The Forlorn Cartel; The Drug Den - Wednesday 30th

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The Forlorn Cartel; The Drug Den - Wednesday 30th

Post by Bradley on Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:51 am

The Dwarven District. It's a broken district, a chaotic place, populated by the city's noble working class. Working hard day and night, The carpenters and the masons. The sneaky thieves and the rugged fishermen. The house less gentlemen prowling the streets with their bricks and bats looking for prey and the promiscuously clad ladies of the night who're oh so easy on the eye. They all have one thing in common. Few of them can get through the day without the various famous substances locals in the
District has been producing for years. Dubious narcotics that will make your head spin and give you pleasure far beyond what any streetwalker ever could. Looking to expand the rich business, Mister Wright and his gang of comrades, rumored to be the new distributors around town after the infamous Doc' retired down to Booty Bay, is hosting a party to not only promote the Drug Den, but also the sale of the various substances that can be found there. Word on the street's that the first hit is actually free. How generous! There will be cheap booze. Cheap women. But most importantly; Lots and lots drugs!

Note; Any curious helmets in uniform, flappies and space goats that wish to attend this lovely eve may not receive a very pleasant welcome by the locals!  

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- Wednesday the 30th, at 20.30 in the evening!
- This is an open event, everyone's welcome regardless of guild or affliction.
- Guards on duty, night elves and draenei will have a difficult time however, because of IC reasons.
- Drugs are not illegal according to the laws of Stormwind.
-  GHI's required for the drugs. There'll be several dealers who're able to trade you the drugs through this addon.
- This is a social, casual event with a twist, come and experience a realistic, gritty night surrounded by outlaws and poor scum!
- Leave your fancy armour at home, otherwise we might not let you inside.
- Credit for the drugs goes to Feydor and Averin. This is their work, and for that we're grateful!

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