Jeriaz Andrenor

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Jeriaz Andrenor

Post by Eldiros on Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:58 pm

Character name: Jeriaz Andrenor
Alias: The "Artist"
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Race: Human
Class: Assassin

Birth region: Redridge Mountains
Specific area/town: Lakeshire
Family: unknown
Known friends or enemies: to be updated

Description: Jeriaz would be a man who looks to be around his 20's, even though he is older than such. at his left cheek, an small but incredibly Deep scar of notice can be found. His dark hair is long and his Eyes are of a Brown color.

Personality: Jeriaz usually has a 'big mouth' so to speak, his tongue freely moving to negotiate himself out of different positions when neccesary. However, this is but a ruse, for the real man is nothing more than a dangerous and Cold-bloodied killer, with no hesitation to Dirty his hands to get the job done personally. Jeriaz's respect for Life has is of no high standard indeed. His true loyalties lie with no one but himself and his own benefit and as an assassin and mercenary, he will live and die to the bitter end by the sword. The man likes to call himself an "artist", for that is how he sees the art of murder...

History: Much of Jeriaz's History is unknown, except that he came to Stormwind at an early age, no more than a beggar-child with a hard time to survive. He spent his youth begging and stealing food and Money, only to later on learn to survive as a mercenary assasin, making it his goal to offer effectivity and discretion when performing his job. He left Stormwind by the age of 25 for 10 years only to recently return to find his Destiny in the darkest corners of the city and its oppurtunities.  

Things you may know about this character: (to be updated...)
Things you may not know about this character: (to be updated...)
Possible crime record: (to be updated...)
Other information: (to be updated...)

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