[A] RP event GREASES AIA Collab (monday the 12th) All races

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[A] RP event GREASES AIA Collab (monday the 12th) All races

Post by Dyone on Mon May 05, 2014 1:29 am

The Story so far.
The gnomes of GREASES are up and coming. They have retrieved a single device close to Stormwind. They have dived into the deep ocean to learn more about themself. And in the pub...People know the name of Charkly aswell. She's one fierce gnome and hates it to be called small (or child).

But. For their last mission they trusted the wrong ones. The Forlorn Cartel helped them diving under water. Fighting the beasts in there. And to retrieve the small vessel hidden away in a abandoned pirate ship. But when they came up. GREASES ready to divide the treasures amongst them all. The Forlorn Cartel betrayed the small gnomes and stealling all their riches. They should have took the book aswell if one careless scrub didn't drop it while fleeing.

So when a old gnome called in Charkly to retrieve a stolen artifact. She knew she should have handled this better. So she went to one who defended the city. To ask them for protection. And hopefully not for betrayment. The Alliance Intelligence Agency.

((This conversation is going to take place somewhere this week. I already discussed a possible collab with Sallia ))

The artifact however has been stolen by a Goblin. And the old gnome wants GREASES to retrieve it. Not for himself... No, the Artifact belongs in the museum of Ironforge. So that's why Charkly went to the Alliance Intelligence Agency. Asked them for help. She also turned to her own beloved gnomes. And now it's up to them. They must stop this goblin, before it reaches Booty Bay, the harbor and flees on the open sea out of their reach.

Second big collab event of GREASES, The basic idea for this comes from Twilmarakesh. Aspiriring guildie, good friend and loyal gnome. This time with..as i said before the Alliance Intelligence Agency.

Who's invited?
All of you brave adventerous players. There's GREASES and there's the AIA. So we can use other players aswell. (Would also love it if bad people could come... The artifact is worth something...and protection against criminals..is what we have..*wink* *wink*)

Stranglethorn Jungle. We will start in the Rebel Camp above it. And go trough the jungle towards Booty Bay.

Monday the 12th. 8.00 PM server time

Be level 10 for raid invite.
Have fun.

That's all?
Yes. This is all.. Hopefully untill next monday.

Greetings, Charkly

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