Darathir Drakesfire

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Darathir Drakesfire

Post by Axio on Wed May 21, 2014 3:39 pm

Character name: Darathir Drakesfire

Titles/Aliases held: Eldre’thalas Lorekeeper, Bloodlord of the Hand of Nightmares, Archmage of the Order of Nature’s Grasp

Gender: Male

Age: 10.000+

Race: Highborne Kaldorei

Class: Mage

Birth region: Zin-Azshari

Family: Onessa (mate, deceased), Narissae Mirkwind/Meliana Stormleaf (daughter, deceased), Thondalar Stormleaf (grandson), Evesia Moonflame (mate)

Known friends or enemies: Few friends; family and highborne arcanists mainly. A lot of neutral relationships; the Order of Nature’s Grasp mainly. Many enemies; Queen Azshara and the Court of Eldre’thalas mainly, the Order of Nature’s Grasp partly.

Specialisations: He is known to be an active scryer and a connoisseur of magical artifacts, talented in the arts of quick travel with an arsenal of flashy transportation spells at his disposal. He also has a preference for elemental fire in combat. Clandestinely he makes use of blood magic to empower his spells.

Description: Darathir is quite tall and runty, with very little muscle on his body. He sometimes hunches his back when walking, assisted by a staff, giving the appearance of frail health at old age. He sports a long, well-kept beard and hair, as well as long, sharp and black pointy nails. He usually wears fine clothing, favouring long sleeves, large collars and all-encompassing mantles. While he used to keep a neutral stone-faced expression on his face, lately it has sunk into a more or less permanent condescending sneer.

Wild casting.

Personality: Varies between extremes, usually assertive and authoritative when in positions of influence, while polite and deceptively humble when outside of his safe zone. Scheming, restless, solitary are three words that would describe him most accurately, even when it comes to dealing with family.

Darathir disapproves of “Fyffe” the Confounder's antics. Artwork by Fyffe.

Born in the ancient elven capital of Zin-Azshari, at some point in time during the events of the Sundering, Darathir was relocated to Eldre’thalas, escaping the fate of Naga transformation or exile to Quel’thalas.

He remained there until the release of the Highborne during the Second Sundering, patiently enduring the horrors that happened over the millennia.

Finding himself under suspicion and less than welcome in Darnassus, he left to explore the new world and its cultures as a lone wanderer, eventually ending up in the service of an organisation within the human kingdom of Stormwind, where his new pursuits of magical research ended up in chaotic madness and exile once more.

Wandering for another year, he finally ended up in the service of the Order of Natures Grasp in Kalimdor, a group known for its tolerance for arcanists. He served diligently for years, slowly rising in the ranks, until finally vying for the position of Master. By this time, he’d descended into arrogance and wickedness, using deceptive and cruel tactics to reach this goal, ultimately resulting in his recent downfall and exile from Kalimdor.

Crimes, under vague elven law: murder (two elven sentinels), destruction of property (Stormwind Embassy), assault (Calisar), forging of evidence (attempting to frame Arkil for previously mentioned crimes), use of forbidden magic (blood and dark artifacts), association with known criminals/demons (Ireth, Elysiah)

Signed a confession to above crimes. Summary sentence administered by executive command of the Order of Nature’s Grasp; amputation of limb, lifetime banishment from elven lands.

Things you may not know about this character:
• Also responsible for the death of two respected Redridge nobles, as well as old associates from the Hand of Nightmares who knew about his schemes
• Used to have a deadly fear of demons, after the experiences in Eldre’thalas, but has since meeting Ireth developed a hardy attitude towards them. Was tricked by her into summoning a greater demon in the Arathi Highlands
• Uses a heavy amount of superior quality cosmetics to hide vicious burns received from a fire spell gone terribly wrong

Things you may know about this character:
• Dangerously paranoid about the prospect of Azshara’s return, he justifies any deeds, morally dubious or not, with the will to build a society strong enough to finally defeat her, should that day ever come

Other images; because all great evil dictators in history are made fun of in art!

Lego-Dara. Artwork by Calisar.

Pony-Dara. Artwork by Thondalar.

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Re: Darathir Drakesfire

Post by Calisar on Wed May 21, 2014 4:24 pm

Such a remorseless dangerous old bastard ;D


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Re: Darathir Drakesfire

Post by Thondalar Stormleaf on Thu May 22, 2014 4:46 am

Very Happy Good to see the profile of the Eeeeeevvviiil ooonee!
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Re: Darathir Drakesfire

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