Cyreas Crone

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Cyreas Crone

Post by Eve on Tue May 27, 2014 6:04 am

Character name: Cyreas Crone
Alias: Cyr, Fluffy
Gender: Not-so-masculine man
Age: Young
Race: Human
Class: Doctor

Birth region: Duskwood
Alexander Sutton
Father - 48 years old - Part of the Night Watch - Alive

Mia Crone
Mother - 42 years old - Tailor - Dead

Fiona Crone
Grandmother - 84 years old - Baker - Alive

Cyrand Crone (recently haven taken her mother's surname)
Sister - 19 years old - Street Rat - Alive

Cydra Sutton
Sister - 23 years old - Ex-defias - Alive

Jessica & Rachel Blackwood
Nieces - 9 months old - Twins - Alive

Known friends or enemies:
Rebecca Conte
Auwen Gaze
Ichigo Forrest
Revian Raptorhide

Cyreas is a very tall man standing at 6'3" (around 190 centimeres). He is very thin; to some he could be considered rather underweight.

Sporting bright blonde hair, Cyreas seems to look after his apperance as much as he can. His skin seems relatively clean of any scars and is regularly shaved; although the odd stubble appears.

His left eye is covered in clean bandages. If for some reason not on, his eye is usually closed. Similiarly, his gloves are usually equipped, crusted with dry blood. Underneath, his hands all the way up to his shoulders are covered in stitches.
Cyreas can either be bouncy and talkative or mopey and silent. It isn't clear what can make him go from one mood to the next, but it can seemingly happen at the drop of a hat. No matter what mood he is in, he will usually come across as, perhaps, not the most sane. Perhaps even moreso when he is quiet - as it may become apparent to those who know him that he is more prone to hitting people when he isn't talkative.

Things you may know about this character:
Enjoys himself a good cup of tea.
Dislikes babies.
Tends to use big, complicated words.
Likes to knit.
Things you may not know about this character:
Doesn't actually know what half of the words he says means.
Attempting to tolerate his nieces' existence.
Cut his own eye out.
Possible crime record: Clean - as far as you know.


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