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Character name: Terenus, last name unknown.
Alias: "Bastard",
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Human
Class: Paladin

Birth region: Westfall
Specific area/town: Unknown
Family: Tyrion (Brother, Deceased), parents unknown.
Known friends or enemies: None.

Sharp features, a defined strong jaw usually covered by a scruffy beard that accompanies his long sandy hair. He has a scar on the left side of his face that goes from jaw to cheekbone.
Generally looks quite youthful though his scars often give the impression that he is older than he is.

Courageous to the point of stupidity, and usually fairly impulsive though this is slowly changing as he becomes more weary. Slightly cynical, a bit of a smart arse and one of the people who thinks he's funny despite not being very funny at all. He tends to be brutal, and will use his rage in battle to become stronger, though it took him nearly half a year to be taught to control his anger. He can be presumptuous at times, and can come across as arrogant despite this not always being the case. He often has trust issues.

He grew up with a brother, both of whom abandoned by their mother at an early age, they had to survive in westfall - depending on others at times when they were not out on the road. When Terenus was twelve, and his brother eleven, they started to fend for themselves though would still need to return to town. At age thirteen, Terenus' brother starved to death in his arms, scarring him for life, being the source of his anger problems. After that, he grew up with a group of friends surviving and training and fighting, which is the reason Terenus is so talented with a blade, having had to defend them from Defias frequently. Eventually, all his friends died over time, starvation, or otherwise, crushing Terenus' soul though he still kept faith in the light, having carried a stolen libram with him all his life until he joined the disciples at the age of seventeen, losing it shortly afterwards.

Things you may know about this character:
Becoming stronger as a result of Sir Rae's training.
Incredibly dedicated to the light, though not a preacher.
A fierce, remorseless warrior.
Cannot heal with the light.
A devout of the Disciples.

Things you may not know about this character:
Has the capacity to be kind and tender.
Isn't always an asshole/gobshite.
Has broken his back.
Has trust issues.
Despises nobility.
Hates the king.
Pretty good actor.

Possible crime record:
Disruption of the peace.

Other information:

Terenus does not see himself as any kind of hero or moral example, and although he is certain of his abilities he often fears whether he is straying from the path of the light due to his reliance on anger to fuel his righteous fury.
On top of this, he is often filled with remorse, more evidently seen when in Westfall where he will become more restrained and calm unless fighting.

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