Teagan Hornsby

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Teagan Hornsby

Post by Darryl on Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:26 am

Character name: Teagan Hornsby
Alias: Fluffykins
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-twenties to early thirties
Race: Cursed Human; Worgen
Class: Soldier, Scout

Birth region: Kingdom of Stormwind
Specific area/town: Redridge
Family: Father: Samuel Hornsby (deceased), no known siblings
Known friends or enemies:
Thaldir Shadowstar
Avari Duskwalker
Johnathan Ralegh
Grimkel Biórrn
Lannael Ven'renn

None known, although generally speaking anyone who would seek to harm his friends.

Worgen: Slightly below average-sized worgen with pale blue beast-like eyes and well-kept pale gray fur. His sharp teeth and claws are in good condition, his long ears slightly ragged and torn. While smaller than most other worgen, he is in good physical shape.

Human: A young man in his mid-twenties/early-thirties with pale blue eyes, sunbleached light brown hair and tanned skin. His body holds signs of hard labour which has left him lean, but toned. He seems to be in very good physical shape and health. His features are sharply lined, his nose a little hooked and his jaw straight and masculine.

6ft  / around 182 cm in Human
7ft  / around 213 cm in Worgen (if standing entirely straight, which he usually isn't)

Personality: Loud-mouthed, cheeky and temperamental. He is just as quick to break into a wide grin as he is into curses, although he often has moments of fidgeting and hesitation as well. He is fiercely protective over his friends and is generally not one to judge those around him, seeking to avoid confrontation unless pushed to it. If something sets him off however, he can be ruthless to the point of bloodthirsty.

In his own words originally a travelling merchant by trade, Teagan spent his youth travelling the countryside surrounding Stormwind City and eventually took over his father's business when they died. He travelled to Stormwind City recently to find his fortune in the "big city", but due to some reason ended up joining the Stormwind Regiment instead of selling his wares as he had planned.

Things you may know about this character:
He has a bad temper and can often be rude without realizing it while angry.
He doesn't have a Gilnean accent, but in fact sounds more like a country pumpkin from Elwynn or Westfall.
He carries a sword and occasionally a knife, but he rarely ever uses them for anything.

Things you may not know about this character:
He has papers about him stating him a retired shadow user.
He has a terrible secret that might kill him once revealed.

Possible crime record:
None (yet).

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