Acenith Kirvan

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Acenith Kirvan

Post by Timna on Mon Mar 24, 2014 6:03 am

Character name: Acenith Kirvan.
Alias: N/A.
Gender: Female.
Age: Thirty-one (31).
Race: Worgen.
Class: Druid (Harvest Witch).

Birth region: Gilneas.
Specific area/town:
Family: Harold (husband, deceased), Josephine (daughter, deceased), Amanda (daughter, deceased), Victoria (mother, deceased), Jonathan (father, deceased).
Known friends or enemies: None yet.

[A] Timna "Void"- "To let go of my past, but always remember." & "Spite grows in idle soldiers."
[A] Victoriya Torosian - "Wha'cha got there?"
[A] Ariandra Fox-Alence -  "I remember I could not leave. No shackles were as terrifying as his stare upon me at that moment, like a coyote staring at its prey."
[A] Aldaya "The Sculptor" Vindico - "Have the heart that I lost, child. Treat it and others well, as long as it beats, and even when it no longer does."

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