Northern Pines Campagin poem (Dominion's bard PoV)

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Northern Pines Campagin poem (Dominion's bard PoV)

Post by Eypokpem on Sun Mar 23, 2014 6:44 pm

Our story begins in the cold lands of the Howling Fjord
A lone paladin made his way through the endless snow
This was the great Uriel Coldsteel of the Horde
On his sacred and secret mission he kept his profile low

To the Moaki Harbor his quest had him brought
And he met a strange draenei in this peculiar place
Not what he was there for and what he originally sought
He approached this draenei and questioned him just in case

Omnious visions had this strange draenei possesesd
of a massive war and bloodshed on this very ground
of powerful artifacts and Uriel as you would've guessed
journeyed back home to spread this word around

On a secluded graveyard the leaders have met
Uriel held a speech of epic proportion
all except one faction had their mind set
Dawnchasers have not lost their peace devotion

The D day of the campaign finally came along
Dominion was determined to deal the first blow
We attacked Valgarde but alliance held strong
Our troops had to retreat painfully and slow

We recuperated briefly and tried a surprise attack
On alliance forces as they marched to Westuard keep
We took many down but they managed to push us back
Second defeat in a row hit us really deep

Bus as you all know Dominion doesnt take defeat lightly
We attempted to strike at the keep of Westguard
However we found ourselves outnumbered slightly
Taking on entire alliance head on proved too hard

Northwards we retreated to the Conquest Hold
We sent our finest assasins as we patched ourselves
Our reinforcements arrived, a warm sight to behold
The Marauders, Gurubashi, Flying Bolts and Order's elves

Master tactician, Lord Xavalis took supreme command
Led this combined great army to the enemy fort
Alliance desparately tried to make their final stand
after heroic struggle they were forced to abort

On the next day there was a skirmish fight
Between two patrols led by Uriel and Inran
The battle took place in broad of daylight
but it's at night when the real war began

Alliance struck Taunka camp of Winderhoof
Luckily, Horde forces were quick to reply
T'was a great battle with numbers through the roof
Narrowly won by the horde thanks to Xavalis the sly

In the aftermath of the battle of Winterhoof camp
Prisoners of war did the alliance take
Zimtala got captured and Grogglefutz, the champ
managed to escape thus lowering the stake

An army had to strike at Westguard keep
to rescue Zimtala from the alliance's hand
after having lost the battle alliance fought cheap
by errecting a barrier to protect this piece of land

A great and important alliance druid horde had caught
Thondalar of Nature's Grasp was his esteemed name
However Tarakjin got captured and sollution was sought
A prisoner exchange suited both interests the same

Westguard barrier got temporarily broken by the Shade
a goofy group of drooling and crosseyed goons
In the dust they got stomped, a mockery of them had been made
But this wasnt the last time we encountered these toons

A massive showdown had the following day seen
for the strategic location of the Venture Bay
Alliance convincingly lost, ran with tails in between
But they still pummeled Shade along retreat's way

The war escalated over the entire Grizzly Hills
Wild Tempest and Dominion clashed in this land of snow
Both sides fought incredibly and evenly traded kills
A symphony of fire and steel, a spectacular show!

Many would think saturday would be a day for a break
In this assumption they would be proven wrong
War had only escalated both sides raised the stake
Determined to show the enemy where they belong

Above Gjalerbron in the mountaints there was a clash
Between Shrike and Dominion, we never have a rest
After losing once just BARELY, Shrike made a dash
To safety of guards because thats what they do best

Blazing shields and Disciples of light struck at night
At New Agamand, the forward forsaken base
Dominion came too late and caught them in flight
But the outpost was burned and vanished without trace

Hell broke loose on the final campaign's day
To prevent reinforcements, Dominion struck Valgarde
Stormwind Regiment appeared to make us pay
and to keep this harbor they fought brave and hard

The Regiment was ultimately forced to pull back
Valgarde and Wilvervar by Dominion got destroyed
Inran tried to prevent this with a surprise attack
He failed in doing so and was redeployed

For the Grand Finale battle had begun already
Westguard Keep was yet again contested
The Alliance's demise there was slow and steady
Despite heroic efforts by Horde they were bested

The Stormwind Regiment foresaw this in advance
They rode out of the keep unoticed completely
While Horde forces were busy, they took their chance
To cause damage to our camps and dissapear discretely

Apothecary camp had been razed to the ground
Great throne from Conquest hold was, let's say "lent"
Camp Oneqwah's totem was nowhere to be found
Marauders tried but they were too late to prevent

As I wrote a breathtaking conclusion to this story
My long dead heart in two got suddenly split
We all know death knight's weakness is all thats Holy
A paladin called Katria with his spell got me hit

Ironically I was a paladin during my living days
I finally passed out and perhaps it was for the best
Grandma Peridotz tried saving me in many ways
But my brave soul had finally found eternal rest

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Re: Northern Pines Campagin poem (Dominion's bard PoV)

Post by siegmund on Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:40 pm


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Re: Northern Pines Campagin poem (Dominion's bard PoV)

Post by Urièl on Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:45 pm

A brave soul gone.
Really good job man,took a week but you did it !

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Re: Northern Pines Campagin poem (Dominion's bard PoV)

Post by Thawon on Fri Apr 04, 2014 4:07 am

Amazing! Love it!

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Re: Northern Pines Campagin poem (Dominion's bard PoV)

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