[DEAD] Alexzander Cynric

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[DEAD] Alexzander Cynric

Post by Salradir Dawnseeker on Fri Apr 18, 2014 7:14 pm

Character name: Alexzander Ray Cynric
Alias: "Alexz" or "Lex"
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen
Race: Human
Class: Writer

Birth region: Duskwood
Specific area/town: Darkshire
Dead: Marcus Cynric(father), Alena Lyness(mother)
Alive: Percival Cynric(Uncle)
Known friends or enemies:
Friends: Faemoon
Enemies: none ATM

Description: Alexz is a very young man and it shows. With an almost boyish look on his face, Alexz often gets mistaken for nothing else than a boy. His most striking feature would be his deep, brown eyes that often curiously looks at the world around him, observing. His long brown hair reaches down to his shoulders and is often used by him as a way to cut himself away from the rest of the world by letting it fall over his face, covering it. If you would get him to smile, it would always be small smiles that shines up his whole face. Other than that, Alexz stands at an average height for his age, looking very skinny.  
Personality: Alexzander is a very shy and insecure young man. Due to events in his past he's having a hard time trusting people and prefers to be alone, even though he wouldn't be able to make it through his life without anyone else.
History: In short, Alexzander was born in Duskwood, his father being a traveling merchant and his mother a local healer. His father left before Alexz was born and he was raised by his mother. His mother taught him many things like reading and writing, but the other villagers of Darkshire believed she was a witch and decided to end her. Now alone Alexzander started to travel around the world and soon he ended up in stormwind.
Things you may know about this character: He's very shy and socially awkward. Often stutters when he talks to people he don't know.
Things you may not know about this character: He is studying what some may call "questionable" types of magic. Also, his middle name is "Ray".
Possible crime record: None, except for minor thefts of food.

Other information: -

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Re: [DEAD] Alexzander Cynric

Post by Lea on Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:43 am

I like this new Alexz! I hope to run into him some more..

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