Lannael Ven'Renn

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Lannael Ven'Renn

Post by Thondalar Stormleaf on Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:36 am

(Drawing above is made by the amazing Calisar here on Defias.)

Character name: Lannael Ven'Renn

Alias: Lann

Gender: Male

Age: 193

Race: Blood elf

Class: Warlock

Birth region: Quel'thalas

Family: Iriel Silverson, Seroniel Ven'Renn, Nalath.  Athaela Ven'Renn (deceased), Dale'nir (deceased), Juliyania (deceased) Elysha (deceased)

Known friends or enemies:
Friends: Grimkel Biorrn, Teagan Hornsby, Razgoa, Iriel Silversong, Eve.

Enemies: Arenfel Serentyne.

Description: Lannael is short in frame, and very skinny, his features pretty  and frail looking, very much like a female, standing merely 5ft4', and weighing roughly 50 kg. His hair is  remarkably golden, smooth and very silky. He most often keeps in in a perfect  ponytail, or hanging over his shoulder. He is always neatly dressed, normally with the  latest fashion within robes, and hoods. He also normally smells very good, using only  the most expensive, sweet perfumes.
On his upper chest he has green, fel-like tattoos.

His face and ears carry no visiable scars, and when he is not wearing his ring of  illusions, his eyes is bright green and attentive.

Personality: Lannael is energic and flamboyant, forward and bright acting. He  has a taste for expensive things, and a distaste for foul language. He often speaks  with wide hand gestures and a flowing movement, having a close to OCD behaviour for  his own appereance and beauty.

However the bright outer part has a darker side. He can be cruel and sadistic, not  hesitating even a moment to use his dark magic to inflict pain and suffering on those  in his way. When he has set a goal, he will follow that goal using any means possible,  no matter how wrong they might be.

History: Born as the first son of the Ven'Renn family, his parents had high  hopes for the small boy. He early showed great arcane skills, and with their parents  he begun his training. He excelled in most task given to him, almost outdoing their  father in skill.

When his siblings was born he adored them, especially Seroniel and Iriel, urging on  their training, watching proud as they excelled even at a young childhood.

Tragedy struck when their father, Dal'nir slew their mother infront of Iriel, and  Lannael attempted to remove the memory of the action in the mind of the young child  with the aid of magic. However he was too successfull, messing her memory up, causing  the young child to flee away from her family.

He became obsessed with the thought of getting Iriel back to the point where he  neglected his other siblings, leaving Seroniel and Rath-Nalath to mostly fend for  themselves, which caused bitterness from Sero towards Lannael.

His searching finally, years after, turned up a weak trace of Iriel. Of Dalaran.
However like his father he had turned to that of demonology once their people was lead  to Outland to help fend off their magic addiction, causing his body to show the clear  signs of the corruption of the Sin'dorei.

So he headed to Dalaran, tainted by the fel he used, and got chased off by the man who  had adopted Iriel and nearly killed when his former kin sensed the corruption in him,  leaving him unable to see his  precious litle sister.

Devestated by the loss of his sister, he married the woman named Elysha, a well known  and powerful sorceress which he had been promised to since birth. Their attempts at  having children failed, however, causing great shame on Lannael, and he loudly  proclaimed that it was Elysha which was barren, and not him. This caused a bitter  dislike between the two, and Elysha showed great distaste for her husband. However  their marrige did not last long before Elysha died in a tragic accident after two  years, leaving Lannael alone once more.

He served in the Sin'dorei army for many years, before deserting when he lost control  over a demon, which slew several of his own kin. Instead of facing the punishment for  his actions, he fled back to Outland and has stayed there untill now.

In present day he returned to Silvermoon and attempted to seek out Seroniel, only to  be publicly rejected by the woman, who was now a Blood Kight and a strong believer of  the Light. She rejected him and his way of life, leaving the warlock with no family to  lean on. It was then he made the decition to seek out Iriel once more, having heard  she had been spotted in an Alliance camp by the Siege which held Ogrimmar.

And he was right. Finally, after many years, he could speak with the sister he held so  highly. And better yet, she did not reject him, like Seroniel has. Overjoyed by the  revelation, he decided to take the ultimate step.

To leave the side of his Kin and take the steps to Stormwind to join Iriel on her side  with the Alliance.

But how long can the Sin'dorei control the power he consume? How long before there is  only a monster left wearing his face?

Things you may know about this character: He is Iriel Silversong's older brother. He is very very gay. He loves fashion and expensive perfume and clothing. He likes tall and scruffy men.

Things you may not know about this character: He is a warlock and a Sin'dorei. He deserted from the Horde army after a grave mistake.

Possible crime record: Desertation from the Horde army. Traitor to the Horde and the Sin'dorei.

Other information:

OOC: I am not perticulary good with Blood elf lore, so if any huge mistakes is seen, do leave me a note so I can edit! Very Happy

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