorhal. This not only shocked them but angerd them greatly as what the forsaken had become.. was every thing the crusade was agenst. Tirions Inaction caused them to break away from the Argent Crusade putting away their medals of Valor and honor and formed. The Salvation of Lordaeron.

Now with Rightous retirbution in their eyes they made their own campgain agensts the Forsaken or as they saw it, the new Scourge. With only a company's worth of men they began to aid stranded Lordaeron Citizens leading them to Fenris Isle, as at the time it was the best place to gather. How ever bombarded by forsaken attacks they were soon pushed back losing people as they battled the seemingly endless forces of the forsaken as their tactics differ from the scouge. The endless fighting caused tiredness weakening them from each and every battle they had only being able to hold an area for a month before being forced to retreat. Untill they found them selfs in the hinterlands by Aerie peak where they rested and desided what their next move was.

By this time The whole Mists of panda land had came and orggimar was under sieg. And due to their low numbers the Highlord desided " We can not do this.. alone" And so they headed south to greet the city of Stormwind, Knowing that stormwind still owes a dept to Lordaeron when lordaeron looked after Stormwinds people after the first war.
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Thats the back story. If there is any bad lore in there please tell me and i'l change it around

The Guild takes Humans, Dwarves and Worgen ( gilneans ) only, No Death knights no Shadow users. Warlocks can roll in as pyromancers. Shadow users will be purged.
Reason why we don't take Gnomes? Seen as crafters rather then fighters, and would also be seen as a weak spot in the lines.

- No need for a reason for night elfs, Dreanei or Pandaren I think we can all agree they have nothing to do with lordaeron. All Races can Aid but not join.

Salvation of Lordaeron is a RP PVP Guild there will be active events and we will travel alot. As Stormwinds people are more and more helpful to the order there is a chance they will help Stormwind in 'some' of their affairs as well as do their own stuff up north. So things will be kept interesting. Also. I understand we could never 'Take' Lordaeron for lore reasons but if you have a goal you can achive...then once you achive it you will have to find a new goal... :(Forsaken guilds (if i find any of them) will be people i'd want to do many many RP PVP battles with as well as have good contacts with Alliance guilds. If you want to do any thing with us.. Just whisper Joséph.


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