[H] Blood Wolf Clan Poster

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[H] Blood Wolf Clan Poster

Post by Gor'Thrak Frosthowl on Sun May 25, 2014 12:09 pm

The following poster can be found spread out over the barrens:

The Blood Wolf Clan is rising once more!

You may be a fierce warrior who seeks honour, you may be a sly master of the dark arts, or you may be a scientist whose practices are shunned! You may even be a man who simply seeks shelter from the loneliness of the world and comrades to stand alongside.

With us there's a place for all who dare to take up the sword and fight! Whether your prowess lies within the blade or the medicine, we will accept you.

Come stand with us, where we open our eyes and think clearly with a mind of our own, and stand tall as a wall against the tide!

Our strength lies within our differences, and with a vast number of differences our strength is tremendous.

Be free of the mindwashings of your supposed leaders, within the Blood Wolf Clan all have a voice, whether you be of the highest rank or a fresh recruit!

After a long and harsh time in the cold lands of Northrend we have now returned to the lands of the Horde, and we need you!
The tide cannot be turned without our combined strength, and you may be the pillar to support it!
If you wish to find us, look to where the battle rages hot, and seek us out today!

The Blood Wolf Clan needs you!

Gor'Thrak Frosthowl
Warlord of the Blood Wolf Clan
Gor'Thrak Frosthowl

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Re: [H] Blood Wolf Clan Poster

Post by Shriukan on Thu May 29, 2014 9:17 am

*Shriukan comes across one of the posters*

"Rising once more... Hrrmph. They should have stayed in hiding."

*burns the poster*

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