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Post by Obataiye on Mon Mar 24, 2014 1:12 pm

Character name:
Jungle Troll
OOC: Monk. IC: Headhunter.

Birth region:
Stranglethorn Vale
Specific area/town:
Parents and three siblings are deceased. Other five siblings are alive and live among the Skullsplitters, he has no contact with them.
Known friends or enemies:
Few friends, never was a very social Troll, though he likes a couple of trolls. Besh'lah -his mate-, Tegat and Xochi.

Enemies: Everything that isn't a Troll, heretics.

With his blue hair and typical jungle troll build it is clear that this Troll hails from the Skullsplitter tribe.
His hair is tied together with a leather strap and adorned with feathers of a raptor.
He typically wears warpaint on his face, hiding the scars and the burnmark on his cheek.

Four necklaces hang from his neck, two idols representing a raptor, made out of Ivory and Bone, the others a token adorned with bones and three feathers, two black like the one in his hairs, and one bone-white  and a Raptor's skull carved out of bone attached to  s string of Human hair, the talisman of a Champion.

He has a large, white inked tattoo of Legba, his patron Loa on the left side of his chest.

His armor looks like it would belong to someone who has a higher rank within the Empire, his attire looks well taken care of and of good material.

The shrunken heads hanging from his belt indicate his rank as Head Hunter.

Normally he's equipped with a large spear with markings of Legba, Ogoun and the Twin Snakes in the metal. Due to a enchant given by the Empress herself his spear flickers with light once in a while, the swing speed is very quick for such a slow weapon.
Several throwing daggers hang from his belt as well. On his back he carries a quiver containing arrows and a bow.

He's quite lanky, with a slim build but still a muscular and toned down figure. He has long muscular legs, showing he posesses elite athlethicism. His arms have the wingspan of a condor, reaching to about 7'7.

On his knees he has scars that look like they were made by the claws of a small raptor.

Mostly composed but arrogant and cocky, highly protective and so loyal to the Empire that it's looking like zealotry,
Born in Zul'mamwe, spending his days training and playing with his raptor friend, Gahiji. Unable to see the point in fighting the Bloodscalps constantly over some ruins he left after reaching maturity, travelling around azeroth with Gahiji. After years of travelling he returned home, but due to the state of all the troll tribes he came across he decided to join the Empire instead, hoping to help their cause for a united Troll race.

Things you may know about this character:
Smokes cigars.
Things you may not know about this character:
Bone/wood carving is his favorite past-time hobby.
Possible crime record:
Apperently once head a bounty on his head, pure for being a higher ranked of the Empire. Has performed plenty of raids on Alliance settlements, as well as killed innocent travellers.

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