[A] Desk clerks and the like for the Ministry of Magic!

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[A] Desk clerks and the like for the Ministry of Magic!

Post by Eldiros on Tue May 13, 2014 3:20 pm

The Ministry of Magic is coming alive! With a recent election to the Minister post, I would be looking for anyone who would like to RP desk clerks and scribes who manages the paperwork of the Ministry among likeminded positions. It is moslty a role for a civilian-like type of RP, working by the mage Tower to assist the Archmage in handling the affairs of magic in the city.
While the Ordo Arcana and the Ministry of Magic are not the same, the cause of the Arcana and the Ministry are quite much alike, and thus activity with the Ministry will result in activity in the Arcana. As an administrative role, it is only welcomed to enter such within the Ordo Arcana Guild, though never a requirement as that would merely be for the conveniance of easy chat. The Arcana would sponsor and support the Ministry partly, though never call itself the same as the ministry (one Guild shall never -be- and actual ministry, though cooperations between factions are Always good to orchestrate)

If anyone wishes to make character with no fear of paperwork, please whisp me ingame and gladly on the forums.

King's Honor, guys!

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